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Niall Horan treated his family to a fun day out at the Royal Ascot, but of course we was plagued by photographers and reporters who were trying to get anything they could out of him.

As the One Direction singer was enjoying his day, BBC Berkshire reporter Tim Dellor, tried to get an interview with him, but the Mullingar man refused.

However, the reporter turned out to be super rude and said that he hadn't a notion who Niall was anyway:

"I didn't actually know who he was anyway, to be honest. I had to ask my producer," Tim said on the radio show.

"He looked like he was taking himself quite seriously; a lot of bodyguards around. I didn't have any clue who he was, but the snappers obviously did."

Tim also went on to diss the suit Niall wore on the day.

"He's not dressed properly either. He's only in a normal lounge suit.

"He had sunglasses on and was trying to stand up as straight as he possibly could to give himself an extra bit of height." OUCH.

"It was the most unimpressive performance by a celebrity who I didn't know who it was," Tim added.

However, Niall isn't one to take a slagging and took to Twitter to stand up for himself.

"What are you on about mate? I was having a day out with my family who also enjoy horse racing big time.

"I'm not there to stand infront of cameras and do s**t interviews for you.."

Oooh, BURN. 



Oh my god this is probably one of the cutest/saddest things we have ever seen and we are not dealing well at all. 

The first day of school can be difficult enough, without a camera and reporter in your face, as 4-year-old Andrew learned. 

This adorable little boy was starting his first day of school when a reporter interviewed him asking "are you gona miss your mom?" to which he replied "No!". 

He then began giggling, which turned into crying in a matter of seconds and at this moment our hearts just broke!

Thankfully Andrew's mother was just off camera and saved the day by giving him a big hug following the incident. 

Don't worry little guy, we're sure we were the same on our first day of school!



A routine report goes horribly wrong for this Sky News reporter. Apparently the chimes of Big Ben can prove quite a distraction! Back in studio, the anchors face says it all…

This will be logged in the Sky News history books, poor chap.

Warning: contains foul language! Tut tut.



This interviewer doesn’t know what to do with himself when his number one celebrity crush Emma Watson walks in.




Journalist shows support for her famous brother.