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Do you know what your first memory is?

I know mine was on my parents wedding day – I'm being lifted off a white bench outside by someone  and I can see my little white sandals on my feet as I look down at them. That's it. A three-second lightning-quick snapshot. I was a few weeks away from my second birthday.

I can still see my shoes as I get picked up off the bench – but did it ever actually happen?

A study in the journal Psychological Science says that more than likely it's a fabrication. Spooky, right? 

Researchers from the UK asked more than 6,600 people about their first childhood memory.

According to Science Alert, they found that 2,500 of participants – almost 40 percent – said that they had formed memories before the age of two-years-old. More than 890 of those people said that their their first memory takes place before they turned one.

The scientists now say though that those memories are completely imagined…they're not real memories.

So why are we convinced that they are? 

The study explained that our brains seem to be simply incapable of retaining information from before the age of three.

However, the thing is, the scientists found that people's memories were age-appropriate. 

This means that they're not memories that got muddled in time because they mention prams, cribs or wanting to communicate before knowing how to talk.

Now this is the interesting bit.

The research suggests that these recollections are actually being pieced together from photographs people have seen and stories they may have been told etc. 

"We suggest that what a rememberer has in mind when recalling fictional improbably early memories is an episodic-memory-like mental representation consisting of remembered fragments of early experience and some facts or knowledge about their own infancy/childhood," explained psychologist Shazia Akhtar. 

So do you think that you've created events in your mind that never took place?

We all know that memory isn't the most reliable of things and this study certainly gives weight to that.



When it comes to Halloween costumes for small kids, toddlers and babies, there's not much you can work with.

Sure, pop on a pumpkin baby babygrow, or a tiny witches hat and everyone will swoon over them no matter what.

We have to say that Chrissy Teigen's tot did a good job of being a hotdog and a princess, but we kinda love this little kid even more.

Take a look at this adorableness:

He's a stickman! So simple but so brilliant, and it's definitely guaranteed some laughs.


*Some users may find this distressing.

Recent reports emerging from Syria have begun to capture the heartbreaking everyday struggles of the besieged people of Aleppo.

And certainly one video in particular has proved nothing short of devastating. 

Taken in the aftermath of an air-raid on the city, it shows two bloodied and clearly traumatised toddlers being treated by medics. 

One of the children is desperately clinging to the nurse who is treating him, refusing to let go. 

The haunting moment was shared via the Washington DC-based humanitarian organisation, Sams.

Since the summer, the Syrian government has been trying to recapture the city's eastern half, a stronghold for rebels. 

Controversially, brutal Russian air strikes have more recently been targeting these areas.

Yesterday, the UN's Stephen O'Brien said of the crisis: "Indiscriminate bombing and shelling continues in a shocking and unrelenting manner, killing and maiming civilians, subjecting them to a level of savagery that no human should have to endure."



A toddler is missing in Florida after seemingly being taken by an alligator at his hotel near the Disney World resort. 

US authorities led by the Florida Fish and Wildlife, Reedy Creek Fire Rescue, and the Sheriff’s Office, are desperately searching for the two-year-old, who was snatched at around 9.20pm local time.

It is being reported that the boy was dragged into the Seven Seas Lagoon near Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa.

The child's Nebraska-based family of five was relaxing on the shoreline when the alligator attacked.

The Orlando Sentinel reports that his father entered the water and tried to grab the child from the animal, but was unsuccessful. He had scratches on his arms after the ordeal.

Rose Silva, spokeswoman for the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, confirmed recently that the child has still not been found.

Witnesses say the reptile was more than 2metres long.

The search continues this morning.




Australian MP Andrew Leigh sent out his annual family Christmas card this year, but one member of his brood was having none of it.

The Canberra-based politician had his festive greeting gatecrashed somewhat by his youngest son, who flat-out refused to smile for the snap.

Just by looking at this photo we can guess exactly what went one – 25 failed attempts to get the little fella to smile, followed by a 'Fine! Well we'll take the photo without you then' which Andrew and his wife actually decided to follow through on.

The Christmas card has gone viral since it was sent around this week – we're sure Andrew's only delighted with the increase in public popularity.

But we all know it's his toddler son who's the true hero. Meme waiting to happen.


When a couple appeared recently on the famed Jeremy Kyle show, they brought along their two young children and left them supervised on set as filming took place.

However, staff then became seriously worried – because the toddlers appeared to be distressed, malnourished and unclean.

The couple, a man and a woman who can’t be named for legal reasons, are aged 23 and 26 and featured on the show earlier this year.

The Coventry Telegraph reports that the babies are the biological children of the woman.

After the family departed, concerned studio workers contacted police, with officers and social welfare representatives calling around to the parents the following day.

There, the couple were arrested on suspicion of child neglect.

A court this week heard that although both adults are noticeably overweight, the children – both of whom are under two years – were close-to starving.

Staff on the Jeremy Kyle show furthermore explained that one child had a bruised face and both seemed “unresponsive, emotionally vacant, dirty and unkempt”.

When authorities visited the house they said the property was cold, dirty clothes were strewn around and there were faeces stains on the carpets.

Upon seeing the police, their mother, who was 34 weeks’ pregnant at the time, immediately disappeared upstairs and was found changing the nappy of the older child.

His legs and feet were caked in faeces and she was trying to clean him using baby wipes.

The youngsters have since made significant progress and have put on a significant amount of weight. They are currently living with adoptive parents.

The judge presiding over the case this week praised the “conscientious” Jeremy Kyle show staff.

Addressing the defendants the judge also said: “Your home was visited and was found to be, quite frankly, disgusting.

“The two children were not properly clothed, you had let them get too cold, you hadn’t fed them properly and you hadn’t washed them.

He also warned: “Should you have any more children the first people in your home will be Coventry social services.”

At Coventry Crown Court on Tuesday both defendants were each jailed for 12 months, suspended for two years, and given 18 months’ supervision.


With Kim's pregnancy news – not to mention the rumour that it may be twins – along with the incredible unveiling of Caitlyn Jenner, we'd almost (almost) forgotten that North is about to turn two.

And considering Harper Beckham will be a very grown-up four in July, little Miss West is officially the world's most famous toddler.

The big day falls on Monday, June 15 – and, naturally, her parents are marking the occasion in envy-inducing style. 

In fact, according to reports in US Weekly, they're hiring out Disneyland's Magic Kingdom in California. 

They'll be shutting down the park too so that they can enjoy the sights and sounds of Disney in private.

It is thought Kim, 34, and Kanye, 37, were eager to make their daughter's second birthday extra special given that she'll be joined by a sibling (or siblings) sometime before Christmas. 

As for gifts, we imagine that her fashion-forward dad will be eager to present his first-born child with yet more custom-made, designer clothing for her ever-expanding wardrobe. 

Last year, North's superstar parents opted for a surprisingly low-key visit to the Children's Museum Of Manhattan on June 15 – but then threw her a lavish festival-style bash, held at Kourtney Kardashian's house, a week later. 

That party included a Ferris wheel, candy carts, teepees, and bouncy castles.

At the time, Kim explained of the celebrations: "We hung out, we went to a few museums in New York. We just had a really low-key birthday." She then added of the second event: "And this weekend we are having a birthday party for her, back in LA."

Late last year, following a lengthy house-hunting process, the family finally moved into a sprawling €18.5m home in the exclusive Hidden Hills area of Los Angeles. 




Lip-synching is something of an art. Some of us can do it like pros, and some of us just hope for the best.

But we'd never let a bad sense of rhythm or no knowledge of the words stop us from air-singing to anything. Especially not Taylor Swift.

This toddler's version of Shake It Off is hilarious… and it pretty much mirrors own our skills!




Poor Lola's dad has a few difficult years ahead of him, we reckon.

The adorable Irish one-year-old flat out refuses to get down from the coffee table, and what ensues has to be the cutest argument of all time.

We love her hand-on-hip stance at the end – we'll be borrowing that sassy move, thanks Lola!

Dad wins out in the end though, as he has the eternal advantage of being able to pick up his opponent and simply place her on the floor. Touché!


Two little girl’s parents have thought of the coolest way to let them know if it’s a baby boy or girl on the way. Let’s just say the two sisters have very different reactions to the news. You will be holding back tears of laughter!


Who knew the best life advice could come from a toddler? The point we love the most…’don’t be scared when you die’. Watch as this three year old dishes the best wedding toast imaginable!



This is so sweet.

Watch a 22-month old toddler singing along to Amhrán na bhFiann perfectly.