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I love a good cry every now and then. Sometimes all you need to do is sob to your heart's content when life gets a little overwhelming.

We may feel embarrassed or silly when we cry but fear not my friends, a study has found that crying is actually good for you.

Researchers in Japan confirmed that crying can actually make you happier. The team of researchers explained that crying can help reduce stress meaning you live a happier and calmer life.

Basically, crying is an act of self-defence against accumulating stresses.

“The act of crying is more effective than laughing or sleeping in reducing stress. If you cry once a week, you can live a stress-free life," said Hidefumi Yoshida told the Japan Times.

Hidefumi Yoshida believes watching heart wrenching movies, listening to emotional songs or reading harrowing books can help make you feel better, even when you’re a blubbering, snotty nosed wreck.

So, next time you’re having a bad day fetch the tissues, watch The Fault In Our Stars and just let the tears roll.

Having a cry is good for the soul so don’t be afraid to let the tears out after a bad day at work, after arguing with your bestie or when you're watching a tear-jerker at the cinema.

Trust me, holding back the tears is no good for you. I tried to do so in a very quiet cinema whilst watching A Star Is Born and ended up with a headache for the remainder of the day, so when you gotta cry, cry.

Don’t be ashamed about it. If scientists say it’s good for you then let the tears fall.


From time to time we can all find ourselves feeling a little stressed out. There are numerous reasons why, and even beginning to think about them all cane make us feel less than zen. 

So, when we stumbled across this golden nugget of info, we had to share it with everyone and anyone who had never heard the good news.

There is a very easy procedure that can relieve stress, without the hassle or expense of a doctor. Also, it doesn't take particularly long either. Doctor of medical science and psychiatrist Mark Sandomirsky might just be on to a winner with his simple ear massage technique.

Despite the causes and effects of stress being numerous and incredibly varied depending on each individual, Dr. Sandomirsky reckons psycho-reflexology is one way to physically de-stress and relieve heaviness or pain from certain parts of the body, using natural anti-stress points.

According to Cosmopolitan, the first step in this doctor's method requires eliminating all destructive emotions. 

This is the first step before using the Shen Men (or "The Gate of Heaven", according to ancient Chinese culture) area on your ear to bring energy to your whole body.

Massaging the Shen Men — a pressure point situated in the upper third part of your ear — reportedly strengthens your overall health, decreases stress, and boosts energy. If this is true then we are sensing a very bright future might be in store for us all.

In order to access this positive energy, Dr. Sandomirsky recommends using a cotton bud to press this point and massage it while breathing deeply.

When you inhale, look to the left, and look to the right when exhaling, which eventually should calm down your body.

Whether or not this method will actually work everyone is dependent on the individual, but to be honest when you're feeling overwhelmed or completely stressed out, there's no harm in at least trying something new.

A few minutes of deep breathing exercises are generally recommended for people who need to find some calm, adding in the ear part might just be an added bonus.

So, pass us the cotton buds and bring on the good vibes.


Stress can creep up on us without us noticing, especially when things get busy at work or college. This tension can in turn lead to anxiety, mood changes and even insomnia.

How to stop it? Get the stress before it gets you by building a strong mind and body.

Here are a few simple tips to better manage stress and to ensure it doesn't overwhelm you…

1. Eat well to stay sharp and in good shape
Stodgy, heavy carbs like white bread and salty crisps will leave you feeling sluggish and will also cause your blood sugar levels to fluctuate, meaning you're more likely to experience tiredness and mood swings. By eating more whole grains and fruit and veg you'll naturally feel more focused and energised. Avoid overdosing on caffeine – skip the coffee unless you're seriously wrecked.

2. Have a happy cry
Not all tears equal sadness. Having a good cry from time to time can actually help to release the chemicals built up by stress. If you don't have time to sit through Sleepless in Seattle, we suggest a soldier surprise homecoming video – they never fail!

3. Make your exercise work for you
Join a yoga class, get out for a walk or run, or enjoy a weekend cycle. Whatever it is that helps clear your mind and get you feeling energised – do it, and often.

4. Take time to yourself
Surrounding yourself with other people all the time can wear you out. Take time out for yourself – grab your favourite book, take the dog for a walk or just relax. You'd be surprised how quickly it helps.

5. Try herbal stress relief
A herbal tea like chamomile or peppermint can really relax you before bed, or at any time of day. Essential oils like lavender are great for reducing stress – put a couple of drops in your bath or on your pillow to help calm you down in the evenings.

6. Maintain a positive attitude when you can
It's easy to get bogged down in our worries and anxieties, but by making an effort to replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you can learn to better cope with stress. Accept that you cannot control everything and that sometimes things simply won't go to plan.