You need to have more orange and green concealers in your life

There’s nothing worse than waking up the morning of a big day and checking your reflection to blown away by a particularly nasty red spot. We’re not exactly fans any other days of the week but it always seems to be the week of a wedding, or the day before a big first date when those pesky monsters rear their ugly heads.

It’s enough to make us get teary-eyed with frustration when we spend far too much of our time trying to cover up any blemishes we would rather not be sporting.

Here’s the thing, you can spend all the time concealing you want, but if you’re not using the proper colours, then it’s not going to help you out much.

The same beauty blogger who brought us tricks for nailing the epic ‘baking’ makeup trend has also dropped some serious knowledge on how to best use colour concealers for actually concealing blemishes.

Not saying the clown contouring trend isn’t fun, but sometimes we kind of just want to get rid of that weird spot on our chin.

First you need to get some orange and green concealers. Then you need to check out this handy colour wheel graphic.

Complementary colours, those that are on opposite sides of the wheel, cancel each other out when applied to the skin. So, if you have a red mark on your skin, you use green to help bring down the appearance of redness, and so on.

Heidi uses his theory in her video where she teaches is the magic of colour concealers and how to use them properly.

We can’t thank her enough, now, off to stock up on our colours we go!