8 stages of going back to work after the Bank Holiday weekend


The fun is over guys, it's time to face reality. 

The entire country is suffering from a serious dose of the Bank Holiday blues and if you struggled to get out of bed this morning, you can take solace in the fact that you are not alone. 

Here's a comprehensive list of all the ups and downs (mostly downs) you will likely face today. 

1. How many sick days have I taken this year?

Y'know I think I could be coming down with something.

2. The silent commute

We're all in the same boat. Lets keep our heads down and get this over with.

3. ALL the coffee

Keep it comin'. 

4. Open your emails – and immediately regret it 

It's been THREE days!?

5. At last! Lunchtime

Maybe I just won't go back? 

6. Is that clock even working?

No, seriously. Has anyone checked the batteries? 

7. Home time

Sweet, sweet freedom! 

8. Finally back in bed

…Only to realise you have to it all over again tomorrow. 

It was fun while it lasted guys.