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It seems like we can't escape the nostalgia at the moment, from Westlife and Spice Girls to possible Gossip Girl reboots and Sabrina the Teenage Witch getting a Netflix make-over; we're overwhelmed.

Also, what year is it? Because the latest celebrity sighting has us CONFUSED AF. 

Remember when Stephanie Meyers wrote fan-fiction about randy vampires that became a book and then a massively successful movie franchise which attracted every adolescent on earth?


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The Twilight Saga had our hearts racing, and our friendships torn apart with our Team Jacob versus Team Edward mentality.

Not to mention the whole drama between the in-real-life couple Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. Apparently, Stewart was feelin' the throwback vibes too, because she turned up to Taylor Lautner's birthday party.

The pair had an impromptu reunion on Monday, and we're DYING.


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The old pals, who played Bella Swan and Jacob Black in the cult YA movies, reunited to celebrate Taylor's 27th birthday.

Taylor's girlfriend, Tay Dome, threw him a gorgeous surprise party and we really wish our invite hadn't gotten lost in the post.

Kristen and her girlfriend Sara Dinkin were among those invited, according to the MailOnline Taylor wrote a note to his girlfriend on Instagram, captioning it; "Thank you Tay Dome for the best birthday EVER. I’ve never been more surprised in my life."


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Can you BELIEVE that it's been 10 WHOLE YEARS since Twilight was released in cinemas? Taylor recently paid tribute to the film franchise by sharing a meme of himself side-by-side with Kendall Jenner, and we cried laughing.

 He captioned the image; "It's been 10 years exactly since twilight was released in theatres. I thought I should take this moment to thank every single fan who has supported the franchise over the last decade but also to thank Kendall Jenner for being my hair inspiration back in 2007."


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Gas, Taylor, gas. We just wish Robert Pattinson had joined in the fun, but he seemed to hate Twilight anyways. Remember those YouTube clips of the awkward interviews, with R-Patz dissing the series?

We had to laugh, the poor man was locked in a contract.

At least Taylor and Kristen are still pals? It's so pure.

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Well, it's official, this time ten years ago, Twilight bit its way into every teenage girl's heart.

And what ensued was an OBSESSION over Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson – don't deny it, you had the posters.

So to mark the very special occasion of a ten-year milestone, Taylor hilariously trolled Kendall Jenner and it's GOLD.


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Taking to Instagram, our fave werewolf uploaded a side by side picture of himself and the supermodel.

In the caption, he wrote: "It’s been 10 years exactly since Twilight was released in theatres."

"I thought I should take this moment to thank every single fan who has supported the franchise over the last decade but also to thank Kendall Jenner for being my hair inspo back in 07.’" 

"Thank you fans. And thank you Kendall" – someone give the man a medal because that's hilarious.

Naturally, Robert and Kristen Stewart are dry shites compared to Taylor and haven't yet released anything about the 10 year anniversary – true to form, to be honest.

It was no secret that Robert hated the franchise more than anyone else, so he's probably trying to ignore the entire day.

Although as much as he attempts to distance himself from the movies, they will always be a solid part of our adolescents and the desire to be a blood-sucking vampire.

Happy Birthday, Twilight – and it HAS to be noted that Taylor is still very much an absolute ride.


We can’t believe it’s been ten years since the release of Twilight. It only feels like yesterday when cinemas were full of teens wearing ‘Team Edward’ t-shirts and far too much eyeliner.

The fantasy films quickly exploded in popularity thanks to the complicated love triangle, the soundtrack full of emo music and twinkly vampires.

The Twilight phenomenon was everywhere you looked back in the day when vampires were all the rage. Photos of Jacob Black were stuck to the inside of locker doors. The giant Stephanie Meyers’ books were stuffed into school bags. People got quotes from the movie tattooed on their body, and some even committed to having Edward Cullen’s face etched into their skin forever.

A decade may have passed since we were first introduced to Edward, Bella and co. but people will never let Robert Pattinson forget about playing the famous ‘17-year-old’ vampire.

You’d think the actor would be tired of hearing about the Twilight Saga, but it looks like the High Life star is ready to return to the rainy Forks, Washington.

In an interview with Variety, the actor teased fans about the potential return of Twilight. “The amount of time I’ve spent moisturizing, I am ready to play 17 at a moment’s notice. Ready!” he joked.

The 32-year-old did admit he was speaking about the franchise recently, “I was literally talking to my agent about it."

It looks like we could be digging out our Team Edward and Team Jacob t-shirts from the bottom of the wardrobe sooner than we think.


He rose to fame with locks so long Rapunzel would be jealous, but does that really mean Taylor Lautner can work lilac coloured hair?

Well – if the Twilight star’s recent Insta upload is anything to go by – in the weirdest way he actually kind of can!

While it’s not altogether clear whether or not the 24-year-old actor has actually decided to give this year’s pastel trend a go, his new pic would certainly suggest he’s given it some thought.


Set life can be slowwwwww

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But because of the artificial hue on the image – and its pretty suggestive caption – it looks like Taylor may be more interested in Photoshop than he is hairdressing.


It's safe to say that we know nearly every Taylor Swift song is about a guy she's dated in the past.

However, sometimes we just can't place which song is about what guy.

There's Dear John, which is easy, but some just slam us. 'Is that Harry Styles you're on about or Jake Gyllenhaal?' Who knows.

But now, one thing we do know is what song is about Taylor Lautner.

The pair dated back in the summer of 2009, and had the cutest celeb couple name ever – Taylor Squared.

And how did we found out about this, you ask? From Lea Michele, no less.

While speaking on a Facebook Live video for Scream Queens, the conversation quickly turned to past relationships.

That's where Lea chimes in, "Didn't [Taylor] write a song about you?" to which Mr Lautner replies. "That's what she does. She wrote songs."

And then he drops the bomb, "It's called Back to December."

We'll BRB… just gonna replay Back to December over and over and over again.


Taylor Swift is the queen of serial dating in Hollywood, having sparked a new romance with English hottie, Tom Hiddleston. 

The Blank Space singer recently called it quits on a 15-month long relationship with DJ Calvin Harris, and is already back in love with a new man. 

taylor swift

Almost like a dating chameleon, Taylor seems to re-vamp her personal style with every new fella she gets. 

Cutie pie

Ah, the early days. Back in 2008, Taylor dated boy-bander Joe Jonas, and embodied the concept of a pop princess.

Tay was always seen wearing precious pastel numbers, and always looked like the All American princess that she is. 

joe jonas and taylor swift

High school sweetheart

When Tay Swift started dating Taylor Lautner in 2009, her style remained very sweet, and American.

She was seen donning more athletic looks, similar to those Taylor Lautner wore.

Dressing down

Taylor had a brief fling with actor, Jake Gyllenhaal in 2010, which saw her dressing down in a major way, and wearing a lot of dark blues JUST LIKE Jake. 


Darker times

Things changed for Taylor in 2009, when she started a fling with singer-songwriter (and professional bad boy) John Mayer.

Taylor ditched the pretty dresses that she had become known for, and began opting for darker silhouettes, perhaps to match John's #darksoul. 

john mayer and taylor swift

Political stance

Taylor dated political heir, Conor Kennedy for a few months in 2012, and totally embraced her inner Jackie O with midi skirts and floral prints.

Casual cool 

Moving on from the dark shades of John Mayer, T Swift dated our favourite One Direction boy, Harry Styles in 2012.

This relationship involved a laid back approach to style, with Tay seen rocking jeans, jackets and comfortable knitwear throughout. 

harry styles and taylor swift

Getting sexy

Taylor left her princess status behind her when she started dating Calvin Harris in 2015.

We saw daring hem lines, plunging necklines and general sassiness in her style. Taylor also got a major chop, ditching her long blond locks for a more grown up bob. 

Matchy matchy

Taylor's latest beau is English actor, and absolute BABE, Tom Hiddleston.

Nicknamed "Hiddleswift" by the media, the couple have been spotted wearing matching quilted jackets and jeans while out and about. 




Taylor Lautner stole the hearts of everyone when he took on the role of Jacob Black in the Twilight Saga.

And now, he's going to grace our screens once again as he's just joined the cast of Scream Queens.

In the upcoming second season of the comedy-horror show, Taylor will play Dr Cassidy alongside Emma Roberts, Jamie Lee Curtis and Lea Michele.

So far all we know is that his character suffers from a weird medical condition and becomes the main suspect when a series of strange events happen in the college campus.

And of course, his fans freaked when they heard the news:

Yep, dreams are coming true.


We all love Netflix for streaming some of our favourite TV shows and movies, but lately they've really been getting behind creating their own content. 

We already know (and watch) most of it's in-house shows – Orange Is The New Black, House of Cards, The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, etc – but now Netflix announced that it will be producing original movies too. Hurrah!

The first to be released will see Idris Elba starring in political drama, Beasts of No Nation, but we've also come across some other movies coming out soon that caught our attention:


The Ridiculous Six – December 11 2015

This Netflix movie will star big names such as Adam Sandler, Will Forte, Taylor Lautner and Rob Schneider.

It's the first of FOUR Adam Sandler-related movies to stream on the service soon and it's basically a mock-up of the old western-style films. 


A Very Murray Christmas – December 2015

This movie will star Bill Murray, George Clooney (yes!), Amy Poehler, Chris Rock and Miley Cyrus.

With everyone basically playing a heightened version of themselves, Bill Murray decides to put on a Christmas special. But then a snow storm hits New York and Bill worries if his famous guests will make it to the stage on-time.


War Machine – Early 2016

War Machine will star Brad Pitt, Will Poulter and Topher Grace.

Based on the acclaimed novel The Operators: The Wild and Terrifying Inside Story of America's War in Afghanistan, Brad stars as a rock'n'roll army general with a focus on the people who are running satirical campaigns about the war. 


The first novel in Stephanie Meyers Twilight Saga is turning 10 years old this year. 

If that doesn't make you feel old then we don't really know what will. Although, maybe we should take a leaf out of Bella Swan's book and find ourselves a centuries old boyfriend because that definitely keeps a gal feeling young. Not that it was creepy or anything, not at all. 

In honour of the multi-million euro series (and it's cinematic masterpiece counterparts) hitting the big 1-0 we at SHEmazing took a trip down memory lane and realised that despite it being 10 years on, Twilight hasn't answered many questions. 

While the novels only expanded in length as the series went on, we realised once the films were released that there were some aspects that nobody was talking about. We want answers!

Why does everyone fancy the Cullens when they are the #1 models of 'Resting Bitch Face'?

How do the entire Cullen family manage to avoid all of those speeding fines? Their driving is ridiculous.

Why does Bella not find it exceedingly creepy that Edward watches her sleep? They weren't even a couple!

Why isn't Bella more freaked out when she learns that Edward has been watching her sleep?

Did Jacob never find it annoying that his hair got in the way while he was getting super buff? We find our ponytails annoying at the gym, what gives, Jacob?

Why did Jacob take the time to get buff if he wasn't also going to fix his hair?

When Bella and Jacob went on that terrible 'date', who decided to go and see Love Spelled Backwards is Love?

What is the movie Love Spelled Backwards Is Love about?

Remember the werewolf that mauled his girlfriend's face because he "was a little angry"? That was not ok, not even a little bit.

Are we supposed to just accept that Emily's werewolf boyfriend Sam mauled her face because he was pissed off? How is this even remotely OK?

If Bella's dad was a detective, how did the Cullen family and their giant mansion house that appeared in the woods not make him curious?

How did Bella find the motivation to keep going to school and get amazing grades if she knew she was going to become an immortal vampire immediately after she graduated?

What is the point in Jacob getting dressed at all if he's just going to go running around in the rain and rip his clothes off anyway?

Was Bella not kind of creeped out by the fact that everyone she knew was really interested in her virginity for most of her teenage years?




After he was spotted in the press area of a Nicki Minaj concert, the internet went wild thinking Taylor Lautner had left his acting days behind him for a career in photography. But it turns out, this isn't so. (THANK GOD)

He was spotted carrying a Nikon and sporting a newly shaved head in with the rest of the paparazzi crew at the wireless festival in London.

People had total meltdowns when they thought the Twilight star wouldn't be appearing on their screens again, but it turns out he was just watching the concert from there so he wouldn't be bombarded by fans.

It seems the camera Taylor was seen using wasn't even his either, so the rumours were just greatly exaggerated. 

Sources close to the actor told TMZ that everyone got the totally wrong idea when they saw him holding the professional camera in London. 

The source continued to explain that Taylor was surrounded by fans in the VIP area so the event security moved him to the press area. 

But most importantly, it has been reported that Taylor's acting career is going great. He's currently starring in the BBC show "Cuckoo" and has two films coming out in the near future. 



Of all the people you would think about seeing in the press area for a Nicki Minaj concert, we didn’t have Taylor Lautner high up on the list. Or, at all, actually.

But, there he was. Sporting his new buzz cut and a Nikon camera, the Twilight star has made the move behind the lens these days it seems.

The 23-year old was in the press photographer’s area at London’s Wireless Festival on Sunday evening. He is probably not one of the people demanding a refund for his ticket after Nicki showed up two hours late then.

The Michigan native has seen a slowdown in his acting career as of late. While co-stars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson have gone on to star in a number of successful films, Taylor has been keeping a low profile since Breaking Dawn Part 2 hit cinemas in 2012.

The Hollywood Reporter revealed that at one point Taylor was able to earn almost €7 million per film not too long ago.

However, following the critical disaster that was Abduction in 2011 (it received a 4% score on Rotten Tomatoes), the roles seem to be harder and harder for Taylor to come by.

The buff heart throb is obviously not going to let himself sit by idly if this weekend’s activities are any indication.

He seemed to be taking his photographer duties very seriously as he snapped photos of Nicki’s controversial concert.

The US music star ended up stuck in traffic en route to her performance which left her fans waiting for hours before she made her appearance.

Her lateness meant she ended up interrupting David Guetta’s set and fans were not impressed.

The Mirror reports that after some fans had to leave the festival and miss Nicki’s performance, they’re demanding refunds for their tickets (which can cost up to €100) , with some taking to Twitter to voice their outrage. 


Fans of the Twilight series will be delighted to hear that one of the film's male stars is single once again!

Actor Taylor Lautner, known for his role as Jacob in the vampire film series, has split from his long-term girlfriend Marie Avgeropoulos.

​Taylor's epic body transformation from flab to abs between the first and second Twilight film had every female fan pretty excited, but in 2013 Taylor was snapped up by fellow actress Marie after the couple met on the set of action movie Tracers.

The pair split at least two months ago, according to a source, who says the whole ordeal was "completely amicable."

The actor seems to be enjoying his return to singlehood so far – the insider says he is "dating and having fun. Nothing serious." However it seems Taylor might be looking for someone VERY different this time – there are unconfirmed reports on gossip site Radar Online that the star was recently spotted in two different gay hotspots in West Hollywood, The Abbey and Mother Lode. Hmmm…

While they were together, Taylor and Marie were notoriously private about their relationship, only rarely making public appearances together and always keeping a low profile when out and about. 

Prior to meeting Marie, Taylor was seeing his Abduction co-star Lily Collins, and he also briefly dated Taylor Swift after the two met on the set of Valentine's Day. We wonder which co-star will be next?!