There are criers, and then there are criers.

While the former generally manage to maintain their composure unless confronted with something especially devastating, the latter have been known to cry at everything from the sight of a lone glove to the closing scene of Ghost.

And it's not that criers are drama queens (of course not), it's just that they're so full of feels they have to go somewhere… and out their eyes is as good a place as any.

Here are just 12 things any crier knows to be true.

1. The introduction of music to a potentially sad scene is your downfall

“No! No! Not Chasing Cars! I can’t do this."

2. If the person beside you starts up, you don’t stand a chance

“Oh, thanks a lot. That’s it. I’m done now.”

3. If it involves the death of an animal, you’ll have to peace out.

“I’m sorry but I’d rather put my head in the oven."

4. You have shed more tears over Grey’s Anatomy than anything in real life.

“Remember when Denny died?”

5. The fact Thomas J needed his glasses still haunts you

“He can’t see without his glasses. Put his glasses on!”

6. Video of soldiers coming home on YouTube is your go-to when you’re in need of a weep

“He's never met his baby girl? Oh, sweet Jesus."

7. You have cried over things that are actually meant to be, you know, uplifting?

“Read this WeightWatchers testimonial, girls. She's come so far!”

8. You're used to people blatantly rolling their eyes in your face when you begin getting a little choked-up.

"Sorry? Just because you're dead inside?"

9. You've found yourself holding back tears in the office after (secretly) watching a particularly heartwarming viral.

"This is not happening. This is not happening."

10. You've found yourself wondering about your loved ones who keep it together during heartwrenching movie scenes.

"Should I be scared of them? Why aren't they crying? Are they ENJOYING this sorrow?"

11. You've been known to seek out lists of things that you know will make you cry.

"This dog sits on his owner's grave every day, girls. Every day."

12. Old people make you cry, then you think of Up and then you cry even more.

"They'd decorated the nursery? I'm out of here."