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Friends has been revealed as the most-watched streaming show and we’re not one bit surprised. There are dozens of series we need to watch, but sometimes all you want to do is curl up on the sofa and watch Friends, despite the fact that you’ve seen every episode at least five times.

In a report by Ofcom, the American comedy came out on top, beating shows like Peaky Blinders, The Crown and Stranger Things to the number one spot.

There are so many things we love about the show, from Chandler’s witty sense of humour to Monica’s immaculate apartment- can she come over and clean our houses, please?

Some episodes will have you doubled over with laughter, whilst others will warm your heart. Some might leave you feeling pretty emotional and others will actually teach you important life lessons.

Phoebe, Joey, Chandler, Ross, Monica and Rachel took their final bow in 2004 when The Last One Part 2 aired, but the show has only strengthened in popularity since we waved goodbye to the gang.

14 years on from the final episode and the show is just as popular as ever. It’s easier than ever to tune into the show with never-ending episodes on Comedy Central and the entire 236 episodes on Netflix.

The show's charm, humour and loveable characters make it easy to watch again and again, but there’s also a scientific reason behind our love for the sitcom.

Author Neel Burton told Huffington Post: “Nostalgia can lend us much-needed context, perspective and direction, reminding and reassuring us that our life is not as banal as it may seem. It also tells us that there have been — and will once again be –meaningful moments and experiences.”

Now that we know watching Friends is good for us we’ll be binge-watching the show until we’re old and grey.

Could we BE more excited?


Friends may have ended over a decade (!) ago, but we can still recite just about every major quote from the entire ten series. Plus, thanks to E4, box sets and the joys of YouTube, even if you weren't a diehard fan you've no doubt been subjected to repeated viewings of every episode since the show finished in 2004.

As self-confessed Friends addicts, now and forever, we were delighted to discover that there was on scene in particular we had yet to see.

Back in 2001, the crew behind Friends wrote and filmed a scene in which Monica and Chandler are apprehended at the airport and accused of being terrorists as they head off on their long-awaited honeymoon to Cancun. The reason? Chandler starts joking about bombs within earshot of security, of course.

The episode was due to air in late September of that year but had to be completely rewritten after the tragic events of 9/11 two weeks before the scheduled air date.

Although the full deleted scene first leaked a few years back, it's been popping up on social media again over the last 24 hours. We're not sure why but we aren't going to question it… anything for more of Chandler's antics, please.

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There have been LOTS of rumours around Kendall Jenner’s love life lately, but it seems this time it’s official!

The model and reality TV star was recently linked to Ashton Irwin of boyband 5 Seconds of Summer, BUT is said to really head over heels about someone else – all 6,9 of him!

Kendall is apparently dating super cute basketball star Chandler Parsons, after her mum Kris Jenner introduced them.

Kendall and Chandler – who plays for the Dallas Mavericks – have apparently only been dating for a few weeks but are moving things forward pretty quickly!

Kendall has even brought him home to meet the family!

Chandler was just about to start filming a series similar to The Bachelor, but pulled out of the show before the cameras had a chance to roll.

When US chat show host Chelsea Handler quizzed Chandler about his relationship with Kendall on her show last night, the sports star kept tight lipped.

But the pair have been spotted getting very cosy out and about in LA lately, and are believed to be very close to going public with their relationship.

We just can’t keep track of all this romance!