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It's one thing to upload a picture with dodgy Photoshop, but it is quite another to share an image that includes the photoshopping instructions. 

Luxury online retailer Net-A-Porter is in a bit of hot water this week after the site uploaded an image which shows a perfectly slim model showcasing a pair of designer socks.

What's unusual about this photo however, are the arrows which point to the model's legs, arms and hips which play host to the command "please, slim."

The image seems to have been uploaded accidentally with the instructions still attached, in place of the photoshopped picture.

The model, whose name is Amelia according to the picture, already looks very slim, and the luxury brand distributor has been called out online for its unnecessary retouching on a photo flogging a pair of socks. 

The image has since been removed from the website and replaced with a new edited version, but not before it was noticed by shoppers.

"@NETAPORTER you might want to edit this pic or better yet delete it??" tweeted one fashion fan. 

While we're all pretty aware that most images in the fashion industry are manipulated or altered in some way, this blatant display of editing a model who is already thin to be thinner is striking. 

Net-A-Porter has yet to comment on the issue. 



While we all love a good filter, sometimes the fashion industry can get a little crazy with its photo editing.

Big brands and fashion bibles alike can run afoul of the dreaded photoshop, and thanks to social media, these blemish-blending blunders are often pointed out for the world to see.

On US Vogue's March cover, the style tome got a little heavy handed with the slimming and lengthening tool and accidentally gave model-of-the-moment Gigi Hadid a freakishly long arm, wrist and fingers.

The alien appendage was quickly pointed out by hoards of fashion followers, who took to social media to highlight the mistake.

Gigi's arm, which should be on best pal Kendall's waist, actually manages to stretch all the way over to Ashley Graham's waist, who is standing behind Kendall.

Twitter users also pointed out that the model on the far right, Vittoria Ceretti's arm seems unnaturally cut off.

The publication has also gotten some heat for choosing Gigi and Kendall for the shoot, which intends to represent diversity.

Gigi and Kendall are the two most heavily featured models in the industry at the moment, so their addition did not go down well with everyone online.

Others also felt that while the cover does show women of different backgrounds, there was not enough diversity among the models chosen. 

"Vogue is 'democratising fashion' by not including a single woman darker than a paper bag in an 'inclusive' spread," tweeted one angry user.

Ashley Graham fans also felt that she was the "token" plus size model in the shoot, and that although she had been included, steps were taken to minimise her size.

Gigi's photoshopped arm stretching past Kendall to rest on Ashley's waist was called out by some who felt that it was an attempt to hide Ashley's stomach.

Other also pointed out that un like the other models in the image, Ashley's hand is resting on her leg, which some thought was an attempt to make her appear slimmer.

However Ashley herself called BS on this claim, commenting on one of her Instagram posts from the shoot to say: "I chose to pose like that. No one told me to do anything." 

While Vogue is clearly making steps to promote diversity in it's pages, perhaps it will take some of the feedback on board for the next diversity issue. 


We've all seen the MTV show Catfish, but just in case you haven't, catfishing refers to the act of posing as another person online in order to lure people into an online relationship under false pretences.

Some catfish edit photos of themselves to appear more attractive, but most people simply steal other's images and pass them off as their own. 

One catfish went the extra mile in the case of Jessica Hunt.

Instagram personality Jessica Hunt tweeted an image of her which had been stolen by a catfish, which for someone with almost 100,000 followers probably isn't a very uncommon experience.

However this catfish had gone to extremes, and had photoshopped what seemed to be their own face onto Jessica's body. 

"OH MY GOD that is my body and my house but who's face is that!?!? catfish game is getting silly," she said, in the tweet which has since gone viral.


A photo posted by Jessica Hunt (@jesshunt2) on

The hunt was then on to put a name to the photoshopped face. 

This is where one Irish online personality who wishes to remain anonymous  was dragged into the mix, after savvy online detectives identified the photoshopped face as hers. 

The model began receiving torrents of abuse and ridicule as people assumed she was the one behind the catfish stunt.

However, the model denies that she has anything to do with the image, and claims that it is in fact a catfish of hers who is behind it.

She believes that a catfish who has been relentlessly stalking her online for two years is behind the fake picture.

The catfish has previously created multiple accounts posing as the attractive model. 

Jessica and the anonymous model have been in touch with each other over the ordeal, and are both shocked by the actions of the catfish, known only as Amy.

The catfish has since shown up on Tinder in the Essex area using the photoshopped image. 

Someone call Nev and Max, ASAP!


From her high profile split with billionaire James Packer to the shade she received from singer Miley Cyrus, Mariah Carey hasn’t had it easy these past few months.

And just as the hype surrounding the once celebrated star turns towards her new makeup collection, Mariah has been criticised for photoshopping her Thanksgiving photos.

Last week, the 46-year-old New Yorker shared a series of images of herself preparing for the American holiday on Instagram, one of which caught the eye of some very observant fans.


#hawaiianpunch for #thanksgiving

A photo posted by Mariah Carey (@mariahcarey) on

The picture shows the popstar standing in a plunging white bodysuit and distressed pair of jeans while holding a pie in one hand and a can of cream in the other.

Mariah’s followers were quick to call her out for digitally manipulating the shot, using tell-tale signs like a strange indent by her upper arm and a warped cabinet door behind one leg as proof of the offence.


#festivating !! #happythanksgiving

A photo posted by Mariah Carey (@mariahcarey) on

“All that money she got and nobody could photoshop her correctly,” wrote one social media user.

“Mariah Carey was grateful for photoshop on Thanksgiving,” quipped another.


Just a regular day at the #grocery store in #hawaii #groceryshopping #itsperfectlynormal #happythanksgiving lambs

A photo posted by Mariah Carey (@mariahcarey) on



Vicky Pattison has responded to claims which suggest she heavily edits her social media posts to make herself appear slimmer than she really is.

The former Geordie Shore star faced criticism this week after The Mirror published a series of unflattering photos of her smoking on an Australian beach in which she appears far less toned than she does in images on her Instagram account which were taken on the same day.

Speaking to The Sun, the 29-year-old television personality revealed that a newfound sense of body security is all that prevented her from being “floored” by the allegations.

“Bodyshaming makes me sick,” she said.  “It’s because I’m so secure and focused on more important things right now, that this latest critique of my body hasn’t floored me entirely like they normally do.”

“When are people going to get tired of making women feel bad for the way they look?” asked Vicky.

“I am appalled that people would criticise another woman, body shame her and attempt to shatter her confidence based solely on a bad camera angle or an unflattering picture.”


He's everything…  @johnnoblejn

A photo posted by Vicky Pattison (@vickypattison) on

The fiery Newcastle native went on to question why society feels it is more important to “shame” women for their appearances than it is to celebrate their ambitions, positive attitudes and career achievements.

“Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and I’m healthy, happy and enjoying my life,” she stated.  “I genuinely believe in inner beauty and that we rise by lifting and supporting others.”


Missing The Winter Attire Back Home My VIP Ribbed Mini £13.99 & Tailored Couture Jacket £45 Both Restocked At @HoneyzUK

A photo posted by Vicky Pattison (@vickypattison) on



While her slim frame is often declared “body goals” by fans, many believe Kate Wright’s latest pics are simply too good to be true.

The TOWIE star has been accused of digitally manipulating her waist to make it appear slimmer than it naturally is after she posted two enviable photos of herself dressed in black on Instagram.

Yesterday, the 24-year-old shared an image of herself posing in a fitted velvet dress which appears to wrap around her waist, while highlighting her décolletage.


Obsessing over tonight's  @brandattic dress  #girlsnight #ad #ootn

A photo posted by Kate Wright (@xkatiewright) on

The image was quickly littered with comments like “Her bod is insane” and “Need that waist” but many social media users remained unconvinced that Kate’s trim figure was actually her own.

One user wrote: “Naturally beautiful and great figure there was no need to photoshop your waist (sic).”

To which Kate replied: “I don’t photo shop any of my photos thank you (sic).”


It's a velvet kinda night dress coming soon to @missyempire make sure you keep checking the link  http://bit.ly/2e6ljiP

A photo posted by Kate Wright (@xkatiewright) on

A second picture was posted to the same account days earlier and shows the reality star in a Halloween inspired outfit.

Again, Kate’s waist is the centre of discussion in the photograph’s comment section.


Getting in the Halloween spirit early with this @missyempire skirt  get yours here  http://bit.ly/2d4V1sd

A photo posted by Kate Wright (@xkatiewright) on



Touched down in Marbs  Bikini @milliemodelli

A photo posted by Kate Wright (@xkatiewright) on



A photo which claims to show Kendall Jenner wearing a burka as a disguise has sparked outrage online as commentators believe the act is disrespectful towards Muslims.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star was subject to a stream of social media based abuse for the picture which was posted to Instagram by DJ Neptune yesterday, but already people are questioning the authenticity of the image.

While the model is reportedly spending time in Dubai as her family recovers from the trauma of Kim’s Parisian robbery, The Sun has highlighted a number of inconsistencies with the photograph which suggest it may have been digitally manipulated.

Clues like the DJ’s bent right ear and the way in which the sun hits Neptune’s shoulder suggest the shot – which purports to show the 20-year-old model standing outside the Burj Khalifa – has been altered.

Despite the strange nature of the pic, Twitter users have bombarded Kendall with abuse for allegedly using a burka to avoid the paparazzi.

One person wrote: “Kendall is the epitome of white privilege, if any of yall are defending her dumbass wearing a burka re-evaluate your entire lives (sic).”

While another said: “Kendall Jenner wore a burka to hide from the paparazzi and is being praised.  Us Muslim women wear it and get insulted left, right and centre.”

Kendall has yet to address the controversy online, but a second image of her and the DJ has since been posted to his account.

It shows the pair posing before allegedly going for dinner.


Dinner with this beautiful soul @KendallJenner #KendallJenner #LadyInRed #Dubai #MyDubai

A photo posted by Nima Neptune (@djneptune) on



He rose to fame with locks so long Rapunzel would be jealous, but does that really mean Taylor Lautner can work lilac coloured hair?

Well – if the Twilight star’s recent Insta upload is anything to go by – in the weirdest way he actually kind of can!

While it’s not altogether clear whether or not the 24-year-old actor has actually decided to give this year’s pastel trend a go, his new pic would certainly suggest he’s given it some thought.


Set life can be slowwwwww

A photo posted by Taylor Lautner (@taylorlautner) on

But because of the artificial hue on the image – and its pretty suggestive caption – it looks like Taylor may be more interested in Photoshop than he is hairdressing.


When it comes to photoshopping, there very much exists an 'us versus them' attitude.

With both the modelling industry and many high-profile individuals quick to deny the extent to which they photoshop their photos, we mere mortals are often left feeling a mixture of cynicism and betrayal.

And while we're all too aware that photoshop is as vital an element as the model herself, many of us still aspire to attain the 'perfection' created after the final shot was snapped.

Pulling down the barrier which exists between us and them, model, Iskra Lawrence, decided to share an image of herself  before and after spending ten minutes photoshopping herself.

"Shocking it only took me about 10 minutes to photoshop myself to "perfection". But WTF is perfect?" wrote the 25-year-old.

"We weren't born thinking flaws made you less beautiful we are taught by society and the media that we should feel insecure about our flaws so we buy into certain products etc to "improve" or attain perfection."

"I wanted to post the unretouched pic right next to the retouched one so you could see the impact of how a few edits all done on my phone can completely change the way someone looks," Iskra explained.

Perplexed by the idea she would want to mislead her Instagram followers, she added: "I can't leave home everyday retouched & live in the "real world" airbrushed so why would I want to pretend to be online?"

In the post which has racked up almost 140,000 likes since its recent upload, Iskra finished by writing: "What's real is you and you are good enough cus those "flaws" make you completely unique." (sic)

And the best part? Most Instagram users thought Iskra looked better in the before snap.



We all know that basically every fashion campaign and editorial is photoshopped – it's just what happens.

Yet, Victoria's Secret is after coming under heavy fire for just how much it edits its models.

In a photo shared to the VS Instagram last week, models Martha Hunt and Stella Maxwell are decked out in pretty lingerie, yet it was Martha's arm that made the most controversy.

One user said, "Loving the photoshop on the left," while another wrote, "Did anyone actually look at this photo before it was published?"

Another angry fan chimed in, "Way to go @victoriassecret for attempting to make us feel bad about ourselves. It's nice to see it get called out though!"

We have to admit, it does look quite suss.



It’s no secret that some of our favourite celebrities are prone to a little photoshopping every now and again.

When you’re used to being airbrushed within an inch of your life in photographers’ studios, it’s hardly surprising you may opt to re-touch your more candid shots when you can, right?

From Queen Bey to Khloé Kardashian, they’ve all, at times, chosen to tweak and trim, and they’ve all been subject to public backlash as a result.

And it looks like the latest star to do a little adjusting of her own is Lauren Goodger, and the former TOWIE star definitely hasn’t escaped the backlash.


Here's the original pic of me in my @lasulaboutique dress loving a summers day #noedit #chillout #allgirlswantslimmerlegs

A photo posted by Lauren Goodger (@laurenrosegoodger) on

After being snapped by a pap on a stroll, Mark Wright’s ex decided to share the same image on her Instagram page, but not before putting some handy tools to work (which she has now changed).

After spotting that Lauren had clearly trimmed down her thighs and ankles, Instagram followers wasted no time drawing comparisons between the original shot and the one Lauren shared.

“She looks lovely but you can see she’s photoshopped her legs to look skinnier by the fuzziness around them and how they’re bumpy,” wrote one. “She looks amazing so she shouldn’t have to do that.”

With social media users questioning the star’s decision to digitally alter her figure, Lauren’s fans defended her and insisted it’s no one's business whether she opts to ‘shop or not.

“Ever one needs to calm down its not worth arguing about Lauren is gorgouse but people are entitled to there opinion. “ argued one. “It is wats happens if u on social media gas no one got that yet.” (sic)

“So what if it's photoshopped? Who doesn't photoshop their pics these days!” added another.

Despite the backlash, the two photos have amassed nearly 10,000 likes between them, so we doubt Lauren is too bothered.

Credit: Jon Baxter / iCelebTV/Jon 



If the Kardashian girls are known for anything it's got to be their killer curves, but with the release of Fergie's controversial new MILF video people are once again questioning if Kim's waist really is tiny as it seems to be.

Mrs Kardashian West appears numerous times in the star-studded clip and – in classic Kardashian style – she is mostly seen in figure-hugging clothing.

But when the reality star is seen wearing a skin-tight body suit which looks like a pair of booty-shorts and a white MILF tee, her waist looks surreally small when compared to her hips.

Fans are continuing to suggest that her waist has been virtually trimmed down in the shot with comments like "omg her proportions look horrifying" and "the photoshop makes her look so distorted" appearing repeatedly online.

In an attempt to silence the haters – or prove she really does have the most naturally curvacious frame on the planet – Kim took to Snapchat on Sunday to share some behind-the-scenes footage from the making of MILF.


In the clip a blonde Kim can be seen posing on set while the caption reads "F*ckYoPhotoShop #CorsetLife", which would suggest that she has had some waist-defining help in the video but that it's of the more traditional kind rather than being technologically enhanced.

The authenticity of Kim's famous figure was also thrown into doubt back in 2014 when her Internet-breaking Paper magazine cover was released.

At the time Paper’s editorial director told E! News: “So many people have asked us 'Oh, is that butt…it can't be real, it's padded, you added to it, in retouching…' That is all 100 percent Kim Kardashian."

"We did not create a body. We did not shave pounds of her waist."

“That is who she is. That's what she looks like. That's why she's a superstar."