Passing through Kildare today? Keep your eyes peeled for a new addition to the country's roads.

Nope, it's not a statue to honour Kildare's most famous export Ray D'Arcy. Not yet, anyway. 

According to local site, the Kilcock to Maynooth road is now home to Ireland's first ever Otter Crossing sign.

Apparently otters are commonly seen foraging for food on the road between the Rye River and the Royal Canal, and members of the public requested that the signs be erected there for safety's sake.

Ireland's otter population currently stands at around 12,000 – and indeed Imgur users in Cork also reported seeing what looked like otters (and not giant rats, we hope) near the Gate Cinema area of north Cork city last week.

It's an otter invasion, but not to worry, as we have the new signs to protect us.

H/t: Reddit Ireland

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