Eternal pessimist? This dating app matches you based on HATES

If you're sick of the perpetually perky manner in which dating websites attempt to match people up, based on likes and common interests, then this app is for you.

An ode the the millennial generation, there is a new dating app called HATER that matches people up based on their mutual hates.

Any app that lets us complain about everything in our lives is sure to be a winner.

From Trump to fedoras and vaping to 3D movies, the app lets you select and curate your list of hates.

From there, you can match with people with similar aversions and discuss your mutual pet peeves.

You can even play a game using your least favourite topics.

Mutual like and dislikes can be deal breakers, I mean, how many times have you felt connected to someone through your mutual controversial dislike? 

Be it Westlife on the playground, or gin (God forbid) into adulthood, mutual hates can bring people together.

And it seems like an excellent way to b**** about things that annoy you to perfect strangers.