The best way to style your hair when you’re growing it out

A pixie cut is super chic – but it takes a lot of upkeep. 

And growing one out can be seriously awkward too. You may feel like your hair has a mind of it's own and is growing out at majorly weird angles. 

But there are a few simple tricks to keep you on top of your hair-game and prevent an unflattering look for months on end. 

Strategic trimming

Hold onto as much length as possible so you can style your stands into a short bob. Going an extra three to four weeks between hairdresser visits is ideal for getting back some length. 


Add texture (and A LOT of it)

Use some products to camouflage uneven layers or strage re-growth. Play around with your do' to find new ways of styling it during the growing-out period. If volumising products don't seem to work, use a curler and setting spray to add a bit of edge. 


Amp up your braid game

Even if you have just a little length, braids are your new best friend. They can really hide that awkward in-between phase. You can be really creative with plaits and twists these days. Look at some YouTube videos or bloggers to gain some inspiration. And if pieces start to slip out, just use a bobby pin or clip to set them straight.