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Nadine Coyle is a national treasure, and like with all people we love, sometimes a good-natured slagging is merited.

From her aversion to her own birth date to her revelations about Girls Aloud, Nadine is an icon with an outrageously MEME-able history. 

Now, a clip of her saying one particular word has been circulating the internet in a viral manner.

Back in 2010 Nadine Coyle appeared on Sunday Brunch, and the clip has resurfaced. 

In the clip, Nadine tells the hosts that she prefers cooking savory dishes, saying: 

'Working with flour and making sweet things I'm not so used to.'

It's her pronunciation of the word 'flour' that has the clip going viral. 

Comedian Sam Lake took the joke to a new level, creating a remix of Nadine's now iconic pronunciation with Little Mix's hit song Power. 

We are falling around the place laughing it this!

Here's the full segment if you want to give it a watch: 



Following the release of her comeback solo record, Nadine Coyle has announced that she is cancelling all of her upcoming tour dates. 

The former Girls Aloud star had been set to preform at venues across the UK and Ireland next month, however a statement on her official website has confirmed that the gigs will no longer go ahead. 

"Hi guys, I am so sad to say I’m not able to do the tour at this time. I am so sorry and really wish things were different but for many reasons it is not meant to be," it read. 

The Derry native went on the thank her fans for their continued support and explained how the tour had become "impossible" to achieve. 

"You deserve the best show possible and with such big venues and very little dates it was becoming impossible to achieve what we had wanted to do. Everything is a lesson & this is definitely one for me."

"Thank you for your continued love & support!!!"

Many fans have taken to Twitter to express their disappointment at the news. 

No word yet on whether or not the tour dates will be rescheduled. 


Ever since Girls Aloud burst onto the music scene back in 2002, speculation has been rife about the girls' dynamic.

As is the case with most girl groups, the relationship that existed between the five women was subject to intense scrutiny, with the press and public only too eager to pit them against one another.

And as the years progressed, there was no denying that some members formed closer bonds than others – something the girls readily brushed off when questioned about it in interviews.

However, it looks like recent developments have re-ignited interest in the group's dynamic.

With Nicola Roberts making barbed comments over Sarah Harding's appearance on Celebrity Big Brother to Sarah's suggestion that Cheryl knows how to play the press and public, fans of the band are only dying to get an insight into what really went on behind the scenes.

And now that the dust has settled and the women have essentially moved on with their lives, it looks like Nadine Coyle is happy to open up about the animosity which festered within the group at times.

While speaking on The Sun's Bizarre Life podcast, the Derry-native implied that it all came down to whose voice was heard most often.

"I'm not a victim, it's not that," Nadine insisted as she reflected on her time with the uber-successful band. "It just happened that I always got more vocals than everybody else."

Nadine admitted that the frequency with which she featured on the band's tracks ultimately contributed to a sense of ill will.

"So in terms of people wanting their voice heard, that wasn't happening and it made people very, very bitter. They didn't like that," she admitted.

And now we know…


Whether she intended to make a splash or not, there's no denying that Sarah Harding's stint in the Celebrity Big Brother house has certainly caused ripples.

Support for the former Girls Aloud member started to wane within days of her entering the house, with Sarah's emotional outbursts doing little to curry favour with the viewing public.

And as the tide started to dramatically turn against the singer this week, her former band mater, Nadine Coyle, took to Twitter to share her thoughts on Sarah's time in the house.

After acknowledging that she is a little behind on the drama unfolding inside the house, Nadine was keen to share her perspective on Sarah.

"Inside info on Sarah, she is a very natural being. She dwells on of her feelings & acts on them. It is what makes her so unique," she wrote in a Twitter post.

Sounding incredibly protective of her former bandmate, Nadine added: "If I was there, no one would DARE utter a bad word to her!"

Nadine's stance appears to differ dramatically from other former band mate, Nicola Roberts, who recently made a referece to Sarah's scathing assessment of Fifth Harmony.

Taking to Instagram in the days that followed Sarah's less than complimetary opinion of the American band, Nicola wore a hat which read: "Women in Music are Dangerously Underestimated"

Nicola added the caption: "And that's why we should support each other."

As any Girls Aloud fan will know, Cheryl, Kimberley and Nicola shared a particularly close bond while Nadine and Sarah formed a tight friendship during their time in the group.



In a very strange turn of events, former Girls Aloud member, Nadine Coyle, has revealed she is studying to be a psychiatrist.

The 30-year-old shared a photo on her Instagram page of a a hoodie, with writing on the front saying, "I don't need therapy, I just need to listen to Nadine Coyle."

She captioned the photo, "Funny that. I am studying to be a psychiatrist."

But she did reveal that it may be a while until we can walk into Dr Coyle's office, adding to her caption, "in possibly 10 years."

She was also quick to point out that she's not turning her back on music, as she said on the end of the post, "ps I'm still a singer."

Whether she is being real or not, we don't know. But it'll be fairly strange to go to therapy and see a former Girls Aloud singer pop out of the office. 


Poor Nadine Coyle can't seem to catch a break. 

In a recent interview with OK! Magazine. the Derry native revealed that she would love to see a Girls Aloud reunion. The talented singer who is currently promoting her new single I Could Be with Shane Filan, hopes it will happen. 

"I hope so at some point. We need to get some more collaborations going so Shane can come along too,” she joked. 

However, if recent reports are to be believed, there is already a Girls Aloud reunion being planned and it does not include Nadine. 

Cheryl Fernandez-Versini has reportedly invited Sarah Harding, Nicola Roberts and Kimberly Stewart to collaborate on her new album which pretty much means there could be a new Girls Aloud single. 

Well, a Girls Aloud single minus Nadine that is. 

It's pretty well known that Cheryl and Nadine's friendship disintegrated towards the end of the bands impressive run and her relationships with other members seem to also be strained.

According to a source close to Cheryl, the Call my Name singer has been "working on one of her biggest career plans yet, to get some of Girls Aloud back together for a new record – but Nadine is definitely not invited."

“Cheryl wants to get in the studio and have each of the girls making cameo appearances on songs she’s been working on for release next year."

Bad luck Nadine, maybe they will let you in the next one. 



It was an early start for Nadine Coyle this morning, so early that she must have gotten ready in the dark. 

The singer was hoping to add a touch of glamour to her early morning interview with Lorraine on the ITV show, but instead her look turned out to be a complete #fail. 

Her make-up consisted of a (very) wrong foundation choice which seemed to be plastered all over her pretty features. 

Yep, her face was yellow and her neck was white – a mistake made by many of us in our teenage-disco years. 

The contrast was extremely noticeable and her bright pink lips and dark shadow didn't do much to help her either.

Viewers noticed the disaster quite quickly and took to social media to question the make-up fail.

One Twitter users asked, "What the hell is going on with Nadine's foundation it's completely the wrong colour."

Another pointed out, "Nadine has an orange face and white neck. Even I know how to blend," while another blamed the make-up artist, "Ooh, Nadine needs to sack the MUA – that foundation is totally the wrong colour."


Former Girls Aloud star Nadine Coyle has just revealed that she was close to death after being exposed to carbon monoxide in her LA home. 

The 30-year-old singer, who is in a relationship with American NFL player Jason Bell, admitted that she felt terrified after the whole ordeal. 

Speaking on today's Good Morning Britain, Nadine explained how she suffered from memory loss, extreme fatigue and severe chest pains while living in the property – but she didn't realise what was happening to her. 

"You don't notice it," she confessed and blamed her fatigue on other factors. 

"You're like, 'I'm really tired. Is it with all the flying around, is it jet lag, am I getting sick, is it a cold, have we got a bug, why are we so tired all the time?'”

She also revealed that she started to lose her memory. 

"We couldn't remember the word for table, like, “What is that? Put it on the…” – we couldn't remember what is was."

The Irish singer felt so ill that she ended up going to hospital in order to figure out what was making her chest hurt so much. 

"I thought there was something seriously wrong, and they checked for everything and they said, “You're fine”, and I said, “This still doesn't explain why I feel so bad”.

"Then when the blood tests came back they said it was exposure to high levels of gas, but still he hadn't said it was carbon monoxide."

Ms Coyle then went on to tell the show's hosts that she found out the alarming news after a gas engineer checked her house. 

"The guy in LA had seen that the boiler was faulty, there was a crack in it. It just happened to be someone was coming round – it was so lucky," she confessed.

Nadine then went on to warn viewers about the importance of having alarms fitted in homes, claiming they "could save lives."



With a second album coming out later this month, Shane Filan has officially carved out a name for himself as a solo artist.

But while the Westlife lads may not feature on the new record, another notable pop star most certainly does. Shane revealed today that his album Right Here includes a duet with none other than former Girls Aloud star Nadine Coyle.

He revealed the news via Instagram today, after first teasing the announcement last night.


A photo posted by Shane Filan (@shanefilanofficial) on

"So pleased to tell you that the brilliant @nadinecoyle has joined me in the studio to record a duet called I Could Be for my new album," he wrote alongside a picture of the pair.

As for Nadine, she is a self-confessed Westlife fan who admits she "used to love listening to [Shane's songs] growing up."


Who've I been in the studio with? Check back at 10am tomorrow to find out! #RightHere

A photo posted by Shane Filan (@shanefilanofficial) on

Album number two is something of a gamble for Shane, who declared bankruptcy in 2012, with his €10m Sligo mansion selling for just €800,000 two years later.

Shane first came into money problems when his property company Shafin Developments went bust, leaving him and his brother Finbarr with a debt of €23m.

"I put all my eggs in one basket and invested in property," he told the Irish Independent back in 2013. 

As for a Westlife reunion, Shane says it's not on the cards at the moment, but all the same he won't rule it out. "We had a great time in Westlife… but we called it at the right time, we didn’t want to be in the band anymore, any of us, and that's why we split up," he told OK! today.

"There’s no point in me saying it’s never going to happen, because that would be lying."

We're already getting our hopes up for a Westlife/Girls Aloud joint tour…


Actress Rebel Wilson was forced to take to Twitter this week to address allegations she had been lying about her age, but it turns out she's not the only star bending the truth when it comes to her date of birth.

A woman claiming to be a former classmate of Rebel's says the actress' real age is 36, seven years older than the Bridesmaids star says she is. "Her name is, or was, Melanie Elizabeth Bownds, and she’s 36, she was born in 1979 and we left school in 1997," the source told Australian magazine Women's Day.

Rebel herself tweeted her annoyance at the Australian media for printing such a story, writing, "OMG I'm actually a 100 year old mermaid formerly known as "CC Chalice" ….thanks shady Australian press for your tall poppy syndrome x"

Ouch. Whether the story is the truth or just a bitter ex-classmate trying to get some press remains to be seen, but Rebel's not alone in telling a few age-related fibs.

Here are some other female stars who've hidden their real age, with mixed results…

1. Jennifer Lopez
If J-Lo had her way, we'd all still think she was a couple of years younger than she is, but unfortunately the singer was outed back in 1999. For years J-Lo insisted her date of birth was sometime after 1970, but after police questioned her following a nightclub shooting involving her then-boyfriend Puff Daddy, her real date of birth was revealed as 1969, making her 45 now. All the same, Jenn still says her "mental age" is somewhere between 16 and 18. 


2. Mila Kunis
Mila is definitely guilty of lying about her age to further her career – but in her case it was to make her seem older not younger. The mum-of-one auditioned for That 70s Show aged just 14, telling casting directors she was almost 18. Luckily for her, Mila was kept on as a cast member even when her real age came to light, and went on to star in the show alongside Ashton Kutcher for 8 years. To think if she hadn't lied, little Wyatt Isabelle might not even exist!


3. Nadine Coyle
"What date ah birth did ah say?" Poor Nadine Coyle was kicked out of the ill-fated Irish Popstars band Six after telling the judges she was 18 rather than 16. It all worked out in the end though, as she went on better things with UK Popstars: The Rivals girlband Girls Aloud. 


4. Geri Halliwell
As well as claiming she was 21 (rather than 25) when the Spice Girls first launched, Geri also celebrated her "29th birthday" quite a few times before bandmate Victoria Beckham revealed to the press that Ginger Spice had already turned 30. Meow!




The inevitable has happened. Cheryl Fernandez-Versini has put the final nail in the coffin that is her friendship with Nadine Coyle and officially unfollowed her on Twitter.

Ooh, that’s gotta hurt!

It’s been no secret that things have been tense between the girls since Cheryl said that her former bandmate was "full of sh**" – and it doesn’t sound as if they are going to patch things up anytime soon!

Rather bizarrely, it was only in recent days that Nadine said she would be open to a Girls Aloud reunion…Perhaps Cheryl was afraid of that dreaded invite in her Twitter messages box and decided to take drastic action.

Either way, it looks like this Girls Aloud friendship is OVER!

People on Twitter were quick to notice Cheryl’s sly move:

It looks like all hopes of a Girls Aloud reunion tour are once and for all, dashed.  



When Cheryl Cole sings “I don’t care”, she really does mean it!

While Girls Aloud have always done their best to smile through the rumours of catfights and feuds, Cheryl’s latest comments about former band mate Nadine Coyle prove that the gloves are finally off!

The X Factor star has branded Irish singer Nadine as being “full of sh*t” in a recent interview with Attitude magazine.

Addressing Nadine’s claims that she wanted Girls Aloud to stay together after their reunion last year, Cheryl didn’t mince her words.

“She’s full of sh*t. What d’you want us to say? She’s full of sh*t. She was the one who wanted to make a solo record, which is why we took the hiatus,” she said.

Cheryl wasn’t finished there though, and didn’t hold back as she exposed the real reason behind the Girls Aloud split.

“Okay, so do you want us to tell the truth?” she teased, continuing, “She wasn’t going to make another Girls Aloud record until she got a solo deal. I feel she held us ransom and then made her solo deal.”


What will Nadine have to say about Cheryl’s latest swipe?