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When applied correctly, eyeliner can give your eyes definition, and draws attention to the one of the most important parts of your face.

However, when applied badly your eyeliner can become your nemesis. It doesn't have to be that way though. You too can have a beautiful relationship with your eyeliner and ensure your smize is forever on point.

Celebrity makeup artist Patrick Ta, told Cosmo why our liner can sometimes just look downright tragic and how to make sure you always look your finest.

1. You're lining your eyes with a dull liner rather than a sharp one.

2. Your liner is transferring onto your eyelid. 

Patience, basically you if you use liquid liner you need to make it has dried properly to avoid smudges.

3. Your liner is thicker on one side.

Ta suggests starting out with thin lines. If it ends up being thicker on one side, you can build the other one up to match.

4. You're lining your lower lid with liquid liner. 

This is just a no-no because it's too wet and bold.

5. You're curling your lashes after you've already applied your liner. 

This can smudge your liner.

6. You're not removing all your eye makeup properly.

Which means you're not starting on a blank canvas when you next apply your makeup.

7. You have small eyes and you're lining your entire eye. 

Really, nobody wants to try and make this a trend do they? Doing this can  make them look even smaller.

8. Your liner travels down your face a few hours after you've applied it.

Ta's advice: Line your lower lash line with a waterproof pencil, then top it with black shadow to fix it in place. Finally, apply a translucent powder under your eye to create a barrier. 


From her Spanx and her lip fillers to her push-up bra tricks, Kylie Jenner's really been letting fans in on her style and beauty secrets of late.

And while we probably won't start wearing bleached green wigs anytime soon, there is one glamour hack that we can definitely get on board with.

In a new video posted to her app last night, Kylie gives her assistant Jessica a Jenner-style makeover, with the help of her bestie Anastasia Karanikolaou.

Her first step? Applying moisturiser.

Nothing too revolutionary there, but the method of application certainly got us thinking.

The 18-year-old uses a large oval make-up brush to evenly apply the facial cream, saying, "Tell me this doesn't feel amazing" as she gently massages it in.

Using a brush not only ensures the moisturiser gets even coverage, it also allows the product to penetrate without it having to be rubbed in using fingers.

The result? Less risk of bacteria and an all-round easier beauty routine.

Kylie's tool of choice, the Artis Oval Make-Up Brush, retails at the €65-70 mark and is available online, or at Space NK branches in Ireland. 

Usually used for applying powder or highlighter, it has soft man-made fibres that allow for easier blending. The brushes come in different sizes, from small eyeshadow/concealer ones to the larger brush Kylie uses.

If you're not keen to drop that kind of cash, you can also apply your moisturiser with a regular foundation brush – just be sure to keep it separate from your usual make-up kit and to clean it regularly.

Vintage Cosmetic Foundation Brush, €15, Boots

This is definitely one trick we'll be trying out.


There are probably not many things worse than being fully prepared for a big night out only to open your beloved make up bag and realise you are fresh out of concealer. Or lipstick. Or mascara, or any other of your favourite beauty products.

It happens, and it can be a nightmare. We have busy lives and while we love our cosmetics, sometimes they can be touch pricey.

Next time you are running low on your must-haves, make sure you give these handy hacks a read because they could save you millions. Ok not millions, but enough to put a smile on your face.

Broken powders (eyeshadows, blushers etc.) can be repaired with a few drops of rubbing alcohol.

Use a lighter to reattach your broken lipstick.

When you come to end of your favourite lippy, scoop it out and pop it in a pot for extra uses.

Use warm water to help your mascara loosen up.

Any dried out gel liners can be brought back to life with eye drops.

​Eyeshadow primer will make colours pop and stop you using excessive amounts to get a decent colour.

A dried out eye liner can be rejuvenated by running it under cold water.

Perfume nearly empty? Add the last few drops to your body lotion. Not a very intense scent mind you, but better than nothing!

Put your nail varnish into a glass of hot water upside down if the lid is stuck.

You can use a reasonably priced bar of soap to clean you make up brushes instead of buying expensive specific cleaners or sacrificing your shampoo.



If we had to pick one beauty product we couldn’t live without, mascara would more than likely be at the top of the list. Don’t make us choose please, that’s just mean.

For a lot of make-up addicts their mascara is like a security blanket they just don’t want to give up. . However! Mascara application is something that should be so simple, but can also go terribly, terribly wrong.

Smudging clumping and even sneezing are all little mishaps that we end up facing at some point.Unless you’re a mascara god. Fortunately, there’s some easy tricks that you can use every time to ensure flawless application. No falsies necessary, yay!

If your mascara has gotten a little dry, or become too thick to use, soak it in a cup of hot water for a few minutes to loosen it up for easier application.

If you want the all-day staying-power that waterproof mascara provides, you can expect it to be tougher to remove at the end of the day. Use a normal mascara as a base and then apply a coat of waterproof mascara over the top. Unless you can pull off the single tear drop like Lauren…

If you want to go all out with your long lashes, go for a lash primer. Consider it the same as a foundation primer for those who are serious about wearing some dramatic lashes all day every day. It gives your lashes better grip so your mascara goes on easier and smoother.

The old reliable technique to get the best of your mascara means you shouldn’t pump the wand in and out of the container as it dries it out faster. Instead swirl the wand around the container.

Avoid clumps by wiping off the tip of the wand with tissue so you don’t have the feeling of terror of your lashes becoming one big clump of uni-lash, no one wants that.

Get the most out of your eye lash curler with a hair-styling staple. Your hair dryer. Give your curler a blast of hot air for longer-lasting curl. Just make sure it’s not too hot before you use it, you don’t want to lose any of those precious lashes. 


Sometimes you want to go out there and seize the day with a make-up game that is just so strong people will stop and ask you if you’re Kylie Jenner’s contour-master.

Other times your make-up regime is much more minimal. Who wants to set their alarm for the crack of dawn just to achieve the perfect powder to foundation ratio? We are busy ladies with important things to do! Ok, so mostly we just want an extra 5 minutes in bed.

To help you stop wasting time applying your make-up, we searched the vast inter-webs for you and rounded up a few simple make-up hacks that every girl needs to save themselves some time.

Contouring is not that much work. Just blend and apply your bronzer in the opposite direction so you make an '8' shape, then blend.

Fuller lips also do not require intense applications, just a light lip pencil.


Look, this person actually broke down great make-up routines to 3, 5 and 10 minute tutorials.

If you want thicker hair in less than 5 minutes, grab your eyeshadow

If your seriously lacking that full night of sleep glow, grab your highlight and cheat. Nail that dewy look in seconds.

Cheat your way to a great ombré manicure, not hanging around waiting for shades to dry.



Eyebrows have become one of the most talked about features in the beauty world of late, and it’s really no surprise why. Your eyebrows are what frame your face and when you get them on point, all of your most fabulous features will be emphasised. It might take some practice, but trust us, that feeling when your brows are living their best life is worth it.

So, if you’re feeling like those brows of yours could use a little TLC, fret not, we gathered up some of the most commons reasons our eyebrow game can be a little lacking. And remember; they’re supposed to be sisters, not twins, so work that arch ladies.

Are your eyebrows looking a little square?

 A harsh finish can make them look a little too done. You can avoid this little snafu no matter what beauty instrument is your go-to by using smaller strokes at this part of the brow to create a shape that doesn’t resemble a lego, or a maths problem.

Are your eyebrows too long?

Extending the length of your lashes can make your face look a little droopy. Avoid this by holding an eyebrow pencil diagonally from your nose towards your outer eye. If your brow is going past the pencil, stop, and think about your choices.

Do you shape your brows? 

Fuller brows are the ‘big thing’ right now, thank you Cara. But, bushy brows are another. If you don’t have time to see a professional to tame your brows, get a good tweezers and follow your natural shape (where the most hair is) and focus on just getting rid of the strays.

You don’t blend your eyebrow pencil?

What!? That is brow blasphemy. Blending is the best way to give your brows a natural shape. Remember you want to mimic the hairs already there, so use small and light strokes to give your brows some volume without going for intense brow definition.

Do you use too much? 

Look, the journey to on point brows is not an easy one. Sometimes the phrase ‘less is more’ needs to be repeated. Start applying gently, and remember it’s always easier to build up on the product if you want a stronger brow, than having to take everything off and start from scratch. Nobody wants that, nobody.