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Everyone who's anyone seems to know that the ultimate red carpet accessory is a decent set of pearly whites.

Yup, unless you're in possession of a ridiculously smile, your career can really – or so says Hollywood, anyway.

And it is quite amazing how a new set of chompers can totally transform a person's face. Even established names – Tom Cruise, we're looking at you – have opted for major dental work (in his case, back in 2002) to alter a less-than megawatt bite. 

Join us while we drool and contemplate getting the braces back on with the most impressive of celebrity teeth transformations.


1) Miley Cyrus

You can’t make lewd gestures with your tongue if you ain’t got the perfect set of teeth.


2) Tom Cruise 

Mmm, a buck tooth. What every girl dreams of from a Hollywood heart throb.


3) Niall Horan 

A case of right place, right time brought Niall into 1D, and thousands bought him that smile.


4) Gwen Stefani 

Gwen is fashion royalty, her braces were arguably not.


5) Zac Efron 

We can’t even #toocute


6) Cher Lloyd 

Questionable brows distracted from Cher’s perfectly acceptable teeth when she first appeared on X Factor, but this whole transformation is pretty impressive #thepowerofmoney


7) Cheyl Fernandez-Versini 

Cheryl was always beautiful, but those pearly whites took her dimpled smile to a new level.


8) Victoria Beckham

Posh is human perfection, good teeth or bad. We all know that. 


9) Tulisa 

Got teeth done, got voted FHM’s sexiest woman. Go figure.


10) Mathew Lewis 

This overall transformation from Neville Longbottom to absolute ride is pretty astonishing but those teeth sure do help. Yum! 



Former X Factor judge Tulisa Contostavlos remains in police custody this afternoon after being arrested last night in London.

It is being reported that the 27-year-old crashed her €200,000 dark navy-coloured Ferrari into a another vehicle at a Tube station in Southgate, North London last night.

Mail Online says she was breathalysed at the scene and subsequently arrested on the back of those results.

A police spokesman today explained: "Police were called shortly before midnight on Thursday [September 10] to outside Southgate Underground Station following reports of two cars in collision.

"Officers and London Fire Brigade attended. There were no reported injuries.


My go…. #RaysOfSunshine #Ferrari #SilverstoneUK

A photo posted by Tulisa Contostavlos (@tulisasinstagram) on

"One of the drivers, a 27-year-old woman, was arrested on suspicion of drink-driving and taken to an East London police station.

"A breath test was administered. We do not discuss the results. She remains in custody."

There is as of yet still no official comment from the singer's representatives on the matter. 



It would seem the cat is out of the bag for Tulisa and The Script’s Danny O’Donoghue!

The former X Factor judge has all but said the pair are officially dating in a recent interview with OK! magazine. The pair sparked rumours of a romance two weeks ago when they were spotted enjoying a romantic stroll on the beach in Barbados.

Now, Tulisa has told the magazine, that she is growing very close to the Irish singer, and that they will continue to get even closer: “He’s a really great guy. I’ve known him for many years through the industry but I’ve never really spent one-one-one time with him, and I guess we really clicked in Barbados. All I can say is he’s a great guy, we’ve become good friends and probably will spend more time together.”

But the real truth came when she was asked if she fancied Danny, to which she cryptically said: “I couldn’t say. Who know?” which we all know is code for “Ya totally, we’ve shifted.” Or something along those lines anyway…

Either way, it seems that Danny and Tulisa are getting closer and closer. Now all they need is a nickname. Tanny or Danisa? 


Former X Factor judge Tulisa Contastavlos sparked controversy last year when she stepped out with a dramatically changed face due to cosmetic surgery.

With fuller lips and puffy cheeks, it was clear Tulisa had gone under the knife, which confused many as the star had a naturally youthful face already.

However the singer has admitted her choice to undergo surgery was mainly made out of boredom and that she has no plans to do it again. In a revealing chat with the Loose Women ladies this week, Tulisa revealed that she suffered an infection from some of the surgery.

"For me, it was a bit of boredom to be honest. I'd always wanted my lips done but the only place I got an infection was in my cheeks. I knew it was water and was going to go."

Tulisa says she is happier with her looks now and wouldn't make any other changes. "The cheeks have gone down and now I just have my lips and I'm happy with them. I'm not going to have anything else," she added.

Depsite having a slew of younger fans from her days with N-Dubz and The X Factor, the star says she would hate to be thought of as a role model. "I don't want people to act like me, I act out my mistakes. It's about living your life and riding with the mistakes… don't call me a role model – call me an inspirer."

Tulisa says she'd rather be open about the challenges she has faced than pretend she is flawless. "It's about taking those experiences and showing my younger fans how I got through it rather than saying I'm perfect," she said.

Seems like a good attitude to us!



We think it’s safe to say that NOBODY saw this one coming! Tulisa has sparked romance rumours after she was spotted on a beach walk with none other than The Script’s frontman Danny O’Donoghue!

The former X Factor judge is currently in Barbados with Simon Cowell and a mutual group of friends when she was spotted with the Irish heartthrob.

However, Tulisa is far from being the only girl that Danny has been linked to in recent weeks, with rumours of a romance with Linsday Lohan being denied only two days ago. The singer was also reportedly spotted cosying up to a Brazilian model named Anna de Paul who stars in The Script’s new music video.

Meanwhile, Tulisa continues to revive her career following drugs allegations that led to something of a fall back in June 2013. The case was later dismissed in June of this year. Since then, the singer has made several TV appearances, as well as filling in for Mel B on an episode of The X Factor recently. 

Could this be the start of something beautiful for Tulisa and Danny…? Time will tell! 




Tulisa has had a tough year by anyone’s standards, and her next move certainly won’t be making her life any easier.

In an effort to get out from under the shadow of her drugs trial, Tulisa has been tipped to join this year’s line up of celebs entering the jungle in I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!

I’m a Celebrity has more of a reputation for reviving flagging careers than other celebrity reality shows – with Myleen Klass and Katie Price is particular making good of their appearances.

It’s also known for featuring people you might actually have heard of, a rarity in “celebrity” shows. We’re looking at you, Celebrity Big Brother.

This jungle move might be a bid to raise her profile coming up a return to the X-Factor judging panel. Tulisa was fired by Simon Cowell two years ago, but recently he opened the door for her return.

“Tulisa’s been through a rough time and has come through it.” Simon said. “I think she deserves a break now. I think she’s got a lot of opportunities ahead of her.”


Sinitta puts an end to some of the rumours about Simon. 

Emma power reports. 



Tulisa Contostavlos is to make a return to The X Factor!

The singer has reportedly been thrown a lifeline by Simon Cowell, who has invited her back on the show.

Now that is something to tune in for! 

Tulisa left the judging panel two years ago but now Simon has opened the door for her to return in the later stages of this year’s show.

Simon said, “Tulisa’s been through a rough time and has come through it. I think she deserves a break now. I think she’s got a lot of opportunities ahead of her.”

Louis Walsh also gave Tulisa his seal of approval and wants her to mentor his acts during the judges’ houses stage.

Louis said, “I have spoken to Tulisa. I totally support her. I spent so much time in her dressing room, I know who the real Tulisa is. She’s not Mother Teresa but she’s a lovely girl.

“She’s rough around the edges but she’s a good girl. I like her. I ­definitely would have her at judges’ houses. She’ll bounce back.”



Tulisa Contostavlos has opened up about the toll her recent trial took on her life in the tell-all documentary ‘Tulisa: The Price of Fame’, which will be aired tonight at 10pm on BBC Three.

In a clip, Tulisa reveals that at one point, she had attempted to commit suicide: “So like an idiot I don’t know what I was thinking, I picked up painkillers and necked them with a bottle of vodka, I don’t even know what I was planning to do.”

When asked if she had been planning on taking her own life she replied: “Yeah, I am being honest. I don’t care. Yeah.”

Luckily, the star’s personal assistant Gareth Valley called an ambulance, and while she refused to go to hospital, medics stayed with her until she was definitely going to be ok.

We can’t help but feel sorry for Tulisa, it can’t be easy being accused of something you didn’t do, and judging by what she’s done to her face it’s obviously taken a toll on her confidence. We hope she’s back to her best soon!




It really hasn’t been a good week for Tulisa Contostavlos after she was first cleared of drugs charges, before being found guilty of assault.

But it was her lips and not her legal woes that set the internet on fire – and for all the wrong reasons!

One Twitter user compared the singer to Michael Jackson while others were convinced her plump lips were closer to Oscar from the kid’s movie a Shark’s Tale.

Another tweeter compared her look to Star Wars character Admiral Ackbar joking while she was not a good singer she did at least help defeat Darth Vader.


Tulisa has denied ever having any work done, instead claiming her new look was merely thanks to clever make up.

Hmmmm…it doesn't sound as if anyone is swallowing that one! 




Tulisa has been found guilty of the assault of a celebrity blogger at V Festival.

The former X-Factor judge was accused of hitting Savvas Morgan at the festival in Essex and was ordered to pay £3,020.

Savvas Morgan received £100 in compensation while £2,700 went towards the cost of prosecution.

This is the second time Tulisa has been in court this week as her drugs case was thrown out of court as the judge believed there was reason to believe the journalist involved had lied.


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