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There are some mornings when you wake up and attack the day with seemingly endless enthusiasm. When you wake up early and your outfit is on point because you actually took the time to consider you options, you know the day is going to go well.

Even better if you managed to give yourself enough time to properly get your mane in order before leaving the house. However, after a long weekend, or any weekend, sometimes the alarm clock is not our friend.

If you’re forced to rush out of the house with your hair still soaking wet, then have no fear because we uncovered styles to get you through the rush. You’re emergency messy top-knot can finally be given a break.

Four-strand braid

Seriously impress with your braiding skills with this rope-textured look. The best part is that it conceals the fact your hair is wet. No one has to know you woke up 10 minutes ago.

French-braided bun

Wet hair can look a little limp, so use a French braid at the top of your head to upgrade your top-knot and create the illusion of lots of volume. Try this tutorial.

30-second twist

Sleek and polished and it takes no time at all. There’s an easy to follow tutorial here.

A low bun

You can make this old reliable as casual as you like, or keep it neat and tidy for the office if you need it. Hair romance has a tutorial here if you find yourself looking for a way to change up the bun game. 


Who hasn’t had the delightful experience of attempting a DIY hair extension job and just not getting it. It happens.

We’ve all seen it happen, and unfortunately some of us have been the ones left with the dodgy uneven looking hair right before the next big occasion. Nobody wants this to happen to them:

So, the good people at Hairspray are here to help us all out. Hurrah! It just takes a few easy steps and you’re good to go.

The dreaded wandering hair piece will never be making a surprise appearance ever again. YAY! 

So just follow these five easy steps to achieve serious red carpet ready hair:

Step 1 – Firstly you have to section out your hair, separating it so you
have clear places to apply the clip.

Step 2 – Backcomb around the area that you will apply the clip in, to
volumise your own hair.

Step 3 – Apply the clip securely to the chosen area.

Step 4 – Apply some hairspray to further secure the clip in.

Step 5 – Backcomb your own hair over and with the clip in to blend them
together. Then style as you wish!


You can also see the tricks in action in the video above.

And if your hair might need a little more help, Hairspray Cork are hosting their opening day tomorrow from 10am.

To celebrate the day they’re offering €30 vouchers to the first 40 people in the door along with cakes, cocktails and canapés all day long for everyone. Sounds amazing!

RED FM will also be on hand to provide live music for the day and Hairspray’s sister company, Hair Club, will also be opening at the same time.

Hair Club, previously only in Dublin, provide high-grade hair pieces for clients with medical issues. Women from all over Ireland have previously travelled to the Dublin location for their specialised service, but Munster ladies will now have the benefit of Hair Club a little closer to home.



If you're the kind of person who favours an extra ten minutes in bed rather than having enough time to get everything done in the morning, an arsenal of easy, go-to hairstyles is key to avoiding the bedhead look when you're legging it out the door.

These hairstyles not only look chic and elegant, but they take no time to do – so nobody has to know you pressed snooze six times in a row!

1. The Single Twist
This look is so pretty – all it involves is taking a piece of hair from the left of your head and pinning it on the right, then taking a piece of hair from the right of your head, crossing it over to the left, tucking it underneath the other piece of hair and pinning.


2. The Messy Topknot
Most women have their own way of doing this but if you're short on time we suggest this method. Tease your hair and tie it in a ponytail, the higher the better. Gently backcomb the ponytail to give it some volume before wrapping the hair around the hair bobble into a bun shape and tying again with another bobble. Pin any loose strands. Easy!


3. The Half Topknot
Even easier than the standard topknot, if that's possible. Gather some strands of hair at the back of your head and tie in a ponytail, leaving most of the hair down. Again, tease the ponytail and twist it into a bun before securing with a bobble. 


4. The Twisted Ponytail
Simply divide your hair along your parting so that it's parted evenly down the centre. Tie both halves into a loose knot and secure underneath with bobby pins. If you prefer you can then pin it underneath into a twist or leave it as it is.


5. The Tease and Tie
This hairstyle is the stuff Tumblr photos are made of. Tease your hair at the crown and pin some smoother strands of hair over it. Take a strand of hair from above your left ear and one from your right and plait each one before joining the two strands at the back of your head and tying with a clear elastic.