The CHEAPEST day of the week to buy wine has been revealed! Wohoo

If prepping for pres is not your thing it might be time to pay attention as that last minute dash down the wine aisle on a Saturday night could be costing you a fair bit of money.

A new study by mobile shopping app Ibotta has found that you should not shop for wine and beer at weekends as alcohol tends to cost more on Saturdays and Sundays than it does during the week.

According to Redbook, while analysing 50 million receipts Ibotta learned that a bottle of vino is on average 6 percent cheaper to buy on a Tuesday than it is at the weekend and beer costs 9 percent less on a Monday than it does on Saturday or Sunday.

Because this study was conducted in the US, we’re unsure how accurately its findings apply to Ireland but it does suggest it could be worthwhile keeping an eye on daily alcohol prices here too just in case.

Feat image: Fox