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We'll be honest with you; this story baffles us.

Now, we can all relate to fangirling HARD over a movie franchise, tv programme or celebrity (*cough* Michael B Jordan, AKA The Snack *cough*) but this YouTuber took things pretty damn far all on her lonesome.

Chi with a C has become a viral sensation after recreating the entire first episode scene-for-scene of famous New York sitcom Friends

Despite having zero props and costumes, and only a Macbook green-screen for company, the superfan made the pilot episode all by herself and we are IMPRESSED.

It must have taken her hours and hours of work, and we're pretty sure she was procrastinating some kind of college work but boy did she commit.

She did it all in her pyjamas too, for an…alternative…costume wardrobe. Not bad for a cast of one though, we have to say

The YouTuber uses her channel for comedy purposes, as you may have guessed.

The comedian-in-training previously turned herself into Sharon Osbourne and even recreating Thank U Next with whistles alone. Alright then, each to their own..

She's got ten seasons of Friends material to dissect should she please, she seems to have the spare time on her hands anyways.


Oh the Ploughing Championships.

Day two may have been cancelled thanks to the battering Ireland is getting from Storm Ali – but before they shut their doors, they left us with a little gem and we are WEEPING.

Ryan Tubridy has met his biggest fan and the encounter will go down as a piece of Internet gold.


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The video shows Kieva from Galway, who describes Ryan as her "whole life", meeting the man of the hour – cue the gas one-liners.

Once Tubs arrives, she quickly confesses she has only paid in to meet the Late, Late host. 

The super fan told Tubs she had bought the ticket "to see you from behind the glass, but now we are here, together." 


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Two hugs later, Kieva is crying and howling at Ryan's attention.

And she delivers our FAVE one-liner of 2018 at the very end of the video. – CRYING.

Run, Ryan, Run! – and the more you watch the video, the funnier it gets ~ Enjoy.




A 20-year-old student has reportedly spent more than €20,000 and deferred her college degree for two years… all in order to be Jedward's undisputed No.1 fan. 

No really. 

Catia Sousa, a University Of London student, has attended more than 400 of the Dublin duo's gigs and regularly spends lavish amounts so she can follow them around the world. 

Indeed, just this year, Catia chased Jedward on their European tour, taking the same flights as them and staying in the same hotels. 

"I am the only fan that has been to everything they've done this year. I went to 18 cities in 10 days with them in the summer," Catia told the Irish Sun. 

Catia has been a fan since John and Edward Grimes shot to super stardom following their stint on the X Factor back in 2009. Since then she has spent all of her money, savings and even her student loan on attending concerts and meeting the Lucan boys.

Now THAT is dedication. 

On one of her more decadent trips, Catia spent almost €2,000 on flights to LA to hand-deliver birthday gifts she had bought for the Messrs Grimes. 

"It was the most spontaneous thing I've ever done. I had no idea where they were, other than that they were hanging around Hollywood and Beverly Hills."

It would seem that all her hard work has paid of because Catia has met the twins so many times that she now considers them to be her actual friends. 

"When I see them it's just like seeing friends because I see them all the time. It's an amazing feeling when rather than making small talk like you're just another fan, your idols talk to you about memories you've shared together in the past.

"I think the reason I see them so much is because I can't get that feeling from anywhere or anyone else.”

Whatever floats your boat, Catia.