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So, we're confused… and we bet you are too!

It was reported today that a MARRIED Lily Allen has signed up to an exclusive celebrity dating app… huh?

To even be considered to join this dating app you have to be recommended by a famous person already involved, or satisfy the site's algorithm with a pleasing number of Instagram followers. 

Imagine having eyes on that database!

Pictures from your IG account are automatically posted to the app which could explain why Lily posted THIS risky pic lately:

A source told The Sun, "Raya is a small and very exclusive site, so it was impossible to miss Lily. It has certainly raised eyebrows in the industry.”

Despite all this, Lily apparently IS still married to Sam Cooper, with her reps recently commenting: “There’s no change, she and Sam are very much married.”

The pair wed back in 2011 and have two daughters together, Ethel, 3, and two-year-old Marnie.

Earlier today Lily tweeted this cryptic message:

We can't help but wonder what on earth is going on here, but with Lily Allen it will probably only get weirder.


New research has revealed that you’re more likely to get an STD,  if you use a dating app to meet your sexual partners.

Researchers got this information from 7,000 gay men who attended a sexual health clinic in LA between 2011 and 2013.

It was found that 36% of these men chose dating apps as their preferred way of meeting lovers and as a result were more likely to have common STDs, than the men who used other methods of meeting people. They were 23% more likely to be infected with gonorrhoea and 35% more likely to have chlamydia – however, there was no difference in the likelihood of being infected with either HIV or syphilis.

One of the theories for this is that since technology is making the process of meeting someone much faster, you are more likely to engage in risky or anonymous encounters.

Stay safe girls!



If you’ve ever been absent-mindedly flicking through a friends photos and see them tagged with someone you wouldn’t mind getting to know better, then the new social media dating app, Hook could be exactly what you need.

Hook lets you show an interest in Facebook friends of friends, but they can only see that you like them if they say that they like you too, so there’s no fear of rejection or embarrassment!

Once a connection is made, you then say what it is you want to do with the other person. The activities range from ‘Grab a drink’ to the not so subtle ‘Have sex!’.

If you’re already in a relationship however, perhaps you should keep an eye on your other half’s app downloads – Hook lets people in unhappy relationships see who’s interested in them, before they decided to make the break.

While the rest of the app sounds good, we’re not sure about this particular aspect!

Visit Hook to find out where to download the latest dating trend.



Although Lily Allen isn’t the first to sign up to dating app Tinder, her intentions for signing up are questionable.

When the 28-year-old mum recently spoke of her children, she hinted that her life could do with a bit of spicing up:

“I love my children, but I’m a very impatient, busy person naturally so two babies, neither of them can talk, it was quite boring,” said the pop singer.

After signing up to the smartphone app which allows users to potentially find love, the Smile singer shared her excitement with her Twitter fans.

She tweeted: ‘Just discovered Tinder. *Waves goodbye to life*.’

Lily even changed her Twitter name from Lily Cooper to Lily Allen – that can’t be good.