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Behold; a series of tweets showing every sibling relationship ever.

Anyone who has a brother or sister knows that, even if they achieve something as magnificent as a Golden Globe nomination, you just HAVE to slag them. You have to.

The roast began with Macaulay Culkin sitting down to watch his brother, Kieran Culkin, at the lucrative awards ceremony last night.

He started off pretty tame, observing his brother's presence and pretending not to know that he was nominated. We'd all do it, let's be honest.

PG enough:

His bro was there as part of the TV drama Succession, which earned him a nomination.

Then he even throws in a compliment, calling his bro 'handsome';

He even spots his brother in the distant crowd, hiding among the celebs; 

He then spells his brother's name wrong, which we're assuming was a joke but who even knows?

He tries to use him for Twitter follower purposes, which is relatable content.

If our brother was at a ceremony filled with celebs we'd force him to track them all down for autographs and follower requests:

Then he joked that he never answers his calls, which is why he seemingly had no clue that his brother had been nominated. Bit of a gas, but we hope he's joking…

We're appreciating the comedic content, we really are.

He finished off with a show of support for his brother, despite the fact that he didn't win. Except he also claims to have been supporting another actor…LOL:

We're positive that Kieran is well aware of the fact that he didn't win… but sure look, sure listen.

Typical sibling bonding right there, no apologies ever to be made for the vicious roasting.

sorry macaulay culkin GIF

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Back in April fans of Hollywood power couple Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling celebrated as the pair welcomed their second baby girl into the world.  But while the occasion was obviously a happy one, it was also touched with sadness as baby Amada was born the same week Eva buried her brother.

In a new interview with Latina magazine, the Training Day actress has described what it was like to lose her older brother Juan Carlos Mendez to throat cancer so shortly before the arrival of her daughter and explained how the experience brought her family closer together.

Eva told the mag: “Losing my brother brought our family closer, and we were already close to begin with…So to just see everybody be there for one another and show up, I feel so lucky to have them.  And then they were there for me when Amada was born.”

“We had a funeral service for him and that same week I had the baby.  So it was really, really intense and obviously beyond heartbreaking, but also kind of beautiful.”

During the interview, the actress also discussed how her brother’s passing influenced the choice of name she and Nice Guys star Ryan gave their newborn.

She said: “In true Latin fashion, we reuse names all the time.”

“My grandmother's name is Amada, and Esmeralda Amada is the name of our oldest.  We had a few names picked out for our new baby, and when she was born, we didn't feel like those names were her.”

“So we went with Amada because it was something we kept going back to.  And it was an emotional time with the passing of my brother.”

“We thought how beautiful to go with what made us emotional and with what felt like her.  When we looked at her, we thought, ‘Aww, Amadita.’”



Viva @Latina Magazine! So excited about this! Gracias y Besotes!  Latina.com/EvaMendes #EvaOnLatina

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We think it's heartwarming to hear how even through her grief Eva was able to find a positive way to remember her late brother in the baby naming process.

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Well, if the family isn't exciting enough, two people have come forward who claim to be Kardashian children – and we just don't know what to believe anymore.

According to Radar Online, a man and woman are saying that they are children of the late Robert Kardashian, which means they would be half-brother and sister to Kourtey, Kim, Khloe, and Rob.

Robert Kardashian passed away in 2003, and according to a family friend his apparent offspring are only coming forward now.

"A woman from LA and a New York man are claiming to be Robert's kids and demanding answers – it's sent the entire family into meltdown," the insider told the site.

"If it's true, they would have been conceived after he left Kris, but the emotional rollercoaster of these claims put on the family are horrific."

However, this isn't the first time people have claimed to be related to the reality family. In 2013, a woman called Emilia Morales declaring she was Robert's daughter, too as her mother had an affair with him while in London almost 25 years ago.

"Kris is confident these are just as false as the Morales case, but in the meantime it's sent them all into uproar," said the source.

Now, THAT story would make some good TV.



Kristin Cavallari's brother has been found dead just three days after he had been reported missing. 

In a statement made to E! News, Kristin has said: "We want to thank everyone for their love, support and prayers during this very difficult time."

"We have just been informed by the authorities my brother's body has been found. This is a very painful time and we are still processing it all. We kindly ask everyone please respect our privacy during our time of grieving."

Family members became concerned for the safety of the 30-year-old when his car was found abandoned on a motorway near to his home. 

Yesterday morning, police confirmed that the body of Michael Cavallari was found in a mountainous area close to the site of the abandoned car. 

According to a source close to the family, Michael has struggled with personal issues for some time. 

"Sadly, Kristin's brother has been getting into trouble for a long time. There's always been a lot of drama around him."

The Laguna Beach star has paid a touching tribute to her late brother in an Instagram post in which she states that Michael will be "forever missed." 

The news comes just two weeks after Kristin announced the birth of her third child to husband Jay Cutler. 

The cause of death is yet to be identified. 



Okay, so the Rose of Tralee trended on Twitter for the past two nights so we may as well admit it – we love it.

Whether you love to love it or love to hate it, you’ll love this!

The Philadelphia Rose, Maria Walsh, walked away with the coveted crown last night, and her brother, Kevin’s reaction as he watched from afar has been recorded and shared on the internet (obviously).

Watch as he jumps up, proud of his sister and super adorbs. 



Jennifer Hudson’s half-brother, Steven Simpson, has been arrested after a frenzied attack on his estranged wife’s lover.

The singer’s brother reportedly stabbed the man in the face several times and is now being held in Michigan for attempted murder.

Unfortunately for Jennifer, this is not the first violent incident to impact her family. Back in 2008, her mother and brother were found dead with her nephew also being reported missing only to be found deceased three days later.

They were murdered by Jennifer’s sister Julia’s estranged husband, William Balfour who is currently serving three counts of first-degree murder for the tragic crimes.

The deaths deeply affected the singer and she has set up a fund for families of similar crimes known as The Hudson-King Foundation for Families of Slain Victims.

Jennifer’s third album, JHUD, is due for release next month, although it is unknown how recent events will impact this.



Dave Franco thinks it’s ”refreshing” his brother James posts naked photographs of himself online.

Really Dave?!

The Bad Neighbors star says he doesn’t have a problem with his older bro sharing revealing snaps – including one of him topless with his hands down his pants – on Instagram.

Dave said, ”I know better than to tell him what to do with regard to anything at this point. What a lot of people think is crazy is also what I admire about him: He does what he wants, and he’s not afraid of how people are going to perceive him.

”Someone in his position who will put himself out on a limb like that, I think it’s refreshing. So I’m not the one to tell him to stop posting naked pictures of himself on Instagram – not that I’m necessarily rushing to check these pictures out – but he can do what he wants.”

Brotherly support – sweet!



This little boy wants pancakes so badly, he’s willing to do anything to get them. Maybe he should have put a bit more thought in to how he was going to get them. Watch the video for more!



So remember when Lily Allen said she turned down the role of Yara Greyjoy in Game of Thrones?

The singer explained that the role would have meant she would have to do some erm, uncomfortable scenes with her brother Alfie Allen.

Well, according to Alfie, the whole thing never happened!

We have a question; WHY would you lie about that?

Alfie said: “The only thing I am going to say on that is that it’s not true. And also Gemma Whelan was always their first choice for the part. And she’s fantastic. And that’s the only thing I’m going to say about that.”

So, is he saying Lily lied about it then? By the sounds of it, yes!

Looks like there’s a bit of sibling rivalry here…




It looks as if Margot Robbie’s little brother, Cameron, is set to follow his big sister’s footsteps to Hollywood.

The dashing 19 year-old has just begun filming his first movie in Australia, a short film called Gifted.

It doesn’t look as if the teenager got the part just because of his famous genes either, as co-director Ryan Unicomb explains: “When we auditioned him we didn’t realise he was Margot Robbie’s brother”.

Cameron’s sister, Margot, hit the big time in Hollywood last year after starring in Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street.

Let’s hope Cameron can live up to his big sister’s name!





This guy lost a bet to his brother who made him dance at a junction for THIRTY minutes.

But what happens next will amaze you – people joined in!

By the end the foursome, who should totally start a dance group, are all danced out but happy with their new friendship – aww!



Journalist shows support for her famous brother.