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SuperValu have everything you need this festive season to host the perfect party with their range of tasty Signature Tastes bites and nibbles. You’ll be sure to wow the crowd with minimum time in the kitchen!   So whether it’s Christmas Eve drinks or a New Year’s Eve party, you’ll be covered for all celebrations.  

Pick up any two of the SuperValu Signature Tastes party food range, for just for just €7, along with some bubbles to add some sparkle to your evening. SuperValu’s Grand Troya Cava Brut is just €12.00, down from €26.

Of course, no Irish Christmas is complete without the famous Superquinn Sausages. Developed with a unique recipe over 25 years ago and one of Ireland’s favourite products, Superquinn Sausages 492g are just €4 – a guaranteed crowd pleaser.

SuperValu Signature Tastes Mini Roasted Red Pepper Vols Au Vent 144g €5

A crispy puff pastry case glazed with free range egg and filled with a creamy roasted red pepper and Irish cream cheese filling.

SuperValu Signature Tastes Mini Pizza Selection 350g €5

4 x Italian buffalo, mozzarella and regato cheese, 2 x Irish chicken and Italian basil pesto and 2 x Italian spicy Piccante salami

SuperValu Signature Tastes Mini Irish Ham & Cheese Quiches 204g €5

With Irish ham, Irish free-range eggs, mature Irish cheddar, Emmental and Italian style hard cheese.

SuperValu Signature Tastes Mini Three Cheese & Chive Quiches 204g €5

With Irish free range eggs, mature white Irish cheddar, red Irish cheddar & Italian style hard cheese.

SuperValu Signature Tastes Pigs in Blankets 300g €5

Irish pork cocktail sausages filled with caramelised red onion marmalade and wrapped in dry cured bacon

SuperValu’s Christmas range will satisfy all the family over the holiday season, from festive fry-ups, to New Year’s Ever parties and everything in between. To see the full range of products in SuperValu this Christmas go in-store or online at www.supervalu.ie.



SuperValu is warning customers of an ongoing scam in place.

People have been receiving text messages claiming to be from the store.

The text then encourages receivers to click on a link, promising them the chance to win in-store prizes.

The message cleverly prompts one to fill out a survey or enter in their personal data in order to receive their reward.

But, the store warned, this is only a ruse to steal customers’ private information.

SuperValu warned the public of the ongoing con through their Twitter page.

“We want to issue a warning after receiving reports from members of the public of a text message scam that claims to offer prizes by asking them to click on a link and take a survey or by sharing personal data.

“This has NOT been issued by SuperValu and we advise to delete the text message if you have received it as it is a phishing scam.”

The supermarket advised customers to be wary of any communications through text as the company does not usually communicate through this medium.

“SuperValu never sends out competitions or data requests by text,” the store clarified.

“So please be vigilant and delete the text if you have received it”.


Snacking and healthy eating aren't usually topics that go hand-in-hand.

For most of us, snacking involves picking at biscuits, cake, chocolate, and whatever other treat our hand reaches for in the cupboard.

But as we become aware of the importance of eating right, more and more of us are looking for alternative and healthy foods to snack on. 

In fact, according to a survey by SuperValu, 90 percent of Irish consumers are worried about what they eat, and are starting to change their habits. 

The shift sees snacking evolving from an indulgence into a habit of “purity” and is now commonly known as The Fourth Meal.

How do we decipher what is healthy and what ‘healthy snacks’ are really fit for purpose though? 

Well, that's where SuperValu comes in.

The retailer, together with Health and Wellness ambassadors Bernard Brogan, Lean Mean Momma, Cliona O’Connor and Nicola Halloran of The Wonky Spatula, is enabling people to decipher what healthy options will truly suit their lifestyle.

If you want healthier snacking options that don't involve a bag of crisps or bar of chocolate but offer the same satisfaction, you should opt for something made from healthy ingredients packed into one product. 

So what products do they recommend?

  • Go Raw is right on trend being organic and sprouted with healthy inclusions such as flax seed and chia.

  • Madegood is another tasty healthy treat made from dried fruits, whole grains and all-natural ingredients.

  • If you make your own snacks but find flavour a challenge, PBfit is the ideal solution to add yumminess to your rice cakes or shakes. PBfit is peanut butter powder made by pressing gently roasted peanuts to remove most of the fat and calories. It is then ground with some coconut palm sugar, and a pinch of salt.  

  • Whey Box, a convenient on the go protein in a 20gm format in three different flavours ideal for your gym or hand bag.

  • ROS Nutrition, a 100% Irish product, is the exclusive nutritional partner to the Dublin GAA team, over 25 Irish Olympians, athletes such as Sean O’Brien and has just been announced as nutritional partner to the Guinness Pro14 rugby league.

  • Paul’s Quinoa Meals available in Mild Curry, Tagine or Provençale – organic, gluten free and vegetarian.

  • Upton’s Jackfruit is an ideal meat replacement in three different flavours; just add to tacos, burgers, salads, sandwiches, wraps or simply over rice.

  • Or if you're into Deliciously Ella, you can pick up a range of her free from products from oat bars to granola or Bircher muesli.  All products are from natural ingredients, gluten free, dairy and refined sugar.

So, if it is for breakfast, lunch or dinner or anytime in between SuperValu has all of your healthy options sorted for you.


‘Round SHEmazing! Towers we’re fond of the odd little indulgence.

Simple things like shameless lie-ins, cheeky afternoon pints, pay-day splurges and epic Netflix binges.

But what trumps them all? Why that would be the humble food-group known affectionately as ‘all the carbs, please’.

Because while some folk love chocolate, and others lust after a chilled glass of Pinot Grigio, we’re in a fully-committed, long-term relationship with bread, pasta, potatoes, and crackers and cheese.

You too? Here are the six signs to look out for:


You’re a bonafide breadophile:

It’s not simply a case of ‘brown or white’ – no siree. That’s because you know your wholemeal stoneground soda from your brown round soda. Chia-seed cob? Yes please. Rye sourdough with sunflower seeds? Why not.

FYI, Supervalu has launched a new range of bread and cakes and suffice to say just looking at the range sent us to our happy place.


A fry is the breakfast of kings:

Beans, a treble round of white sliced pan with butter, and salty hash browns piled high. You’re happy to throw in a couple of fried eggs to make it ‘healthy,’ but there’s no denying that the ultimate breakfast fry has its very foundations in pure stodge.


Chicken fillet roll with mayo:

Hit your local deli counter; ask them to take their freshest, warmest baquette. See it filled with spicy breaded chicken, lashings of mayo, and possibly a hint of ‘special sauce’. The result? A small sample of delicious carb heaven. Acceptable – nay, celebrated – at any time of the day.  Those with notions might even be tempted to through in a bit of iceberg lettuce.

Cereal makes for a delightful dinner:

You laugh in the face of the recommended 30g serving. Instead, a pasta bowl is your vessel; a family-sized box of Alpen your cargo as you navigate through an late-evening carb-binge. The perfection solution for when you’re too lazy to make dinner, and too poor to order it.


The perfect marriage: crisps and bread:


Chip… just chips:

You look your server straight in the eye as you tell them that you will be requiring 'LOADS of salt and vinegar'. Afterwards, you eat them on the hoof, delightfully scorching your mouth on the first few burning-hot specimens. A dud bag is tragic – but a heralded perfect concoction is one of life's great pleasures. 


A number of soups sold in Supervalu and Centra have been recalled by Musgraves, the owner of these two shops. 

According to the Food Safety Authority of Ireland, this alert is being sent out as the soups may have pieces of extremely hard plastic in them. 

There are a number of soups affected by this incident, including the following:

In regards to soup you may have purchased, the company have said: “Consumers who may have purchased any of these products are advised not to consume the soup and to return it to the point of purchase for a full refund."

“A 24 hour customer helpline is available for any consumers with queries.  The helpline number is LO-CALL 0818 333 311."

“Musgrave takes all issues of food safety and quality extremely seriously and places a high value on delivering quality products to its retail partners and their consumers across the country every day.  Musgrave apologises for any inconvenience caused by the recall.”



This is wayyy funnier that it probably should be…

SuperValu have suffered something of an embarrassing autocorrect fail on a text they sent out to customers today.

The text read: “Special! THUR-FRI, Amazing Turkey Offer, Frozen Bastard Turkey 4kg-5kg was €18.99, NOW ONLY €7.99, save €11. Quotas Apply….”

Yes, that’s right…bastard turkey.

Sounds perfect at the Christmas dinner table, no?

The company have yet to address the accidental spelling error on their social media accounts; however they did follow up with a second text that read: “Apologies to all our customers for the error in the text message that was sent earlier this morning. We did not mean to cause any offence. The message should have read: Special! Thur-Fri, Amazing Frozen Basted Turkey 4kg-5kg.”