Well, it has been one of the hottest weeks that gloriously unpredictable Ireland has basked in a long time.

And suffice to say that ice-cream sales have been through the roof as countless numbers of us cool down in the heat.

Now, one eagle-eyed observer has taken to Reddit to share a snap that some online commentators have found controversial.

Entitled, 'the gardai just bought an ice-cream for someone in the back of the van,' upon closer inspection, it seems that the image shows members of the Irish Prison Service at work.

With their high-security van open at the rear, it seems that the guards are handing someone incarcerated there an ice-cream.

One of the two visible prison services personnel can also be be seen sporting standard-issue handcuffs on their belt.

There was a mixed response to the post on Reddit, with some users feeling an ice-cream is an inappropriate treat for a prisoner en route to or from a court hearing or jail. 

The image was shared yesterday, although there is no suggestion as to what part of Ireland the photo was taken.