Tulisa makes a harrowing confession following drug trial


Tulisa Contostavlos has opened up about the toll her recent trial took on her life in the tell-all documentary ‘Tulisa: The Price of Fame’, which will be aired tonight at 10pm on BBC Three.

In a clip, Tulisa reveals that at one point, she had attempted to commit suicide: “So like an idiot I don’t know what I was thinking, I picked up painkillers and necked them with a bottle of vodka, I don’t even know what I was planning to do.”

When asked if she had been planning on taking her own life she replied: “Yeah, I am being honest. I don’t care. Yeah.”

Luckily, the star’s personal assistant Gareth Valley called an ambulance, and while she refused to go to hospital, medics stayed with her until she was definitely going to be ok.

We can’t help but feel sorry for Tulisa, it can’t be easy being accused of something you didn’t do, and judging by what she’s done to her face it’s obviously taken a toll on her confidence. We hope she’s back to her best soon!