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Let's get real. 

A lot of sex toys can be totally daunting and many just downright confusing, especially if faced with them for the first time. 

Outside of the 50 Shades of Grey style whips and ties, many of us are probably totally ignorant to the reams of different sex toys there actually exist in this big, bad, kinky world of ours. 

And when the good folks over in Facts decided to present some real Irish couples with some kinky toys to try, it's safe to say many of them were simply baffled. 

From the "classy-looking" nipple clamps to a vomit-inducing ball gag, these brave couples totally have these items sussed. 

Watch the hilarious video below: 



There's no doubt that without HAPES of money and a team of stylists, make-up artists and personal trainers on hand, the Kardashian-Jenner sisters would look fairly, well, normal.

In fact, we reckon that with the right amount of fake tan, hair extensions and eyebrow grooming, just about any girl could pull off their look.

Enter Laura and Anne, two Irish ladies who put themselves at the mercy of a Kardashian-worthy Glam Squad to emulate two of Instagram's most liked siblings – Kim and Kylie.

Their verdict on fake eyelashes? "I feel like I've got something growing in my eyes."

Tan? "I look like I've been dipped in iodine."

In the end though, we have to admit they do manage to pull the look off, bright blue wig and all. Take a look at the video above…

A big thank you to Gráinne Kelly for sending this in.  If you have a story, video or anything else you think we’d love, catch us on FacebookTwitter or hello@shemazing.ie. The best submission EVERY month wins a €50 shopping voucher!


Fox News is known for it's loud presenters and irrational statements that are made live on air. 

Now, some of these statements can be absolutely ridiculous, so, Irish comedy channel, Facts, rounded up a few Irish men and women to air their opinions on Fox's most controversial moments.


Let's just say, they were less than impressed and quite shocked, to say the least, at some of the news items.

And, we really don't blame them.



Little Miss Sunshine, released in 2006, tells the story of a family determined to get their daughter to the final of a beauty pageant in another state, no matter what it takes.

This edgy comedy-drama was a massive hit with audiences worldwide because it focused purely on the story of a troubled family dealing with typical and not-so-typical struggles, but managed to be touching, relatable and downright hilarious throughout.

Here are five little known facts about this top notch flick!

1. Steve Carell wasn’t the moviemaker’s first, or even second, choice to play down-on-his-luck Uncle Frank.

Both Bill Murray and Robin Williams were contenders before Steve, a relative unknown in Hollywood at the time, nabbed and totally nailed the role!

2. The age difference between Toni Collette and Paul Dano was quite small despite them playing mother and son.

Toni was only 34 years-old at the time of the shoot while Paul was just twelve years her junior!

3. The little girls we saw in the Little Miss Sunshine pageant weren’t actors.

They were real-life contestants from actual beauty pageants and they rocked the same hair and make-up they usually do at events!

4. Music was actually playing in Abigail Breslin’s earphones every time her character Olive used them.

This was to ensure that the young Abigail didn’t hear her on-screen grandad’s constant swearing!

5. Greg Kinnear’s wife made fun of his dancing at their actual wedding so the actor was never comfortable with dancing scenes in movies.

He even requested the famous dance scene at the end of the movie to be deleted from the final cut!




We’ve had amazing kisses worthy of a Hollywood film (if shifting in torrential rain counts). We've had mediocre kisses that take place when we’re both rushing out the door. And we've had woeful kisses we’d much rather forget. Be gone, GAA disco memories.

But how much do we actually know about the art of puckering up?

Here are ten super-important facts that you should commit to memory now before it’s too late.

1) French kissing, which uses all 34 facial muscles, burns 26 calories per minute!

That’s why making-out is so important after a romantic four course meal and calorie-laden cocktails.

2) The world’s longest kiss lasted a whopping 58 hours, 35 minutes and 58 seconds.

Take a bow, Ekkachai and Laksana Tiranarat of Thailand!

3) Approximately two-thirds of people tilt their head to the right before going in for the kill.

The other way feels like head gymnastics, right?

4) Chimpanzees often smooch each other after a fight.

We’re not the only ones who need to kiss and make up every now and again!

5) The fear of kissing is known as philemaphobia.

We kinda wish we’d suffered from that during our school discos. Blergh.

6) Kissing is good for your gnashers.

So, don’t beat yourself up if your dental floss is gathering dust in the bathroom.

7) It has been known for some women to reach orgasm through kissing alone.

Even more reason to get back to basics with your boyfriend, right?

8) An Eskimo Kiss is the act of rubbing your nose off your partners while snogging.

It’s weird and, inexplicably, cute.

9) When two people kiss, they exchange between 10 million and one billion germs.

Moving on. Moving on NOW.

10) People tend to remember their first kiss more vividly than the first time they had sex.

Spin the bottle. Third Year. Hot.



We all love Friends and people who say they don’t are not to be trusted.

Much of this generation's humour has stemmed from this legendary programme and even the ones we’ve seen before give us a few laughs.

Here’s 16 things you might not have already known about your favourite show.

1. The Geller Siblings
Ross is Monica’s older brother, but in real life, David Schwimmer is 3 years younger than Courteney Cox.


2. Ellen was almost Phoebe
Ellen DeGeneres turned down the role of Phoebe Buffay.


3. ‘The Couch’
The orange couch used in Central Perk was found in the basement of the Warner Bros. studio.

friends central perk set

4. ‘The White Dog’
Joey’s statue of a white dog was originally given to Jennifer Aniston as a good luck present from her best friend when she started acting. She offered to lend it to the show for the episode where Joey became rich and bought a lot of stuff. After that episode, the producers decided to keep it.

white dog friends

5. Central Perk
The artwork in Central Perk was changed every three episodes.

central-perk set

6. Monica’s Fridge
The refrigerators in Monica’s and Joey’s apartments actually worked. Monica’s was filled with water and other drinks for the cast and crew. Joey’s was usually virtually empty, unless the inside of the fridge was going to be seen in a specific scene.

monica apartment friends

7. Paychecks
No Friend ever made more money doing the show than any others. They started out making $22,500 per episode and ended up making $1,000,000 per episode. All negotiations were done in unison. Kudrow said, “The six of us are far stronger than just one person.”


8. The Love Interest
Before the show was cast, the main love interest was intended to be Monica and Joey.


10. Courtney expecting
In the last few months of shooting Friends, Courtney Cox became pregnant, but, seeing as Monica wasn’t supposed to be able to have a baby, they covered up her pregnancy by making her wear baggy clothes while shooting the show so no one could tell.

monica pregnant friends

11. Dollah Bills
When Matt LeBlanc auditioned for the role he only had $11 dollars to his name. When the cast got their paychecks, the first thing that Courtney Cox bought was a car. Matt LeBlanc bought a hot dinner.


12. Free Cameos
Because of a bet between Matthew Perry and Bruce Willis on the set of The Whole Nine Yards (which Perry won), Willis appeared in his two-episode guest role for free.

bruce willis friends

13. Silly Names
Other titles considered for the show were “Friends Like Us,” “Six of One,” “Across the Hall” and “Insomnia Cafe.”


14. Genius
Matthew Perry’s wit is so legendary that the scriptwriters have often incorporated his gags into the show.

chandler funny

15. It’s pronounced Josh-Oooh-Ah
Joshua – Rachel’s boyfriend in this and a few episodes either side, was in fact Jennifer Aniston’s boyfriend around that time.

rachel and joshua friends

16. Real Tears
At the end before the gang leaves to get some coffee, there is a shot of Rachel crying and using Ross’ arm to hide it. These are real tears that happened during filming and weren’t suppose to be in the final shot.


via our content partner CT


We use some of the world's biggest brands every single day, but how much do we really know about them? This interesting video from Buzzfeed reveals unbelievable facts about some of our favorite products. We guarantee that after you watch this you'll be dropping a few knowledge-bombs on your friends the next time you see them sipping on a Coke or buying a bottle of shampoo! 


We're all familiar with the Swedish furniture company IKEA, as it's always been our one-stop-shop for all our home-ware needs! But how much do we really know about this international mega-brand? Watch the video above to find out 10 surprising (and rather funny) facts about the company.


Seriously, you will look at the world with a whole new light!



Disney movies are full of magic and awe.

We bet you didn’t know these crazy facts about your favourite movies!

1. Boo’s real name in Monsters Inc. is actually Mary, after her voice artist, Mary Gibbs.

2. Sleeping Beauty is the only true blonde Disney princess.

3. In Enchanted, Amy Adams’ “princess” dress weighed a massive 45 lbs.

4. Christian Bale was the voice of Thomas in Pocahontas.

5. Ariel and Belle’s body proportions are based on model, writer and producer’s Sherri Stoner’s.

6. Beyoncé refused to audition for the role of Tiana in The Princess and the Frog as she thought she would just be offered the role.

7. To be a Disney princess in Disney World, you must be between 5″4-5″7 but significantly smaller if it is Tinkerbell or Alice.

8. Ariel’s face and personality are based on Charmed star’s Alyssa Milano.



1. The picture of Buzz’s girlfriend in Home Alone is actually a boy because the director though it would be too mean to say “Buzz, your girlfriend…woof!” about an actual girl.

2. Gwyneth Paltrow was originally lined up to play Rose in The Titantic.

3. Pyscho was the first film to show a flushing toilet on-screen.

4. Mel Gibson, Richard Gere and Harrison Ford were just some of the other actors offered the part of Die Hard‘s John McClane before it was given to Bruce Willis.

5. Toy Story has numerous allusions to The Shining. Why??

6. Lindsay Lohan was originally going to play the part of Regina George but decided against it as she didn’t want the public to wrongly perceive her personality. Well, that paid off eh, Lindsay?

7. When Macaulay Culkin’s finger is bit by Joe Pesci in Home Alone it was real and Macaulay still has a scar.

8. In Trainspotting, the poo in the awful toilet scene was actually chocolate. Yum.

9. The baby used in the christening scene of The Godfather is in fact director Sofia Coppola.

10. Lily Allen has a cameo in Elizabeth.


Oh and while we’re at it, Princess Beatrice had a cameo in The Young Victoria!



1. Carrots were purple until the 17th Century.

2. McDonald’s sells 75 burgers per second.

3. Honey is the only food stuff that will never go off.

4. Ketchup was originally used as a medicine in the 1800’s. 

5. Lemons contain a higher level of sugar than strawberries.

6. Coca-Cola was originally green in colour.

7. Sweet potatoes and potatoes are in no way related. 

8. The colour orange was named after the fruit. 

9. Almonds are actually from the rose family, as are apples, peaches and strawberries. 

10. Cashew nuts growing looks like this: 


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