#Pivot! 13 things we learned while totally binge watching FRIENDS

Friends was the most popular sitcom of the 90s, and it still holds a special place in our hearts today. 

The hilarious characters taught us so many life lessons throughout 10 wonderful seasons (that are ALL on Netflix now, so we have no excuse). 

Check out the 13 things we learned from our favourite New Yorkers…

1.Not everyone likes to share food, and that's okay.

2. How to charm the opposite sex.

3. The difference between breaking up, and being on a break!

4. Go easy on the fake tan for goodness sake.

5. How to lift furniture…

6. True love DOES exist!

7. Sign language for everyday use.

Image result for sign language in friends gif

8. To love yourself, no matter what! 

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9. Mexican food solves EVERYTHING.

10. Casual dating is okay guys!

11. Ladies can propose too!

12. How to take a GREAT photo.

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13. How to dance like a total BOSS.

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13. Most importantly, it taught us that friendship is the most IMPORTANT thing ever!