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Here's a feel good story to get you through your day. 

It isn't one you usually hear of in Ireland, but a dolphin found itself in a spot of trouble on Doughmore beach.

Luckily for the marine mammal, its saviours were on their way as a woman cloaked the animal stranded in the surf.

Last week, Rebecca Glenny – a house keeper for Trump International Golf Links and Hotel, Doonbeg – was strolling along the beach when she had seen the dolphin in distress.

Rebecca entered the water and attempted to get the animal into deeper water and out of trouble.

However, this particular breed of dolphin can weigh up to 400 pounds and naturally, she was struggling.

Thankfully, a vigilant guest playing golf and his caddie John Wright seen Rebecca's admirable efforts and came to lend a hand.

Their joint efforts were successful and the dolphin was free from danger and back where it belongs. 

Fair play to the three of them!


The Love What Matters Facebook page always manages to give us a smile (or a tear) with its wonderful array of personal stories about love and family, sent in by people from all over the world.

One post in particular, which went up last night, has already racked up close to a million likes, despite being one of the simplest stories ever shared on the page.

The picture, taken in a shopping mall, shows an elderly couple leaning over a make-up display.

"This husband was helping his wife choose a make-up that matched her skin tone," the photographer explains. 

"She was so concerned about finding the right one and he was so unbelievably helpful. She was having a 'girl' moment, in a panic struggling to find the right one.

"He calmed her down, helped her find her colour and kissed her on the forehead.

"It was such a simple way to show how big his love was for her. A perfect reminder that our bodies grow old but our love doesn't have to."

If you're not crying after seeing that post, we guarantee you will be after reading some of the 65,000 comments posted below it, from other people sharing their own experiences of true love:




Canine pals Phoebe and Tillie were reunited with their owners this week, but there was a very special story behind their return.

Tillie, a Setter mix and Phoebe, a Basset hound, went missing earlier this month in Seattle, and their owners feared the worst.

With no sightings of the pair after almost a week, it seemed more and more likely they could be stuck in a building or a ravine. 

Thankfully, at the beginning of this week a pet service in the area got a call to say a "reddish" coloured dog matching Tillie's description had been spotted outside a house before disappearing into a nearby wooded area.

Volunteers from VIPP, the Vashon Island Pet Protection service, started a wide search of the woods, and what they found was truly amazing.

Tillie was standing guard over her four-legged pal Phoebe, who had become trapped in a cement 'cistern,' a large receptacle built to hold rainwater.

Luckily she was uninjured and had stayed above water by sitting on a pile of bricks, but the height of the wall left her physically unable to get out.

"For nearly a week Tillie stayed by her side with the exception of the few minutes of each day when she went for help," VIPP explained via Facebook.

Both dogs were cold and hungry but otherwise in happy spirits when found.

Offering advice to dog owners, VIPP's Amy Carey told Daily Mail that a disappearance with no sightings should be taken very seriously.

"My message to most people with missing dogs is that unless the dog is being seen periodically, it is likely stuck somewhere," she said. "That's where the amazing Miss Tillie steps in as the heroine of this story."

What a happy ending!



Aww, we all know how miserable it can be having a cold or a flu – the aches, the pains, the coughing and the sneezing.

It’s the worst.

This little kitty knows all too well the perils of a cold and his sneezing fit is the just the cutest.

Get well soon, little guy! 



Mondays are difficult. That’s why we’d like to help you all out and make it a little easier.

This video of a bulldog playing peek-a-boo is sure to make your Monday a little brighter.

Just look at that face! 



Okay, so the Rose of Tralee trended on Twitter for the past two nights so we may as well admit it – we love it.

Whether you love to love it or love to hate it, you’ll love this!

The Philadelphia Rose, Maria Walsh, walked away with the coveted crown last night, and her brother, Kevin’s reaction as he watched from afar has been recorded and shared on the internet (obviously).

Watch as he jumps up, proud of his sister and super adorbs. 


When we think about weddings, we mostly think about things from the bride's perspective, but what about the groom? Buzzfeed have made a sweet little video in which they ask various grooms to share their memories of the special day. Have a look for yourself, and we guarantee it will make you smile.



Lily Allen’s new music video is out and it is so sweet!

The singer goes through all of the years she has attended Glastonbury Festival (where the video is shot) including meeting her husband there five years ago.

At the end, she is welcomed off stage by her husband and two daughters – aww!

She certainly is a changed woman!



Seriously, could this family get any cuter?

The Saturday’s Una shared the sweetest throwback photo to mark her two year wedding anniversary to husband, Ben.

The couple got married two years ago in her native Tipperary – and are still going so strong!

Una and Ben are also parents to the absolutely gorgeous Aoife Belle.

Congrats you guys, many more to come!




This amazing video by Buzzfeed shows just how powerful social media can be.

A woman is reunited with her long lost mother while a dog who went missing is reunited with his worried family.

These stories will touch your heart and remind us that while social media has a lot of down sides, there are also feel-good stories, like this one.



This video is called Portrait of Lotte and was created by Lotte’s dad, Frans Hoffmeester.

Frans recorded his daughter every week from her birth up until she was 14 years-old.

The results are incredible as we see Lotte grow from an adorable little baby girl into a beautiful young woman.



Claire Johnson and Mark Gaffney are both blind and first met in March 2012 at a two-week guide dog training course.

The nicest part of this story is what brought them together. Their guide dogs, Rodd and Venice, formed a strong bond and would constantly want to be together.

As Claire says about the two dogs: “Our dogs were the class love story. Everyone used to joke about how Mark’s dog, Rodd, and my dog, Venice, were meant to be together.”

Recognising this, the couple then started to meet up to walk the two love-bird dogs and found that they themselves also fell in love.

Mark says: “much like our two guide dogs, we really are best friends and soul mates”.

The two got married last Saturday in England and their trusted companions were by their sides.