Tinder con artist! Woman tricked out of €26K by dating app lothario

A man has been charged in New York for allegedly managing to con two separate women he met on a dating app out of over 26,000 dollars. 

The 35-year-old used the ever-popular Tinder to meet his victims, claiming that he was a Goldman Sachs banker. 

Yep, Brandon Kiehm played the part of a successful New York businessman in order to lure women into dating him. 

He would then see his targeted women for as long as several months before asking them for money. 

According to court transcripts, Brandon told the first women that "his sister was undergoing cancer treatment and because his wallet had been stolen."

He gave the same line to a second women whom he had been dating only a mere matter of weeks. Both women gave the con-artist over ten thousand dollars each. 

It was only when Brandon tried to pay the women back that it became painfully obvious they had been the victim of a total Tinder scam. 

According to police, the cheques were paid from closed bank accounts and Brandon's mother did not have cancer… obviously. 

Brandon, who is actually a dogwalker not a banker, is now facing several counts of felony and intention to fraud.