Why Ross and Rachel WEREN’T made for each other!

There is a common misconception that our beloved Friends characters Ross and Rachel were absolutely made for each. Yes, it took them a while to both get there, but when they did, it was perfect, blissful, a match-made-in-heaven and so on and so forth.

Eh, wrong.

Here are just five reasons we think this whole made-for-each other belief is totally out of whack.

1. Rachel decided she liked Ross when she saw video evidence that he was mad about her.

Did she genuinely like him or did she really, really like the fact he really, really liked her? Oooh, interesting decision.

2. He almost sabotaged her career by acting like a lunatic and constantly showed up in her new workplace.

Is that the actions of someone who’s ‘made’ for someone else? Dear God, no!

3. When did they actually seem happy together?

If they weren’t bickering about Rachel’s co-worker Mark, they were disagreeing about how they visualised a future together. Just a little something to ponder.

4. OK, this is kind of a biggie, but girls, he did cheat on her mere hours after they decided to take a small step back from their relationship.

Does the person who’s ‘made for you’ jump into bed with someone else after an argument? We hope not!

5. Em, girls, she agreed to marry Joey.

If you’re made for someone, do you accept what you think is a marriage proposal off their best friend mere hours after you gave birth to your supposed soulmate's child? Eh, we think not.

So, he wasn't her lobster, he did not have her best interests at heart, they weren't exactly fun to be around, he cheated on her and she said yes to someone else.

Sorry to say it ladies, but the Ross and Rachel fairytale is just that; a fairytale. Sob!