So, Sarah Harding lived with Lucy Kennedy, and Twitter was here for it

Whether it was during her glory days in Girls Aloud or her recent stint on Celebrity Big Brother. Sarah Harding has no problem making headlines.

After playing up to her party girl image during the height of her fame with the UK girl group, Sarah entered the CBB house earlier this year in an effort to show the public another side to her.

And while she certainly won over some and ultimately walked away with the crown, it seemed the public's opinion of the Stockport lass was still far from clear, and yet their fascination showed no signs of waning.

With that in mind, it's hardly surprising the viewing public were quick to tune in when Lucy Kennedy announced she lived with the popstar in her London home in recent months.

As part of her Living With Lucy series, Lucy moved in with 36-year-old Sarah, and ultimately revealed a side of the popstar the public had yet to see.

And Twitter was here for it.