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Most of us have learned the hard way that when it comes to leaving the salon with the cut or style we envisioned, we need to let a photo do the talking.

Providing your stylist with a photo of your end goal is much simpler than talking in circles (and leaving in tears), and if ever there was a time to do this, it's in the run-up to your wedding, right?

With this in mind, we trawled Instagram for some of the most stunning bridal party hairstyles, and frankly we're in a world of contentment right now.

Would you just look at the sheer beauty of these creations?

1. We want to reach out and touch…

2. Oh stop, we know.

3 *Keels over*

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5. Yep

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7. And we're done




It's a fact of life: if you put glitter on something (anything), it automatically becomes more fantastic.

Seriously, you can instantly jazz up a beauty look by adding some sparkle to it, whether it be your nails, eyes or even your hair. 

That's right, ladies; glitter roots are not just the only sparkly hairstyle we love… glitter PONYTAILS are awesome, too. 


Playing around with more festival hair ideas #festivalhair #glitterponytail #glitter

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It's such an easy and glorious way to totally spice up an evening look: simply add some glitter hair gel to your ponytail (or bun), and away you go. 

Choose the colour of the glitter wisely, though, to really add that extra WOW to your look.

Remember: when in doubt, ADD GLITTER. 



Ever since Blake Lively shared a snap of her woodland inspired braid, we have been a tad obsessed. 

This easy hairdo passes seamlessly from day to night and is perfect for every lazy girl who is having a bad hair day. 

Here's the best braids to try and how to get them. 

1) The red carpet braid 

For an effortless night time look, pull your hair back into a loose low pony and plait as normal. Pull the plait loose so that it is soft and flowing. 

2) The milkmaid braid 

This style has become very popular in the last few years, from daytime casual to catwalks. 

Divide your hair in half and plait both sides. Wrap each side over your head like hair bands and secure with bobby pins. 

3) The messy braid 

Curls your hair and then plait it. This will give the hair more volume and texture. Use a texturising spray and also pull strands loose to create that messy look. 

4) The side braid 

The side braid is effortless and easy. If you have any layers, pin the hair to the side at the back of your head and plait as normal. 

5) The pony-tail braid 

For something a bit more dramatic, pull your hair into a sleek pony and use hair spray to tame any stray hairs. 

Plait the pony as normal and leave it tumbling down your back. Works best with long hair. 



We have never quite known fringe envy until Kendall Jenner rocked up to the AMAs with perhaps the most covetable bangs we have ever seen. 

And just as were about to make an impulsive trip to the hair salon (which we would have ultimately regretted!), we learned that Kendall did not go for the chop and instead just faked her look with some ingenious hair styling. 

This week, Perrie also tried to lull us into going for some illustrious bangs but her perfect up do was also faked. 

So how can you achieve the ultimate set of bangs without the commitment? Well all you need is some bobbins, hair pins and patience!


Somebody help. Japan is taking over me.

A photo posted by Perrie Edwards(@perrieeele) on

Grab a bobbin and pull your into a high pony. Take half of your pony and pull it over the bobbin towards your face. Pin the hair securely on the top of your head, creating a half bun.

Leaving the ends to frame your face, split the remaining hair in the ponytail in two and wrap around the half bun you created. Pin the bun as desired. 

Lastly, just style your fringe! 

If you are still struggling, check out this super easy tutorial below. 




It been a long day. You get home, grab a makeup wipe, get the bra off and shimmy into your favourite fleecy PJs.

And inevitably your hair is scraped back into a messy topknot.

That routine is what a lot of us associate with when we think of a messy bun but the topknot has actually become a catwalk staple and all-round consistent beauty trend. 

So here’s how you can embrace the glorious topknot in all it’s wondrous forms.


1) The Classic Topknot

The trend: The classic messy bun should look like you pulled your hair up into a bun three days ago and left it. It conveys minimal effort and maximum style. 

Get the look: Tip your head over and pull all your hair to the front of your head. Let strands fall loose along the way. If you have very sleek or straight hair, use a salt spray to add texture. Secure the hair into a pony tail.

Next, wrap the hair in a circular rotation until you have the desired topknot effect, secure and use a spritz of hair spray. Pull strand loose as desired. Yes, I woke up like this… 


2) The Fearless Topknot

The trend: The fearless topknot leaves very little to the imagination. It is all about pulling the hair back so you can serve optimum face, darlings. 

Get the look: Use a serum to smooth the hair and straighten. Pull the hair up into a very secure and severe ponytail positioned at the tip of your head. 

Use hair wax to further smoothen and matte the hair around the face. Take the sleek ponytail and wrap tightly around into a bun shape. Secure with bobby pins and hair spray any stray strands into submission. Use a wet look spray for added shine and drama. 


3) The Half Down Topknot

The trend: The latest celeb favourite is the half down topknot. Ideal for day to night and even better if you just have particularly greasy roots that day! 

Get the look: Separate the hair into two sections and secure the top section into a high ponytail. Pull out any strands you want to leave around your face. Taking another bobbin wrap the pony around into a bun style and secure.

Wear the loose hair as you like! 


4) The Boho Topknot

The trend: Ideal for those ladies with a fringe, this look means loads of loose strands around the face, a messy style and an even bigger and better bun. 

Get the look: Use a texturising spray. Back comb the hair around your face before pulling back hair into a ponytail and securing. Pull down your fringe or loose strands to frame your face.

Back comb the ponytail before securing into a very loose bun. Add volume and texture by pulling the hair apart until you reach your desired style (if you have thin hair, use a thickening spray or a donut bun!) 


5) The Fashionista's Topknot

The trend: The fashion topknot requires a bit more work and design. It definitely makes the topknot more accessible for a night time look. 

Get the look: One example of this style is to do a plaited topknot. Pull hair back into desired ponytail at desired height. Plait the hair in the ponytail and secure at the end. 

Wrap the hair around, gradually allowing it to get higher until you achieve a beehive effect. Secure with bobby pins. 


Plus the key products to help you master the trend…

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Yesterday, we showed you some simple and easy hairstyle hacks for long hair, but fear not short-haired ladies – we haven't forgotten you! 

If you think there is less you can do with your hair just because it is short, think again! 

Here are some simple and easy hairstyles you can easily do before work or college that will look cute and stylish. 

1. The fringe plait
This doesn't necessarily have to be a fish-tail braid like the one seen here on Carey Mulligan. To make things faster and easier – just do a regular plait! Plait your fringe along your hairline and back, gathering more hair as you go. When you've reached as far as you like, simply pin in place with a bobby pin and place some hair over the bobby pin. Done! 

2. The cute mohawk
If you have a pixie cut, it looks super cute to make some messy gather it and make a simple and trendy mohawk-ish 'do. Yes, you will need a lot of hairspray, but the name of the game is mess, so play with it a little!

3. The pop of colour
If you're not good with messing with bobbin, bobby pins and accessories – why not try putting a pop of colour in your hair? It is bound to be super trendy (unless you accidentally put in a purple rinse that is) and many of them are not permanent. 

4. The curled short bob
If you're stuck for time why not make like Taylor Swift and grab the curling tongs for a few moments. In no time at all you can create soft waves, like Taylor's before. Grab larger pieces of hair and wrap them around the tongs for a few moments until you're done. 

5. The high ponytail
Kelly Osbourne proves the high ponytail isn't just for those with long hair as she ties hers up in this cute pic. Simply gather your hair at the top of your head and secure with a bobbin. Cute and simple!




It can be easy to get stuck in a hair rut, but there are plenty of easy and stunning hairstyles you can do before you rush out the door in the morning – we’ve just forgotten about them!

Up your hair game with these cute and simple hairstyles.

1. The ballerina bun
This is so much easier than it seems. Simply turn your head upside down (stay with us here!), gather your hair into a high ponytail and secure with a hair bobbin. Then, twist the ponytail around itself until it resembles Lauren's bun and simply secure with bobby pins. See, we told you it was easy!

2. The cutesy pigtails
No, not just for five-year-olds – you can totally rock these pigtails too, missy! These are pretty self-explanatory, divide your hair evenly and secure with bobbins. You could also experiment with plaits or even fish tail if you have time!


3. The high ponytail
Make like Ariana Grande and gain a couple of inches with the high ponytail. If you don't have long luscious locks like Ariana, we have a hack so you can fake it. Get your hair into a half ponytail, leaving the bottom half of your hair free. When it is secure, go to the bottom half and tie that into a ponytail directly underneath the top one. Then pull the top one over and no one will know the difference! 

4. The side plait
While the fishtail braid may be all the rage at the moment, it takes time you just may not have. Never underestimate the simplicity of the regular plait, and bringing it to the side adds an element of glamour too. 

5. The half bun
This is the perfect lazy Sunday brunch hair. Still down, but out of your face – our kind of hair! Simply create a half ponytail and then twist it into a bun and secure with bobby pins. 



Fringes look cool – we’re thinking Zooey Deschanel here – well, that is until they start getting in your eyes and constantly needing a trim to keep them even slightly tame.

It can take a few months for your bangs to grow out so in the meantime try these styles:

Tight pony tail
Put a little mousse onto your fringe and brush it back with the rest of your hair. Pull into a pony tail and secure with a bobbin. Keep it in place by spraying on some hairspray.

Side plait
A side plait is great for when your fringe is just too short to be pulled into a ponytail but too long to simply let it fall in front of your eyes. Put your hair in a deep side parting and pull it all over to one side. Style into a plait and secure any loose strands with bobby pins.  Finish with a little hairspray.

Hair band

Invest in a funky hair band so that when you do pull your fringe back it won’t be able to fall forward. Bobby pins are also great accessories and you don’t have to stick to the typical brown ones.

Twist it
If you can, pull your fringe to one side and twist it. Tuck it into your hairline and secure with bobby pins. Don’t forget the hairspray.

Centre parting
Part your hair in the centre and divide your bangs in the middle. Clip with bobby pins at the side and pull longer hair forward over it.




Festival season is now officially upon us, and with Body and Soul happening next week it won’t be long until we are donning our wellies, flower hairbands and teeny tiny shorts.

Rather than ending the night with matted hair, here are 5 perfect festival hairstyles:

Top knot
Pull all your hair back really tight and tie it in a top knot. Pop on a pair of sunnies and you’ll be able to enjoy the music without getting hair in your mouth!


Straighten your hair and pull it to the side. Accessorise with a flower hairband or trilby.


Thin plaits
Give yourself a deep side parting. On the side of your hair with the less hair create a simple plait. Add some mousse to the other side to give your hair more volume.


Plait upstyle

Part your hair in a centre parting. Plait each side, pull them up and wrap them around your head. Secure with bobby pins.


Messy look
Put your hair into a centre parting. Leave loose and add mousse to give it some texture.




Most of the time, celebrities give us inspiration for our next hairstyle, but we highly doubt anyone will be running to their hairdresser to recreate these looks.

Here are some of the worst celebrity hairstyles we’ve seen so far. Although, let’s look at the positives – they still teach us what not to do.


Lady Gaga

Looks like she might have misinterpreted he shaved-head trend.

Scarlett Johansson

Hollywood-glamour just went out the window here.

Nicole Richie

Hair extensions gone wrong.


It nearly looks like a red wig that doesn’t fit her

Don’t think we’ve forgotten about you J lo – there’s just too much.