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Over the course of the last month, Hollywood's seedy underbelly has been laid bare after dozens of brave men and women have come forward with stories of harassment, abuse, assault and rape at the hands of some of the industry's biggest names.

As the weeks go on, more and more Hollywood heavy-hitters have decided to open up about the reality of being part of the industry, and the latest to have her say is Transformers star, Megan Fox.

Speaking to Hong Kong magazine, Prestige, the mother-of-three explained that the behind-the-scenes dynamic can have a detrimental effect on those who seek to make their career in movies.

"There are some very dark, negative things that go on on-set, between actors or between actors and directors — specifically to actresses — that we have to go through," Megan told the publication.

"There's no morality or integrity within the studio system. It’s completely about greed."

The 31-year-old actress admits that an actor's self-worth is often broken down during shooting, saying: "People have to go through this crap over and over again because your humanity isn’t even recognised. You’re an object, a means to an end."

"It creates a lot of emotional trauma," she added before explaining that the wellbeing of a star is rarely considered if it negatively impacts production.

Using on-set injuries as an example, Megan explained that asking for shooting to be temporarily stopped is almost unheard of, explaining: "You can’t shut down a movie set  – it’s $2 million a day halted – even though insurance covers it."

"We usually fight through the injuries. As long as your face looks OK, they don’t care and they want you to keep shooting anyway," she added.



Huge congratulations this morning to Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green who have become parents for a third time.

The pair have welcomed their third little boy together and his name is as uniquely beautiful as his brothers.


A photo posted by Megan Fox (@the_native_tiger) on

Three-year-old Noah and two-year-old Bodhi have now become big brothers to little Journey River Green.

It was announced back in April that the actress was pregnant after the Megan and Brian had split the previous year.

And after many tabloids speculated that Brian may not have been the father, Megan shut down the rumours in one simple post.



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A short while later news broke that the couple of ten years had reconciled for baby number three.

Appearing on Jimmy Kimmel in May, Megan spoke about getting messages from the womb saying:

“You don’t hear an audible voice, but you hear messages, if you’re open to it,” explained Megan, who is mum to three-year-old Noah and two-year-old Bodhi.


A photo posted by Megan Fox (@the_native_tiger) on

She added: “For instance, this baby wanted me to live somewhere else, so we’re moving to a whole different place in Los Angeles because I feel like that’s where this baby wants to be raised.”

Congratulations again to the couple on the arrival of their new baby boy.


They don’t have too long more to wait until they meet their little bundle of joy, and it seems as though a lot is about to change for Hollywood stars Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green.

According to reports this weekend, the actors have decided to ‘call off their divorce’ ahead of the arrival of their third child.

Megan and Brian, who were together for 11 years, announced their marriage split last August. However, talk of a reconciliation emerged in the spring, particularly after Megan stepped out at a red carpet event sporting a baby bump.

Now, as the couple prepare to welcome a little brother or sister for sons Noah (three) and Bodhi (two), a source has confirmed that the pair are giving their marriage another go.

“Brian and Megan are living together in Malibu with their boys. They have been getting along and seem very happy,” an insider told People.


I will give you roots and I will give you wings.

A photo posted by Megan Fox (@the_native_tiger) on

The source added: “During their separation, Brian always hoped Megan would change her mind about the divorce, and he is very happy that she did. They both worked hard to figure out their marriage, and things seem great.”

We’re happy for Megan, Brian and their boys.



There's no doubt that Megan Fox has had a roller-coaster 12 months.

After filing for divorce from her actor husband Brian Austin Green last August, the 30-year-old announced in the spring that she was pregnant with their third child.

The split has since been put on ice – and now her father has revealed in conversation with Mail Online that the couple knows the sex of their new baby.

Franklin Fox, 65, told the website: "All I can say is that they are together and they are happy. I’ve met Brian a ton of times now and he is a great guy.

"Megan is an amazing mom and I can’t believe she is going to have three boys. 

"Becoming a grandfather has been a wonderful experience and brought us all even closer together."

Later this year, the couple will celebrate their tenth wedding anniversary. Together they currently raise their sons, three-year-old Noah and two-year-old Bodhi.

Brian, 42, furthermore has a 14-year-old son, Kassius, from a previous relationship with Vanessa Marcil.



We're starting the day off with some fab baby news because according to numerous sources across the pond, Hollywood star, Megan Fox, is set to become a mum for the third time!

While the star, whose divorce to Brian Austin Green is currently pending, has yet to officially confirm the news herself, there was definitely no hiding the burgeoning baby bump she was sporting at a red carpet event in Las Vegas last night.

Appearing with co-star, Will Arnett, while promoting new movie Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows, the 29-year-old actress could do little to conceal the sweet baby bump nestling beneath a black Versace dress and short leather jacket.

The star sent the rumour mill into overdrive recently when she was spotted out and about with the former Beverly Hills 90210 star, but whether they're back on has yet to be confirmed by the star's representatives.

The former couple became parents to three-year-old Noah and two-year-old Bodhi after tying the knot in 2010.

Congrats Megan!


After welcoming her first child with new husband Jacob Pechenik last month, Zooey Deschanel is understandably ready to take some time off work.

But when your day job is playing the lead role in a very popular sitcom, it's not so easy to miss out on a few months. 

Luckily, another actress has been drafted in to take on a recurring role in New Girl while Zooey enjoys some well deserved time away.

It was announced this week that Transformers star Megan Fox will appear in a 'multi-episode arc in season 5' technically replacing Zooey while she bows out of the show temporarily from episode 6 onwards.

Viewers will see Jess sequestered on jury duty while she leases her room out to the gorgeous Reagan – a pharmaceuticual sales rep who is in town on business.

Of course, having a major star on set is nothing new for the cast of the hit US TV show. Aside from Megan, previous guest stars include Jessica Biel, Jamie Lee Curtis, Dermot Mulroney, Justin Long and, of course, Taylor Swift.

Taylor appeared alongside Zooey on the Season 2 finale, playing a guest a CeCe's ill-fated Indian wedding.

While a long-running part on a TV show will be a change for Megan, she has appeared on TV before, landing minor roles in Hope & Faith and Two & A Half Men. 

The actress re-joined the world of social media yesterday, posting her first picture to Instagram in almost six months. Though she didn't address her split from Brian Austin Green, Megan did apologise for her long silence.

"Hi. I'm still here, I just continue to have an angsty relationship with social media. But what better way to express my apprehension than with a selfie. This time in black n white!" she wrote.


A photo posted by Megan Fox (@the_native_tiger) on

We'll expect lots more Instagram updates as her New Girl debut draws near.


Megan Fox is one of Hollywood’s big-hitters when it comes to big earnings… and it seems that she’ll have to cough up big too when it comes to marital breakdown.

On Friday, it was announced that the 29-year-old is set to divorce fellow actor 42-year-old Brian Austin Green; her husband of five years, the father of her two children, and the man she’s spent more than a decade with.

Mr Green has been working fairly steadily since the mid-Eighties, mainly on TV shows such as Beverly Hills 90210, CSI, Smallville, and Desperate Housewives. However, his roles have never come anywhere near those of Ms Fox – who has starred in the likes of Transformers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

And a terrible car-crash seems to be the reason Brian will never be able to match her six- and seven-figure earnings.

Indeed, he has worked very little this year – an involuntary hiatus reportedly caused by a head-on collision he was involved in last December.

Brian, who was travelling in the car with Megan at the time, was hit by a drunk driver who was later arrested. The other car was moving at around 80km/h at the time, and the impact deployed the airbags in the Fox-Green vehicle.

And although Megan was unhurt in the incident, it did trigger a serious medical condition in Brian: vertigo – which affects balance.

Apparently Mr Green's vertigo is so bad he can't get out of bed, and can therefore no longer work.

All of which means: Megan will be looking at paying a generous monthly spousal allowance when the pair do divorce.

As an aside: we wonder what impact his condition has had on their marriage? The couple also has two sons too – a three-year-old and an 18-month-old – something which must only add to the pressure being put on their strained relationship.

Whatever the reasons behind their separation,  however, we reckon we’ll be seeing a lot more of the actress at the box-office from next year.


Megan Fox and her husband Brian Austin Green are reportedly splitting up after over a decade together.

The split was the a mutual decision, a source tells Us Weekly today. "Megan has separated from Brian,” the insider reveals. “They decided on it six months ago."

Megan and Brian began dating in 2004 and got married six years later. They first got engaged in 2009, only to split for almost a year before giving things another go. But sadly it seems the relationship is over for good this time around, despite attempts to fix their marriage issues. "Things have been rocky," another source tells Us.

The couple, who were last seen together getting lunch in LA in early June, have no doubt been making an effort to keep things amicable for the sake of their children, Noah, 2 and Bodhi, 18 months. 

Megan was first introduced to former Beverly Hills 90210 star Brian when he briefly guest starred on her sitcom Hope and Faith in 2004. At 13 years Brian's junior, Megan was just 18 at the time, but the couple began dating almost immediately. "It was like magic,” Megan previously said of their first meeting.

At the time of their first split back in 2009, 23-year-old Megan said she felt she wasn't ready to settle down. "Marriage isn’t a realistic goal for someone who is 23," she told reporters. However 12 months on Brian proposed again and the pair married just 24 days later, at the lavish Four Seasons resort in Hawaii.

Last year the couple were rumoured to be facing a tough spot in their marriage, with one source claiming there was "no romance left" for the pair. In fact, in August of last year Megan herself admitted that her husband didn't get "any intimacy whatsoever" with two toddlers around.

"My [2-year-old son Noah] sleeps in bed with us, so there's really no way," she told the hosts of The View.

Here's hoping both Brian and Megan find happiness again.


He's defended his look – but let's face it, Ed Sheeran's latest tattoo has certainly divided opinion.

In fact, there were numerous online commentators who initially assumed that the inking simply HAD TO be fake (a theory which was quickly rubbished by the singer himself).

Not that Ed's the only somewhat unlikely celebrity candidate to get a totally OTT etching.

From Cheryl Fernandez Versini's GIANT rose tattoo on her bum (WTF?) to Zayn's image of Perrie on his arm (opsies) famous folk LOVE to experiment with outrageous body art.


Cheryl Fernandez Versini: We can't even…


Ed Sheeran: Each to their own, we guess


Zayn Malik: That'll need removing, so


Rihanna: It's just A LOT to take in 


Cara Delevingne: Bacon on her foot… a lion on her finger


Tulisa: "Lucky you," down around her lady parts. Oh…


Megan Fox: "We will all laugh at gilded butterflies," – will we?


Sarah Harding: "Don't be bitter – glitter," says Sarah. Fair play.



With brows-on-fleek celebrities including Cara Delevingne and Megan Fox sporting perfect arches… it's no surprise that big, beautiful eyebrows are going nowhere any time soon.

Certainly, it's THE trend of 2015 – despite knocking around for a few years now. 

However, when it comes to achieving the perfect look, it's also a minefield out there.

First came pencils, then mascara, then gels – then the massively popular HD Brow method. Even eyebrow tattoos are now an increasingly popular thing.

And after all that – it seems are eyebrows are moving on, yet again, to pastures news.

Yes, the latest product to enter the market promises to trump its predecessors. In fact, it maintains that you can achieve salon-perfect brows in your own home and for half of the price. Hurrah!

Marketed as WUNDERBROW, it's priced at €30… and suffice to say we're pretty excited. The manufactures claim its transfer-proof, water-proof, last for days and looks natural. 

Intrigued, we decided to look into the product on behalf of SHEmazing! to see can it really lives up to its promises: can it, for example, really last for days with just one application, and how natural does it really look?

It claims to contain an exclusive blend of hair-like fibres combined with specifically-treated pigments, which is designed to fasten on to hair and skin. 

And we can confirm that the results are definitely natural-looking brows that really last!

The product is dermatological approved too, which is obviously a big win from us. It's not just us, either: the reviews it's getting are pretty great, especially from people who have suffer hair loss due to illness.

If you're looking for a new brow product without breaking the bank, then this is definitely something to try out – you can check out the website here.



Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green got a fright last night when their car was hit by a drunk driver in Los Angeles.

The couple, who are parents to sons Noah and Bodhi, were in their Range Rover when a Mini Cooper reportedly crossed over the yellow line in the road and struck the side of their vehicle.

According to entertainment site TMZ, the collision caused a tire to blow in Fox and Green’s car, with the Mini then spinning out of control.

Thankfully, the couple were not harmed in the accident.

Anger Management star Brian is said to have contacted the police, who arrived on the scene shortly after and arrested the driver who was reportedly well over the legal alcohol limit.

What a terrifying incident. We are so glad to hear that Megan and Brian are both okay after the ordeal.



Brian Austin Green and his wife, Megan Fox, have always been very private about their lives together and their two children, Noah and Bodhi.

Now, the 90210 actor has joined Instagram and has shared snippets of his family life with fans – and it’s adorable!

Brian and Megan have been married since 2010 and welcomed son Noah in 2012, with another son, Bodhi arriving last February.

The actor is also a dad to twelve-year-old Kassius with his ex-partner, Vanessa Marcil.