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Our relationship with food is always evolving and we always look forward to locking our lips around something new.

The good people at Deliveroo have assembled to predict five food trends that will dominate our plates for 2019.

Based on their food expertise – the future of food looks vegan, low-waste and drool worthy.

1. Healthy Frozen Savouries


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Clearly the lovely people of Ireland have ignored any advice of avoiding avocado in order to afford a house, as the food platform has seen a massive demand for the tasty fruit and of course, the food God that is hummus. 

But for next year, it looks like we will be tucking into savoury and healthy ice creams, but it'll be vegan and veggie variations that we will be obsessing over.

2. Root to Tip Cooking


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The sense of urgency to reduce our food waste is a prominent problem on our minds this year and the conscious eco-effort is being brought into the new year. 

Root to Tip Cooking, involving the use of the full vegetable is a method of days gone by but will return and bring cooking back to basics.

Deliveroo predicts that restaurant partners on the platform will introduce innovative ways to reduce daily waste, by using the likes of root vegetable leaves to make tasty and flavoursome pestos to accompany dishes – big high five for this one.

3. Fermented Food and Drink


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They're good for your gut and they've been popping up all over the place in the last 12 months.

Their popularity has been seen by the food delivery service with the rise of pickles and sauerkraut. 

Breaking through the fermentation process for 2019 will be more orders and variety of kombucha – AKA the holy drink for the ole gut. 

4. Flexitarianism


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The vegans are coming and nothing is stopping their rise. Vegan-friendly options have exploded on Deliveroo, increasing by 100 percent.

73 percent more vegan orders were placed on the platform in 2018.

And it looks like it isn't slowing down any time soon, as Deliveroo predicts an increase in Flexitarianism, where customers will dip in and out of meat dishes in favour of #MeatlessMonday and #GreenSunday.

5. Sea Snacks


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According to global trend forecasters, sea vegetables and greens will become a regular addition to diets next year.

Get ready to tuck into kelp noodles to puffed savoury snacks made with algae.

And it doesn't come as a huge surprise as they've already seen an increase of 59 percent in seafood orders.


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So what are you looking forward to chowing down on in the new year?

And are there any trends you would like to see left behind in 2018?

Either way, our love of food will never waver. 


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So, in case you haven't noticed, whole food and plant-based diets have become somewhat of a trend over the past few years

From smashed avocados to açai bowls, Instagram feeds are overflowing with delicious recipes that put our sub-standard culinary skills to shame.

With so many dishes to choose from, it can be hard to keep up with the latest foodie trends. However, there is one dish that looks like it could be sticking around – sweet potato toast.

This vegan breakfast alternative has been doing the rounds on social for about a year now, but incase you're unfamiliar with the concept, it's pretty much exactly what it sounds like.

Pieces of thinly sliced sweet potato, toasted to perfection and loaded with ingredients of your choice.


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It's a quick, simple and healthy alternative to bread, and with a endless array of toppings to choose from, the possibilities are endless.

The Insta-worty dish can be enjoyed sweet or savoury and we have a funny feeling we may have found out new go-to breakfast.

Alyssia Sheikh from the Mind Over Munch YouTube channel has some really tasty versions to try:

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Whether it is for home decor, fashion or food, Pinterest is the place to go when looking for stylish inspiration.

So, when the image sharing website tells us what we will be eating and drinking next year, we listen. 

In their Pinterest 100, a report about the top trends to try in 2018 published yesterday, they predict that next year, healthy will meet tasty – which is pretty good to hear. 

Based on the most researched items on their pages recently, here are the foods Pinterest think we will put on our plates in the next 12 months. 

Souping > juicing


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Soups will replace juices as the go-to detox food, and this will make our month of January warm and comforting.

Easy to make at home, cheap and tasty, soups have been a staple for the winter months for centuries and we are happy to see it back on trend.

If you need inspiration, we got you covered

Super coffee


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We are just getting our heads around Bulletproof coffee, but our morning brew will be getting even more of an upgrade next year. 

Protein powder or superfoods like maca will be mixed into it, and we can only see ourselves getting totally addicted. 

Flavours from Morocco


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While Thai and Indian food are among Irish people's favourite foreign food, it seems like we will get into Moroccan-inspired food next year. 

Using North African spices such as cumin, coriander and cardamom will make our dinners full of exciting flavours.

Plant protein


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We all know at that stage that meat isn't the only way to get our daily dose of protein. 

Figures show a growing interest in alternatives such as lentils, hemp and quinoa which pack a nutritional punch and taste delicious. 

Vegan desserts

Another example that people are getting more and more into plant-based diets is the interest for vegan desserts, using coconut oil instead of butter and flax seeds to replace eggs.

Eliminating animal by-products from your diet doesn't mean depriving yourself and we can satisfy our sweet tooth thanks to the myriad inspiration for plant-based desserts on the internet. 

Edamame and snap peas

We love edamame in our poke bowls and snap peas on our stir-fries, but these two greens are set to become big snacking options in 2018.

Not sure we are 100% ready to swap our crisps and chocolate bars for them though…

Cooking with ghee

This clarified butter originating from India has been used to cook in South Asia and Africa for centuries.

Lactose-free and with a long shelf-life, ghee has a higher burning point than butter and is said to lower bad cholesterol. No wonder why is should find its way into our kitchen in the next few month. 

Mocktail magic


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While most of us would have a hard time dropping the G&Ts, virgin cocktails are taking centre stage in recent Pinterest searches. 

With more people jumping into the Dry January bandwagon, they could be a way to keep meeting friends for a drink without feeling guilty! 


We have all heard about cauliflower rice, kale and avocado toast at this stage; in fact, most of us have made these staples on our shopping lists.

More than ever, food trends are shaping the way we eat – sometimes for worse (you can't turn everything into a rainbow…), but mostly for the better.

Jacquie Marsh, from The Butler's Pantry, sat down with us to answer our questions about the food trends of  2017 and the impact of social media on our diets. 

What are the main food trends you see emerging in 2017? 

I think we are seeing a resurgence of interest in food prepared from scratch, using high quality ingredients.

People are really trying to move away from processed food made in factories that's full of additives and preservatives, because they know that kind of food is not good for their health. Once you have great ingredients, the number of dishes that you can make is infinite.

If there’s a name to be put on this ‘trend’, let’s call it ‘back to basics’. Because The Butler’s Pantry’s food is all made in a kitchen, the way you would at home (if you had the time!), it fits in very well with this ‘new’ approach – which is actually not ‘new’ at all. We make our food the way we have always done – tweaked to reflect changing tastes.

We see that our customers are better-educated as consumers, and are actively seeking out the good stuff, wanting to know the route from farm to table.

People want to know where their food comes from, and to support local farmers by eating seasonally. Sustainability plays a part in this – we all know that it’s not good for the planet to be eating food that’s been transported thousands of miles to reach us. 

I also see a growing pride in the quality of Irish ingredients. We truly have the best produce in the world, and people are starting to wake up to that. Grass-fed beef, free-range lamb, fabulous wild fish and shellfish, and extraordinary dairy are ingredients that we have tended to take for granted – but we shouldn’t.

There is a growing interest in putting vegetables centre-stage, and eating less but better-quality animal protein. Many of our customers have embraced "reducetarianism" – they are not fully vegetarian, but they are definitely cutting down on the amount of animal protein that they consume, whether that’s by eating several meat-free meals a week, or by only eating meat after six in the evening, or only at weekends.

Interest in seaweed is also growing – whether as a condiment that’s an alternative to salt, as an ingredient, and as a snack. Seaweed is a natural nutrition powerhouse, and Ireland has plenty of it.

Why do you think these trends are having a moment?

I think that many of these trends are a natural progression from the trend towards healthy eating that we have seen so much of over the past few years. Thankfully, the more extreme manifestations of that trend – restrictive diets and the exclusion of whole food groups from one’s diet without a medical reason, for instance – are on the wane.

The legacy is an increased awareness of food in terms of health, and an interest on the part of more people to nourish their bodies with good quality food. 

I’m also glad to see that our customers are thinking more about flavour – they tell us that they want their food not just to look good, but to taste really good too.

 How does a food trend usually emerge?

Food trends usually start with influential and creative chefs in restaurants all over the world, and gradually they filter down through cookery shows, cookbooks and the media.

Trends can be driven by state intervention, too – just look at how Spanish and Nordic cuisine came to the fore when there was targeted government funding.

Social media is of course hugely important, but I think that perhaps sometimes that can put up barriers to people, if the food that they see on Instagram is too perfect.


Are the food trends the same in Ireland and the rest of the world?

Eating more consciously is a trend the world over, but in Ireland we are seeing some trends that are specific to where we live. It makes sense that eating locally is going to mean different things in different places.

Right now, if I had to pick just a handful of ingredients that are trending in Ireland, I’d pick Irish cheeses – which are a match for French cheeses any day; wild Irish fish and game; and seaweed, which is so abundant.

What is the impact of social media on food trends? 

We have social media to thank for ubiquity of avo toast! Social media can really drive food trends, and make people aware of new food shops, restaurants and products; but I do worry that the quest for the perfect Instagram photo can be at the expense of good, honest food.

 What are the main trends in terms of food health?

Gut health is the big story, and the increasing awareness that processed food is full of nasties that we’d be much better off without. And our policy makers have now taken a stance through sugar tax.

What about drinks?

Fermented drinks, kefir and kombucha are all big news because they promote good bacteria and a healthy gut. Rosemary water is also gathering momentum, with much research to link it to the ‘live long, live well, and you can do both' agenda.

There is a definite shift away from fruit smoothies and drinks that contain lots of sugar, whether natural or otherwise.


How do food trends shape your activity? Do you try and integrate them in your offer?

We tend not to jump on the bandwagon of trends that we see as a flash in the pan, but we do work hard to ensure that we are keeping up with what our customers want, and also to introduce them to trends that we see as having substance.

We have been experimenting with ancient grains, cutting down on sugar, upping our vegetarian offering, and using lots of seaweed in our food.

I think that we are truly lucky to live in Ireland, which has what I honestly believe to be the very best produce in the world. Our food future is very bright.


2016 was a year of glory for the likes of avocado, turmeric and unicorn-hued food.

In 2017, some of these trends are still on the menu, but they have been joined by a few new interesting (and really tasty) emerging trends. 

So long kale, right now, we are all about the following foodie flavours:

Poke bowls

This Hawaiian dish, made of rice, fresh fish and various vegetables and fruits is having a mega moment on Instagram and has taken Dublin by storm.

Trendy eateries like Cocu and Klaw poke now serve this tasty and healthy dish that we are all getting quite addicted to in the SHEmazing HQ…

Aperol Spritz

Watch out G&T, a new drink is currently taking over as our beverage of choice.

Perfect for the summer, Aperol Spritz is a traditional Italian cocktail already ubiquitous in Europe and we can see it popping up in trendy bars in Ireland.

A combination of Prosecco, Aperol and soda water, this bitter-sweet drink is served in a wine glass and we can't wait to jump into the bandwaggon and sip on these all summer.

 Pickled vegetables 

We have heard a lot about fermented food for the past two years and it remains on trend this summer, particularly pickled vegetables.

In Dublin, numerous cafes and restaurants use them to pimp their salads or breakfast dishes and we can’t get enough of these tasty and colourful veggies.

Edible flowers 

Flower power! 

As a cake decoration or a pretty addition to colourful salad, edible flowers are making our plates a piece of art.

The easiest way to find them is actually to grow them yourself as only a few stockists offer edible flowers.

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This seed is not only rich in omega-3 and can be added to any drink from juices, smoothies to even some breakfast cereals.

Meat Cookies
Meat cookies are actually a thing and of course, are a great source of protein. These cookies are made from grass-fed meat, nuts, seeds and berries. Odd combination but they’re filling.

Not exactly weird or new but seeds are definitely taking everywhere by storm. Brilliant for topping a bowl of porridge and you can easily find various bags of mixed seeds in your local supermarket.

Pea Protein
Soy beans and whey is out and pea protein is apparently back in. It can be found in your nearest health store. Pea based protein is not only gluten-free but also high in amino acids and iron.

Veggie Smoothies
Not as delicious as its fruit counterpart but veggie smoothies definitely ensure that you get your much needed dose of veg. To make it easier to drink, it’s ok to add some of your favourite fruits in the mix too.

Coconut Oil
A new way to sauté your veggies. Not only does it smell great and gives your food an extra kick, coconut oil is full of good fats and antioxidants. If that wasn’t enough, coconut oil has now been proven to give your immune system a much needed boost.