Twitter is doling out some hilarious but true advice about online Catfish


Catfishing is an online modern dating phenomenon where people pretend to be someone their not to lure others into an online relationship, and the the term was popularised by MTV's hit show, Catfish.

This week, Twitter is getting up in arms over fake online profiles, and is dolling out the advice to the unsuspecting relationship seekers who are trawling the Internet for a potential partner.

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, be wary of catfish while you swipe away looking for a bae. 

10. We've all met a prince in our inbox who needs our help to get that €10,000,000 inheritance.

9. Amateur catfish mistake.

8. It's the 21st century people, we have cameras on things we don't need or want cameras on.

7. Again, 21st centuary…

6. More excuses than we have not to go to the gym on a Saturday morning.

5. Soooo many excuses.

4. Either they still live at home or they're secretly 14.

3.  How often do webcams really break?

2. So many snaps of their bedroom walls.

1. And the glaringly obvious…