X Factor judge admits getting cosmetic surgery due to “boredom”

Former X Factor judge Tulisa Contastavlos sparked controversy last year when she stepped out with a dramatically changed face due to cosmetic surgery.

With fuller lips and puffy cheeks, it was clear Tulisa had gone under the knife, which confused many as the star had a naturally youthful face already.

However the singer has admitted her choice to undergo surgery was mainly made out of boredom and that she has no plans to do it again. In a revealing chat with the Loose Women ladies this week, Tulisa revealed that she suffered an infection from some of the surgery.

"For me, it was a bit of boredom to be honest. I'd always wanted my lips done but the only place I got an infection was in my cheeks. I knew it was water and was going to go."

Tulisa says she is happier with her looks now and wouldn't make any other changes. "The cheeks have gone down and now I just have my lips and I'm happy with them. I'm not going to have anything else," she added.

Depsite having a slew of younger fans from her days with N-Dubz and The X Factor, the star says she would hate to be thought of as a role model. "I don't want people to act like me, I act out my mistakes. It's about living your life and riding with the mistakes… don't call me a role model – call me an inspirer."

Tulisa says she'd rather be open about the challenges she has faced than pretend she is flawless. "It's about taking those experiences and showing my younger fans how I got through it rather than saying I'm perfect," she said.

Seems like a good attitude to us!