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Handing in your notice can be a nerve-wracking moment.

Unless you despised your position with every fibre of your being, most of us want to leave our job on a high note, and ensure we don't burn any bridges in the process.

And while some of us are incredibly pragmatic when it comes to the whole procedure, others tend to get a little more creative when saying goodbye to their current position.

Take this Reddit user, for example.

Upon deciding to quit his job, he came to the conclusion that his employer's loss was bigger than his own, and chose to illustrate as much by opting for a sympathy card.

Containing the words 'Even though you knew this time would come, there's no way to prepare your heart for such a loss," Alex signed off the card with the day's date and a brief '2-week's notice' finisher.

I just quit my job the best way I know how.

And the internet is absolutely loving it.

"I like the cut of your jib" wrote one Reddit user while another revealed: "I'm planning on putting in my notice on Friday. I've been trying to figure out what to say. This is great inspiration!"

Hmmm, we don't know about that one…



We love Queen Bey as much as the next person… unless the next person is the kid whose love letter to the Crazy in Love singer is going viral.

After coming across the note which was penned by his girlfriend's eight-year-old summer school student, Reddit user, Matt Walks, uploaded it, and the internet can't get enough.

From his romantic turn of phrase to his nod to modern-day lingo, this uber-fan is ticking ALL the boxes.

With all the passion you might find in a Shakespearean drama, this eight-year-old made his feelings for the star known, and NAILED it from start to finish.

Deciding to open with a classic flower analogy which then became so much more, he wrote: "You are a rare rose in a garden of blooming flowers, but you’re the only one who shoots out sparkle and lights up the sky."

After hitting Bey with that classic one-liner, the kid then got real when chatting tracks, writing: "My favourite song is Sorry – that song be poppin’, I be turnt up."

She's a rare rose, and he be turnt up? Sounds like a match made in heaven to us.

One of my girlfriend's 8-year-old summer students wrote a letter to "a person you admire" from funny


Hardly a day passes without being confronted by a photo that will have you questioning pretty much everything; your eyesight, your intellect, the lot.

From the phone which blended perfectly into the carpet to the cigar which couldn't have been more obvious sticking out of a brick wall, we love and loathe these photos in equal measure.

While they sometimes makes us feel like we've had a lobotomy, they are without doubt the perfect way to while away an hour when you're, you know, supposed to be working and whatnot.

And the latest one to take the internet by storm is a real doozie.

Uploaded to Reddit by waterhauler, the image contains a stack of logs… and a cat.

But no one can find the cat, and when they do eventually spot it, it's ALL they can see.

Ladies, it's time to clock off for the afternoon…

Find a cat from pics

OK, give up?

We'll put you out of your misery.



Well, it has been one of the hottest weeks that gloriously unpredictable Ireland has basked in a long time.

And suffice to say that ice-cream sales have been through the roof as countless numbers of us cool down in the heat.

Now, one eagle-eyed observer has taken to Reddit to share a snap that some online commentators have found controversial.

Entitled, 'the gardai just bought an ice-cream for someone in the back of the van,' upon closer inspection, it seems that the image shows members of the Irish Prison Service at work.

With their high-security van open at the rear, it seems that the guards are handing someone incarcerated there an ice-cream.

One of the two visible prison services personnel can also be be seen sporting standard-issue handcuffs on their belt.

There was a mixed response to the post on Reddit, with some users feeling an ice-cream is an inappropriate treat for a prisoner en route to or from a court hearing or jail. 

The image was shared yesterday, although there is no suggestion as to what part of Ireland the photo was taken.



We’ve all experienced those moments where we think we might have just encountered the person who could have a profound impact on our life only to realise we’re never likely to see them again.

A fleeting glance on the morning commute, a snatched conversation after a night out or a lingering look across a crowded chipper can have even the most rational of us imagining what could have been.

So, it’s no surprise that a Reddit upload which explored this particular issue has made such a massive impact on internet users all over the world.

Doing the major rounds on social media, some see the post as nothing more than a total buzzkill while others were reminded of their own experience of unrequited love.

"Oh look, the most depressing post I've ever seen has once again appeared to me late at night while I'm drinking," wrote one while another countered: "Reminds me of this girl I met on a 12 hour flight, we talked for 10 hours straight, she had a boyfriend so nothing came of it."

Ladies, we'll let you be the judge of this one.

View post on imgur.com



Luscious locks and plentiful tresses: it was the newborn photo that swept the internet. 

Posted to Reddit by his adoring older relative – and captioned "my baby cousin has hair that looks like a news anchorman,” – the little one in question displayed a rather astonishing mop.

But it seems he's not the only one to boast such an incredibly full mane. In fact, there are an awful lot of gorgeous babies out there that are giving us major hair envy.  

With oodles of parents responding by sharing snaps of their own babas over on the MummyPages Facebook page, here we round up the very best… prepare to have ALL the feelings:














































We do love our pub crawls in Ireland, and Christmas time isn't the only time of the year you can do one, you know.

So, one Reddit user decided to put together the ultimate pub crawl in Dublin.

The user, tyr, came up with the handiest way to reach most bars, so, starting from J O'Connell's on Richmond Street, he made a straight line all the way down to the George on George's Street where you finish your night.

There's over 25 bars and pubs to get through though, so you'd either want to start very early, or skip a few.

Either way, it'll make for an interesting night out.

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Passing through Kildare today? Keep your eyes peeled for a new addition to the country's roads.

Nope, it's not a statue to honour Kildare's most famous export Ray D'Arcy. Not yet, anyway. 

According to local site Kildare.ie, the Kilcock to Maynooth road is now home to Ireland's first ever Otter Crossing sign.

Apparently otters are commonly seen foraging for food on the road between the Rye River and the Royal Canal, and members of the public requested that the signs be erected there for safety's sake.

Ireland's otter population currently stands at around 12,000 – and indeed Imgur users in Cork also reported seeing what looked like otters (and not giant rats, we hope) near the Gate Cinema area of north Cork city last week.

It's an otter invasion, but not to worry, as we have the new signs to protect us.

H/t: Reddit Ireland

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We'd all like to think we're a dead ringer for T-Swift when we're lashing on the red lippie, but sadly for most people it's simply not the case.

Except for this grandma, who actually IS a total Taylor doppelganger. Or at least she was a few decades ago.

Reddit user ChristmasPencil posted an old family snap to Imgur earlier this week, captioning it, "When your Grandma looks like Taylor Swift and your Grandpa looks like Hugh Hefner's brother."

Just look at her eyes… Uncanny.

Many commenters were quick to point out that the woman's teeth are most definitely not a match for Tay-Tay, but she definitely struck gold with all of her other features.

Of course, Taylor has a few lookalikes closer to her own age, too – like Morgan Jensen, who got a taste of internet fame last year when the singer commented on one of her selfies.

"LOL I thought that was me," Taylor wrote, no doubt making Morgan's entire year.


Wonder if she'll feel the same about her more mature twin?


Yesterday an incredibly, moving story was doing the rounds on the internet.

The reason it had managed to attract such attention so quickly, was largely due to the fact that Hollywood actress Jennifer Aniston was involved. 

The story about Jennifer Aniston meeting a homeless teenage mother in Vancouver appeared on Facebook and has gathered over half a million likes since.

The post also has over 46,000 shares currently. 

"I was day tripping to Vancouver from Seattle and stopped in for lunch at a little cafe. From my window I saw a young…

Posted by Jennifer Aniston on Tuesday, 10 November 2015

The problem is that this charming story about Jen’s very kind act is not actually a real story.

It was actually posted to a Reddit thread five years ago. The thread was titled, "What is the nicest thing you've ever done that no one knows about?" The post was made by a user who has since deleted their profile. 

The majority of the story is the same, but some parts are slightly different. 

Since the Facebook page that posted the story is a just a fan account (the actress doesn't have an official page), people are almost certain that Jen is not the author of the very sweet story that was originally posted online. 

Sorry, Jennifer Aniston fans. 

The post had gathered so much attention that reps for Jen told The Huffington Post that she had nothing to do with the story:

"She does not participate in social media so basically what you see on fan pages is taken from articles they have seen on her.  This particular story we have no idea where it came from and has nothing to do with Jennifer." 

We imagine that Jen is probably happy her fans think so highly of her, but this whole story is also just a bit bizarre. 


Just to further prove to us all that eyebrows are having the most intense beauty moment of 2015, this Reddit user came along.

Chiry was followed by a goat for two miles and he thought it would make a great viral post. It definitely did, but probably not for the reason that he expected. 

Chiry took a selfie and posted: “While on a run, this goat started following me… and kept up for 2 miles (before being picked up by its owners.)”

Normally, the internet loves a funny story that includes a goat. So much so that there is even an app now that literally just makes goat noises.

However, Reddit users could not have cared less about the goat. 

Chiry’s eyebrows quickly became a sensation.

We can see why, look at those brows, they are majestic. 

So, following internet traditions seeing as we really in the glory days of the meme, people started having fun in Photoshop.

The post went viral for an entirely different reason than Chiry expected. 

We have to have respect for Chirv though. He has taken his internet fame with good humour and has responded to hundreds of users on Reddit.

To be fair, most people probably just want to know how he maintains the brows.

We feel as though that was probably the reason behind the goat following him around too. We just want to make sure that this never happens. 



There is bound to be someone you know, or perhaps even you have had the experience of a parent taking things too far on social media.

For example: One poor girl attempted to post the ever popular, and oh-so subtly alluring ‘green tea, laptop, and fluffy socks'’ snap that bloggers just live for.

She then posted it on Facebook. There’s even some leg on display, but mostly those are covered.

Presumably, the woman wanted to show just how warm and cozy she was – which, coincidentally, is the message written on her mug.

Her dad saw his opportunity and he took it.

This was an unmissable opportunity for a contender for dad joke of the year.

He posted a picture of his own, in which he re-enacts his daughter's pose. Lying on his bed, he has his hairy legs on show, with his polka dot ankle socks pulled up just about as high as they'll go.

Completing his fetching look is a very dad-chic pair of checked shorts. Oh, and he's looking at pictures of dogs on his laptop, obvs.

The picture was posted on Reddit by user allthepeople alongside the caption: "My sister posted a picture to Facebook, my Dad responded."

It has since gone viral, with over 1 million views on it has also been shared on Reddit

One viewer said: "Just sitting here in my high socks, Google searching puppy pictures. Typical Saturday night. Love, Dad."

"He didn't show nearly enough leg," wrote one person.

Another added: "Your dad has better socks in my opinion. Could you tell him that a random stranger likes his socks? They're pretty dope."

However, some were more concerned about the placement of the coffee cups:

"Can't stop worrying those mugs will spill on the keyboards."

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