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Friends is our go-to show whenever we’re feeling uninspired, too lazy to watch something new or in need of a laugh. Sure, we’ve watched every episode at least a dozen times since it first aired in 1994, but there’s something so comforting about watching it again and again and again.

Our love for the show knows no bounds, but there is one storyline that never felt quite right for us and one of the cast members feels the same.

Kevin S Bright, director and executive producer of Friends revealed Matt LeBlanc hated the idea of Rachel and Joey hooking up.

He told Digital Spy that the actor protested against the strange storyline: “I can tell you this – in the beginning, Matt LeBlanc did not want to do that story.”

Rachel and Joey’s love affair was one of the least popular romances on the show. We’d sooner see her with Gunther, to be honest.

The pair’s ‘relationship’ just felt wrong. It was one we just couldn’t accept and Matt felt the same: “He was very firmly against it, saying that he's Ross's friend and that the type of friend that Joey is would never go and take someone else's girlfriend."

The director admitted they really had to twist Matt’s arm to get him to do the storyline. It was no easy battle. The actor felt shocked by Joey and Rachel’s love story, but eventually “got on board” with it after some very intense conversations.

Joey may not have been Rachel’s lobster, but at least he’ll always appreciate her famous trifle.


Friends has been revealed as the most-watched streaming show and we’re not one bit surprised. There are dozens of series we need to watch, but sometimes all you want to do is curl up on the sofa and watch Friends, despite the fact that you’ve seen every episode at least five times.

In a report by Ofcom, the American comedy came out on top, beating shows like Peaky Blinders, The Crown and Stranger Things to the number one spot.

There are so many things we love about the show, from Chandler’s witty sense of humour to Monica’s immaculate apartment- can she come over and clean our houses, please?

Some episodes will have you doubled over with laughter, whilst others will warm your heart. Some might leave you feeling pretty emotional and others will actually teach you important life lessons.

Phoebe, Joey, Chandler, Ross, Monica and Rachel took their final bow in 2004 when The Last One Part 2 aired, but the show has only strengthened in popularity since we waved goodbye to the gang.

14 years on from the final episode and the show is just as popular as ever. It’s easier than ever to tune into the show with never-ending episodes on Comedy Central and the entire 236 episodes on Netflix.

The show's charm, humour and loveable characters make it easy to watch again and again, but there’s also a scientific reason behind our love for the sitcom.

Author Neel Burton told Huffington Post: “Nostalgia can lend us much-needed context, perspective and direction, reminding and reassuring us that our life is not as banal as it may seem. It also tells us that there have been — and will once again be –meaningful moments and experiences.”

Now that we know watching Friends is good for us we’ll be binge-watching the show until we’re old and grey.

Could we BE more excited?


For too long now, we've been teased with rumours of a Friends reunion and while we've learnt not to get our hopes up too high, it still hurts when one of the stars says it's never gonna happen. 

Matt LeBlanc, a.k.a Joey Tribianna, has made his feelings about the possibility of a reunion very clear, and honestly, we're heartbroken. 

Speaking to the Mail Online, the actor said "I don't want to do it – simple." 


He went on to explain hor the show was about a finite period in the lives of six best friends trying to find their way in the world after college, and to revisit the characters now just wouldn't be the same. 

He added: "People want to know what happened to them. But it was about a finite period in a person’s life after college, before you settle down and start a family.

"To go back and revisit all these years later, well I don’t know what the story would be now. They would all have moved on from that period so it just wouldn’t be the same."

 "Put bluntly, I don’t think anybody wants to see an old Joey having a colonoscopy."

Em.. we beg to differ, Matt. 

And just to really rub salt in the wound, Matt concluded by saying: "Normally I’d never say never, but in the case of Friends I would definitely say never."


With ten seasons of Friends, we like to think that they all really were BFFs and hung out drinking coffee all the time.

However, when the news surfaced that Jennifer Aniston didn't invite Matt LeBlanc or Matthew Perry to her wedding last year, we were totally devo. *Sobs*.

But now we have some good news about the old Friends, and according to Matt, Joey and Chandler are still the best buddies.

While Matt was at the TCA press tour promoting his new TV show, he told the crowd: "I saw him yesterday. He's one stage away. I love that guy.

"I can not see him for five years and then put me in a room with him and it'd be like I saw him yesterday."

AWWW. Can't deal.




There’s sad news for Hollywood actor Matt LeBlanc and his partner Andrea Anders as the couple decided to end their relationship after eight years together.

The former Friends star began dating Andrea not long after his divorce from wife Melissa McKnight back in 2006. It has been reported that the relationship has been over for some time now and the couple have not been spotted together since August.

The couple first met on Matt’s Friends spin-off show, Joey in which Andrea played the role of Alex Garrett.

Matt is a dad to one child with his ex-wife Melissa, a ten-year-old daughter, Marina. 



It’s official – Joey  Essex and Sam Faiers are back together once again.

The on-off couple were pictured for the first time since their rumoured break-up while on holiday in Marbella only a few weeks ago.

 Both Joey and Sam remained unusually quiet amidst the rumours that their relationship was over – but these photos seem to prove they are well and truly loves up once again.

Sam even shared a photo with her followers of her and her boyfriend looking very dapper on her Instagram account recently – though we can’t say we’re mad about Joey’s new man bun…