Skip lunch? You’re adding some serious time to your working year

We all know the drill. With overflowing workloads, deadlines to see to and just general stress, it can be hard to take yourself away from your desk for an hour to eat your lunch.

Combined with cafes either being too expensive or simply not there, it can seem like more of an effort to leave the office.

However, if you actually knew how many extra hours you spent every year not taking a break, we bet you'd feel different about your lunch hour.

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According to, the average person only takes 34 minutes a day for their lunch, and that actually racks up a whole lotta hours.

Refinery29 sat down and did the maths, and the numbers are pretty shocking.

So, there are 232 working days this year (minus holidays). 232 multiplied by the amount of time you don't take for lunch equals 100 hours and 53 minutes.


That means you end up working 12 extra days a year.

TWELVE. That's half of your holiday allowance.

Bet you'll think twice when lunch time comes around tomorrow…