A drunken Katie Price reportedly caused quite a scene by walking around topless at the EnergySave Christmas party on Monday night.

The star was paid £13,000 to host the event, but ended up drunkenly embarrassing herself on the night by discussing her kids and romantic life in a speech. 

"I love all my kids, even though Harvey… anyway. Whatever," the star said.

Harvey, aged 15, suffers from rare genetic condition called Prader-Willi syndrome, as well as autism, ADHD and blindness.

The former glamour model also slurred her words are swore throughout the speech, as well as breaking into song. 

The star stripped off in the toilets and walked around in just a thong and knee high boots. The NSFW images and videos have made their way onto YouTube and Twitter.

She also confessed her love for her ex Dane Bowers, saying he was "the love of her life."

"My ex-boyfriend actually got me the job tonight, Dane Bowers, the love of my life," she declared.

She then kept things classy by allegedly telling the room that he once gave her a "toe job."


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Katie was drunk on arrival and attempted to seduce the company's managing director Mr Jason Rowan, one party attendee told The Sun. 

“She was outrageous. She blew her nose on a tablecloth thinking it was a napkin and grabbed Mr Rowan’s leg under the table.

“She asked him if he was going to sleep with her or his wife and Mrs Rowan was furious and gave her a piece of her mind.”

We can't imagine the fear Katie woke up with the next morning…