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We have lost count of the amount of products we see lining the shelves every day that promise us ‘fuller’, ‘thicker’ and more voluptuous hair than we could ever imagine.

To be honest, we getting a bit tired of being lied to, we just want some more volume! Short of spending hours teasing and back combing in efforts to give our hair a bit of a boost, we were running out of ideas.

 If this plight sounds familiar in the slightest then you need to read on. We found some of the best and most simple tricks to make your hair live its most volume filled life. They actually work, trust us. We would never lie to you about something this important.

Coconut Oil

The internet is going to tell you to start using coconut oil. If you have think hair, put the oils down. Lily Yip, a master stylist of NYC salon Mizu says: “Silicones and oils just become a coating on top of hair, so it’s very difficult to remove. Eventually, it weighs down your hair and you get tons of buildup and it actually makes your hair look thinner.”

Careful with the blow dryer

Over drying your hair, especially with a round brush will take the elasticity out of it and over-stretch any of your hair’s natural volume with all the pulling and dragging.

Bring back some mousse

Not the dessert kind, sorry. But using mouse the right way will allow you to embrace the volume of your hair easily. Just copy this handy little GIF.

Flip your parting


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Possibly the easiest way to add volume is to flip your hair to the opposite side you normally part it on. Laziness never looked so fabulous.

Use rollers

Haven’t decided on an outfit yet? Or else do you need some extra time to get that winged eye liner even? Your hair does not have to suffer, just pop two of three rollers at the top triangle of your head when your hair is already dry. Sorted.

Dry texturising spray

This will change your whole life. You know how adding dry shampoo the night before leaves your hair bouncy and thicker the next day but with a weird grey-ish tint? Well, with this magic product you have all the benefits just minus the vintage hair hue. We're big fans.



Now that purple hair has become a huge hit among celebs, it’s only a matter of time before loyal fans become inspired by this new trend. But, before you make the choice to go lilac, here are a few things you might want to consider.

Know your natural hair color
Consider the tone of your natural hair before you choose your shade. Like make-up, your natural tone determines whether a certain color will suit you.

Be patient
Drastic hair colors take much longer to achieve so make sure you are realistic about what you want and how long it will take to get it.

Try on a wig
This is a timeless way to see whether or not you can pull off your desired shade.

Buy a shade lighter
Since hair dye always comes out darker than you expect, buy a hair dye that’s one or two shades lighter than the color you want.

Know about formulas
If you have sensitive skin, go for a mousse-like formulas. Gel or liquid formulas are better suited for those with thicker hair.