One lad’s innocent goat selfie went viral… for the wrong reason

Just to further prove to us all that eyebrows are having the most intense beauty moment of 2015, this Reddit user came along.

Chiry was followed by a goat for two miles and he thought it would make a great viral post. It definitely did, but probably not for the reason that he expected. 

Chiry took a selfie and posted: “While on a run, this goat started following me… and kept up for 2 miles (before being picked up by its owners.)”

Normally, the internet loves a funny story that includes a goat. So much so that there is even an app now that literally just makes goat noises.

However, Reddit users could not have cared less about the goat. 

Chiry’s eyebrows quickly became a sensation.

We can see why, look at those brows, they are majestic. 

So, following internet traditions seeing as we really in the glory days of the meme, people started having fun in Photoshop.

The post went viral for an entirely different reason than Chiry expected. 

We have to have respect for Chirv though. He has taken his internet fame with good humour and has responded to hundreds of users on Reddit.

To be fair, most people probably just want to know how he maintains the brows.

We feel as though that was probably the reason behind the goat following him around too. We just want to make sure that this never happens.