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Sometimes it's all we can do to throw ourselves in the shower after a long day, so it's no real surprise many of us regularly skip a very important part of this particular routine.

And that, ladies, is the thirty or so minutes we need to devote to drying our manes.

While some people balk at the thought of going to bed with a wet head, countless others think nothing of snuggling down with a towel wrapped around their tresses until morning.

Unfortunately, this almost guarantees a whole host of problems on the hair front if advice offered by haircare expert Sally-Ann Travers is anything to go by.

Speaking to Cosmopolitan, the consultant trichologist explained: "The main issue with going to bed with wet hair is that the cuticle (outer layer) of the hair is more raised when wet – which is why often some women find their hair is impossibly knotty when wet but not so when dry."

"Sleeping with wet hair could cause it to tangle more particularly if you move a lot in your sleep and come morning, it could be difficult to comb through."

But if you thought a tricky morning-after routine was the worst of it, prepare yourselves.

"Fungus likes moist warm conditions to grow and consistently sleeping with wet hair could contribute to an overgrowth in fungus or scalp 'yeast', potentially leading to scalp problems or dandruff," Sally-Ann explained.

"Spores could also develop in your pillow due to the same damp warm conditions, which could contribute to breathing issues, rhinitis and allergies." she added.

And if you'll excuse us, we need to re-think our New Year's resolutions.


There are some mornings when you wake up and attack the day with seemingly endless enthusiasm. When you wake up early and your outfit is on point because you actually took the time to consider you options, you know the day is going to go well.

Even better if you managed to give yourself enough time to properly get your mane in order before leaving the house. However, after a long weekend, or any weekend, sometimes the alarm clock is not our friend.

If you’re forced to rush out of the house with your hair still soaking wet, then have no fear because we uncovered styles to get you through the rush. You’re emergency messy top-knot can finally be given a break.

Four-strand braid

Seriously impress with your braiding skills with this rope-textured look. The best part is that it conceals the fact your hair is wet. No one has to know you woke up 10 minutes ago.

French-braided bun

Wet hair can look a little limp, so use a French braid at the top of your head to upgrade your top-knot and create the illusion of lots of volume. Try this tutorial.

30-second twist

Sleek and polished and it takes no time at all. There’s an easy to follow tutorial here.

A low bun

You can make this old reliable as casual as you like, or keep it neat and tidy for the office if you need it. Hair romance has a tutorial here if you find yourself looking for a way to change up the bun game.