Gotcha’! There’s a dating app that’s able to CATCH people catfishing

There's nothing worse than coming across a catfish – especially when you kinda fancied them.

That gorgeous lad with blonde hair and crackin' abs actually turned out to be the exact opposite and you're left devastated.

Sure, catfishing is so common that MTV has aired a show about it for years now.

So that's why we were delighted to hear that the dating app, Badoo, has finally taken steps to combat any ill-suitors.

According to Cosmo, Badoo is actually the world's largest dating apps, with an insane 300 millions users, so it's no wonder it's come up with a way to combat the annoying issue.

One of the app's new anti-catfishing features is the 'Selfie Request' function.

So, if you're chatting to someone you fancy, but suspect that all is not as it seems, you can send a 'Selfie Request' to them so they can take a picture right there and then.

If your new interest accepts the request it'll be pretty easy to cop if they're telling the truth or lying. And if they deny the request, well… see ya later, mate.

Another feature for fighting off any liars is the 'Photo Verification' step when you first sign up.

This will ask the new user to send a selfie of a very specific pose, which will then be assessed by one of Badoo's 5,000 moderators. They'll be able to tell if the photo is real or fake, and if it's fake, well then sorry, there's no entry into the site for you either.

As well as that, Badoo has also introduced a video function for users' profiles, which means you'll be able to give an nice little intro to any potential love interests, and you'll also be able to seek out who is real and who is lying.

With all that in order, it should be easy to find a nice partner… right?