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Some say it’s priceless but, today, exhausted women have put a figure on what they believe a good night’s sleep is worth.

According to new research, desperately tired mums, who are arguably the most tired demographic among us, say they’d splash out £123 for a single night’s uninterrupted sleep.

That’s almost £45,000 a year and a quarter of a million pounds over the course of five years.

The survey of 2,000 Brits to celebrate the launch of the world’s first personalised pillow service, nanu, revealed that mums are the most sleep deprived of all and, as such, would give up some of life’s little luxuries, for a bit of shuteye.

Almost one in four would wave goodbye to wine, a third would give up chocolate and the same number admit they’d happily go without sex if it meant they could increase their current five hours’ broken sleep a night to the recommended eight.

Fewer than half that number of men (12 percent) said they’d swap sex for sleep, preferring to give up booze, their phones or chocolate.

The average person survives on just six hours and 24 minutes’ sleep a night, and almost half of adults (46 percent) say they’re lucky if they get one night of uninterrupted sleep every month.

More than seven out of 10 reckon they’re a “bad sleeper” and almost nine out of 10 wake up at least once every night.

Other than kids keeping us awake, we’re worriers with many laying awake thinking about money, family, health and jobs, as well as household chores and even Brexit.

More women (74 percent) say worry keeps them awake than men (56 percent).

Other reasons for our restlessness include old and uncomfortable mattresses and pillows, noisy neighbours and our pets.

Just a tiny handful – seven percent – say they’re lucky enough to enjoy a refreshing snooze every single night.



On Saturday, the people of Ireland voted overwhelmingly in favour of repealing the Eighth Amendment, thus allowing the government to legislate for the legal termination of pregnancy. 

Following the historic result, Minister for Health Simon Harris revealed that the new legal framework to replace the Eighth Amendment will be drafted during the summer, with hopes that it will be in place by the end of the year. 

According to The Herald, the cost of an abortion in Ireland is expected to be somewhere in the region of €300, with medical card holders being able to access the service free of charge.

It's also understood the process will require two or more GP appointments, each of which will be more expensive than a typical consultation. 

Abortion pills, which are expected to be used in the vast majority of cases, will come under the drugs payment scheme, which sets a limit of €134 a month per household for any prescribed drugs or medicines.

As set out in the Government's draft heads of a bill published prior to the referendum, women will be able to request an abortion through a GP or primary care service such as the Well Woman Clinic.

After the initial appointment, they'll be required to wait for a 72-hour "consideration" period. Once this time elapses, they'll return to their doctor for a second consultation where the drug will then be dispensed.

The expected legislation will make abortion available for women who are no more than 12 weeks pregnant. Women won't have to give a reason for their decision and will need a GP to clarify that they are not passed the twelfth week of pregnancy. 

Termination will be allowed past 12 weeks if:

  • The woman's health is in danger or her life is at risk

  • The foetus has not reached viability

  • It is appropriate to carry out the termination of pregnancy in order to advert that risk

As it stands, Irish women who seek abortion services in UK must pay upwards of €510 for abortion pill treatment and €570 for surgical abortion, before factoring in the price of travel. 


The cost of living in Ireland has increased from €11.50 in 2016, to €11.70 in 2017.

Yes, we know 20 cents doesn't seem like the biggest amount of money, but when you add it all up, you're looking at a cost of nearly €500 a week to live in the country.

The Living Wage Technical Group conducted the research into the changes of cost of living, and determined that the housing crisis, increased rent levels and changes in taxation are all to blame.

However, the LWTG noted that the cost of clothing, household goods, food and health insurance have all decreased in the last year.

The paper read: "In principle, a living wage is intended to establish an hourly wage rate that should provide employees with sufficient income to achieve an agreed acceptable minimum standard of living.

"Earnings below the living wage suggest employees are forced to so without certain essentials so they can make ends meet.

Here's the outline of the cost of living in Ireland:

If you want to see more, visit here.


Ah, lads. If you just love making your way through a lovely pint of Guinness then we have a bit of bad news for you.

Apparently, Brexit could effect the pricing of our beloved stout as prices are set to rise due to the UK's departure from Europe.

But, how? We asked ourselves the same thing. It turns out that the booze makes quite a few trips around the country before it's actually sent on to bars and pubs.

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According to The Guardian, cans of the good shtuff cross the Irish boarder twice before being shipped to their various destinations.

It's first made in St James's Gate brewery in Dublin, and then it's pumped into tankers and driven to east Belfast.

When it hits Belfast, it's then canned, and sent back to Dublin Port for distribution.

Image result for guinness can

A spokesperson for Guinness and Diageo confirmed that a harder boarder cross could cause delays for more than an hour per Guinness truck, which would end up costing around €100 per vehicle.

Add that up and the travel implications due to Brexit could cost the company around €1.3m additional costs a year.



For most people one engagement ring is enough to last a lifetime, but since Kim Kardashian West is not most people, her precious rock has just received a new best friend.

Earlier this week the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star stepped out in Miami wearing not one, but two engagement rings so, naturally, fans quickly began to wonder how much Kanye’s latest gift to Kim set him back.

According to TMZ, the 35-year-old’s original engagement ring was 14 carats, of Lorraine Schwartz design and cost $1.3 million.

But while Kim’s new sparkler is from the same jeweller, it’s a massive 20 carats, boasts a rare form of near flawless diamond and cost three times more than the original, bringing the grand total to over $5 million.

Now that’s a LOT of bling.


If prepping for pres is not your thing it might be time to pay attention as that last minute dash down the wine aisle on a Saturday night could be costing you a fair bit of money.

A new study by mobile shopping app Ibotta has found that you should not shop for wine and beer at weekends as alcohol tends to cost more on Saturdays and Sundays than it does during the week.

According to Redbook, while analysing 50 million receipts Ibotta learned that a bottle of vino is on average 6 percent cheaper to buy on a Tuesday than it is at the weekend and beer costs 9 percent less on a Monday than it does on Saturday or Sunday.

Because this study was conducted in the US, we’re unsure how accurately its findings apply to Ireland but it does suggest it could be worthwhile keeping an eye on daily alcohol prices here too just in case.

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