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Huge congratulations are in order as Cher Lloyd has welcomed her first child. The singer gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on May 25, 2018.

She shared a stunning photo of her newborn daughter on Instagram and even revealed her daughter's name.

“Our baby girl is here! We are so in love,” the former X Factor star wrote.

Cher revealed that they named their baby girl Delilah-Rae. CUTE. 


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The name Delilah means delicate, and the name Rae means wise protection.

Cher and her husband Craig revealed that they were expecting their first child in a touching Instagram post in January. The mum shared: “We are absolutely over the moon to share this news with you all. I am so excited to enter this new chapter in my life,

We are absolutely thrilled for Cher and Craig, as are fans of the Want U Back singer.

“That’s a gorgeous name Cher, congratulations!”


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One fan wrote: “Much love to you and your family. I am so very happy for you. May I just say I adore the name!”

Another added, “You are going to be a great mother and role model for your daughter.”


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“This is such a great moment! I couldn’t be happier for all three of you. God bless you,” one said.


She's back on this side of the Atlantic – and today Cher Lloyd made a welcomed appearance on ITV's Loose Women.

In fact the petite singer, who has had a string of chart hits since she first found fame on The X Factor back in 2010, revealed that it's been a full two YEARS since she first packed up and moved Stateside. 

And the impact of her American beauty regime could today be seen to full effect.

Indeed, fellow panellist Martine McCutcheon couldn't help but comment how the 23-year-old looked "stunning".

Fans and viewers at home, however, felt that her look was striking for one reason alone – namely that she and her former reality TV show mentor and one-time nemesis Cheryl Cole have now largely morphed into the same person.

From the glossy mane of brunette tresses to the mega-white teeth, make-up, high cheek bones and sun-kissed skin – the resemblance was certainly uncanny. 

Previously close, Cheryl and Cher had a famous falling out in 2012 when the latter said she would only sing a duet with the former if "she sang live" without the help of Auto-Tune.

Afterwards, Ms Cole angrily tweeted: "Be careful who you kick on your way up. They kick you twice as hard on your way back down. #unappreciationisugly," later admitting in an interview that the jibe was a "slap in the face".

It is an issue that Loose Women's Janet Street Porter gently asked about today: "Cheryl; have you made up with her?" the journalist said.

To which the popstar replied: "Oh yeah, we made up ages ago. I had gotten married and she tweeted me. And then when she got married and I tweeted her."

Although when pushed on whether the duo would be meeting up, a smiling Ms Lloyd stated diplomatically; "I'd hope to bump into her. It would be nice to bump into her."




Everyone who's anyone seems to know that the ultimate red carpet accessory is a decent set of pearly whites.

Yup, unless you're in possession of a ridiculously smile, your career can really – or so says Hollywood, anyway.

And it is quite amazing how a new set of chompers can totally transform a person's face. Even established names – Tom Cruise, we're looking at you – have opted for major dental work (in his case, back in 2002) to alter a less-than megawatt bite. 

Join us while we drool and contemplate getting the braces back on with the most impressive of celebrity teeth transformations.


1) Miley Cyrus

You can’t make lewd gestures with your tongue if you ain’t got the perfect set of teeth.


2) Tom Cruise 

Mmm, a buck tooth. What every girl dreams of from a Hollywood heart throb.


3) Niall Horan 

A case of right place, right time brought Niall into 1D, and thousands bought him that smile.


4) Gwen Stefani 

Gwen is fashion royalty, her braces were arguably not.


5) Zac Efron 

We can’t even #toocute


6) Cher Lloyd 

Questionable brows distracted from Cher’s perfectly acceptable teeth when she first appeared on X Factor, but this whole transformation is pretty impressive #thepowerofmoney


7) Cheyl Fernandez-Versini 

Cheryl was always beautiful, but those pearly whites took her dimpled smile to a new level.


8) Victoria Beckham

Posh is human perfection, good teeth or bad. We all know that. 


9) Tulisa 

Got teeth done, got voted FHM’s sexiest woman. Go figure.


10) Mathew Lewis 

This overall transformation from Neville Longbottom to absolute ride is pretty astonishing but those teeth sure do help. Yum! 



After the support she gave him and the boys during their X Factor journey and beyond, we wonder how Cheryl will feel about this latest picture to surface.

Homegrown Niall Horan turns 21 on September 13th and decided to start celebrating early this weekend with a night out in London.

Along with MTV’s Laura Whitmore and Voice of Ireland’s Bressie, there was another surprise guest at the festivities – Cheryl’s former husband Ashley Cole.

Eh, since when are those two best buds?

The footballer tweeted his happiness at being part of the 1Der's big night, saying: "Birthday party for @NiallOfficial enjoy now u a man  #doing #what #i #do"

We have to say we're surprised to see Ashley there – maybe he just happened to be in the right place at the right time?

Cheryl's star is on the rise again after her recent marriage to Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini and her return to the X Factor judging panel, so hopefully she's more than over her cheating ex.

However, no matter how much you've moved on, it does sting to see a friend hanging out with the ex that broke your heart.

Maybe Niall and Cheryl aren't as close as we thought. Considering her tumultuous history with Cher Lloyd, maybe Cheryl just doesn't keep up relationships with former X Factor contestants once the season is over.

Oblivious to any potential drama that the birthday pics may have caused, everyone seemed to be in good spirits that night, with Laura Whitmore posts lots of happy pictures to her Instagram account.

Happy Birthday, Niall – you definitely deserve to have some fun!




Cher Lloyd is set to release her next single the same day as her former X Factor mentor, Cheryl Cole is releasing hers. Awkward much?

Not only are the two to go head to head on the charts, but Cher has revealed that she would love to be close to The X Factor judge again: “I didn’t know it was out on the same day! She was my X Factor mentor! I cannot think of a better person to ask for advice now we are back. We are not in touch but I would like to speak to her. We had an amazing experience together, I hope she feels the same.”

That wasn’t all Cher had to say about her X Factor days however, as she also appeared on Alan Carr’s Chatty Man and had some not-so-nice things to say about herself: “It’s funny now I can look back at it being the person I am now, but I’m so embarrassed … The things I would do you wouldn’t believe. I would bite their heads off over something ridiculous because I was wrapped up in this ‘everyone is against me, the press hates me, everyone hates me’ … I’m not making excuses though, Al, I was a bi***.”

Don’t worry, Cher, we all did  embarrassing things as teens!

Hmm, we wonder who will win the battle of the charts?!



Cher Lloyd had a bit of an awkward moment on a red carpet in the US recently.

The singer, who rose to fame on the UK X Factor, was walking a red carpet in America when her publicist was spotted behind her holding up a sign with her name on it so waiting photographers and interviewers would know who she was!

Eek, perhaps her quest to break the US music market isn’t going so well after all.

It was also recently announced that the star had married her long term love, Craig Monk, in a private ceremony recently.





Former X Factor contestant Rebecca Ferguson collapsed live on TV today while performing on ITV show Loose Women.

Rebecca, who was a runner-up on the 2010 series of the show, was in the middle of new song All That I’ve Got when she fainted

The incident took place during the closing credits of the show and Twitter was filled with posts by worried fans and viewers.

The 27-year-old has tweeted an update on her condition: “I am feeling much better will rest today so sorry to worry everybody I fought through that song but at the end had nothing left love yas xxx,” she wrote.