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Whether it is for home decor, fashion or food, Pinterest is the place to go when looking for stylish inspiration.

So, when the image sharing website tells us what we will be eating and drinking next year, we listen. 

In their Pinterest 100, a report about the top trends to try in 2018 published yesterday, they predict that next year, healthy will meet tasty – which is pretty good to hear. 

Based on the most researched items on their pages recently, here are the foods Pinterest think we will put on our plates in the next 12 months. 

Souping > juicing


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Soups will replace juices as the go-to detox food, and this will make our month of January warm and comforting.

Easy to make at home, cheap and tasty, soups have been a staple for the winter months for centuries and we are happy to see it back on trend.

If you need inspiration, we got you covered

Super coffee


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We are just getting our heads around Bulletproof coffee, but our morning brew will be getting even more of an upgrade next year. 

Protein powder or superfoods like maca will be mixed into it, and we can only see ourselves getting totally addicted. 

Flavours from Morocco


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While Thai and Indian food are among Irish people's favourite foreign food, it seems like we will get into Moroccan-inspired food next year. 

Using North African spices such as cumin, coriander and cardamom will make our dinners full of exciting flavours.

Plant protein


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We all know at that stage that meat isn't the only way to get our daily dose of protein. 

Figures show a growing interest in alternatives such as lentils, hemp and quinoa which pack a nutritional punch and taste delicious. 

Vegan desserts

Another example that people are getting more and more into plant-based diets is the interest for vegan desserts, using coconut oil instead of butter and flax seeds to replace eggs.

Eliminating animal by-products from your diet doesn't mean depriving yourself and we can satisfy our sweet tooth thanks to the myriad inspiration for plant-based desserts on the internet. 

Edamame and snap peas

We love edamame in our poke bowls and snap peas on our stir-fries, but these two greens are set to become big snacking options in 2018.

Not sure we are 100% ready to swap our crisps and chocolate bars for them though…

Cooking with ghee

This clarified butter originating from India has been used to cook in South Asia and Africa for centuries.

Lactose-free and with a long shelf-life, ghee has a higher burning point than butter and is said to lower bad cholesterol. No wonder why is should find its way into our kitchen in the next few month. 

Mocktail magic


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While most of us would have a hard time dropping the G&Ts, virgin cocktails are taking centre stage in recent Pinterest searches. 

With more people jumping into the Dry January bandwagon, they could be a way to keep meeting friends for a drink without feeling guilty! 


The vegan boom is well under way, with vegan options making their way out of speciality health stores and into major supermarkets and corner stores. 

Veganism is on the rise, as consumers eschew eggs, dairy and meat in favour of mycoprotein and coconut-based substitutes. 

The lifestyle has been named on many of the food trend lists for 2018, as the food industry responds to the demands for more mainstream options sans animal by-products. 

For those not in the know, a vegan diet eliminates all animal-based items from the menu – so that's no eggs, dairy, honey or meat. 

Instead, the vegan concept focuses on running a healthy body on a cruelty-free and sustainable plant-based diet. 

'Brands should also expect to feel more pressure to develop vegan options,' says Toronto-based food agency THP.

While veganism was already on the rise in 2017, the food industry should see a further increase in interest in the vegan lifestyle, judging by the frequency of the appearance of veganism on these trend lists. 

'Already proven to be a major hit in 2017 with the increased availability and variety of vegetarian and vegan meal options in restaurants, diners are slowly embracing animal-free diets as a health-conscious effort,' says  International Taste Solution, after placing veganism third on their food trend list. 

More and more, people are choosing to fulfil their protein and nutritional needs without animal-derived products.

'The demand for high-protein foods continues, and with more of us choosing a flexitarian diet it’s no wonder there’s such a buzz around new plant-based proteins,' according to UK supermarket chain Waitrose.

'Whether with pulses, shoots, grains, seeds, soy or even algae, everyone from tiny start-up companies to big brands is looking for clever new ways to add a protein punch.'

Flexitarianism, a key food trend in 2017, is also set to see a spike in 2018.

This method of eating involves eating a mostly, but not strictly, vegan or vegetarian diet, such as being veggie all week and then indulging in a dairy and meat-based meal on the weekends.