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Geordie Shore’s Gary Beadle has been hospitalised after a night out in Loughborough.

The popular reality star sparked concern among fans last night when he posted a series of Snapchats from Leicester’s Royal Infirmary after injuring his knee while making a nightclub appearance.

The 28-year-old shared a picture of two ambulances with the caption “Not how you want your night to end” before uploading a video of himself being pushed around A&E in a wheelchair.



A photo posted by gazgshore (@gazgshore) on

Earlier today, Charlotte Crosby’s ex took to Twitter to provide his followers with an injury update.

He wrote: “STILLLLL in hospital #RIPgazsknee.”

Hours later Gaz tweeted: “Fractured knee tho.  MRI scan on Friday…House bound for me.”



There's notions – and then there's notions that we're actually rather fond of.

Case in point being the launch of SWEET potato fries at Abrakebabra – a menu addition that here in SHEmazing! Towers we are actually ALL sorts of excited about. 

Of course, the eatery has long been a fail-safe soakage option at the end of a long night out: taco fries, quarter pounder, and a meat feast kebab ftw, after all. 

However, lately the much-loved establishment has been getting seriously fancy… a move which has only made us love it even more. 

Step forward the likes of crunchy falafel kebabs, chicken club burgers – and now sweet potato fries, which – as everyone knows – are totally healthy and therefore not something to feel remotely guilty about scoffing large quantities of.

The Irish-owned Abrakebabra also says Naomi Campbell, Colin Farrell, Jimmy Carr and Cheryl Cole are among its mega-fans, and frankly we're very much hoping to see Chezza tuck into a large bowl of sweet potato fries very soon. 


As anyone who’s ever pretended to be a car to get a late night McFlurry will know, drive-thrus are a no-go zone for pedestrians.  But thanks to some innovative people at McDonald's that trend could soon be a thing of the past.

A Welsh branch of the fast food giant has become the first McDonald's to trial a “walk-thru” lane for weekend party goers.

According to The Sun, the restaurant in Llandudno, North Wales now opens a pedestrian lane between the hours of 2.30 and 4am to help those feeling the effects of the night get their fast food fix.

A spokesperson for Mickey Ds told the paper that the “walk-thru” was set up by the local restaurant manager to help those attending the area’s recently re-opened nightclub go home happy.

Oh, what a time to be alive!




On every night out while there are going to be a hundred great things that will definitely happen, there is also going to be a number of not so great things that are bound to crop up. 

Most of these you tend to only realise after the events themselves. It happens, and most of the time we can laugh it off and focus on the good things. After hundreds of nights on the town having the time of your life though there are still a few things that crop up every single time. Whether these are bad or good just know that you are definitely not alone, it happens to us all. 

You've been lying in bed all day watching Netflix and now you have 25 minutes to get ready:

You make the fatal mistake of asking your friends for fashion advice:

Someone plays your absolute jam and you must dance:

You're probably the only person dancing, but it's just so great:

When the taxi arrives and no one is ready:

You lie and see you have to pee but really you're in the bathroom taking a selfie:

You get caught, by someone you don't even know:

So you try and play it cool by complimenting them, on anything:

You immediately become BFFs:

You decide it's the perfect time to start texting people you really shouldn't:

It's ok though, because then you realise that it is now time for food:




On every night out there are always a series of things which are guaranteed to go wrong. After hundreds of nights on the town, we still don't know how to deal with them and probably never will.

Here are the five worst things that happen while on a night out…

1. Getting an eyelash in your eye after putting on your make-up
Just gonna have to stay here blinking in intense pain until it moves by itself because no time for smudging the winged eyeliner.

2. Spilling cranberry juice or red wine on your white jeans
No time to change so lets cry instead. 


3. Realising you only have enough money for either food or paying into the nightclub
"Lads I'll meet you in Maccy D's later, have a good night without me." There's just no competition, nuggets everytime…

4. Seeing a girl in the same dress as you
This mainly applies with a girl you don't like while at a house party. Morto. Fairy godmother where you at?

5. That moment of panic when you think you've lost your phone and nobody can calm you
"I've lost two important things: my best friend and my phone… so has anyone seen an iPhone with a polka dot cover?"




Owner of V+ Modelling agency Vicki Mooney has opened up about a terrifying incident in which she stopped breathing after her drink was spiked.

Vicki appeared on TV3’s Midday earlier today and spoke of the ordeal which saw her collapse after leaving a nightclub, not long after refusing a man’s advances to leave with him.

Her friend performed CPR on her and she was rushed to St Luke’s Hospital in Kilkenny: “I was fine. I had my normal few drinks that I normally had, and had a great night’s dance. There was a guy that evening that had kind of pressured me into leaving with him. I said, ‘no, no, no’, and he was ushered out. Fifteen minutes later we left, and we were 20ft away from the B&B across the road. I remember my arms and legs began to feel weak. It was a strange feeling. I started to fee nauseous and dizzy. Apparently I just hit the floor and I was gone. And Anna [her friend] who was a trained first responder… performed CPR as I had stopped breathing.”

Vicki said that as the weeks started to go by following the terrifying incident, she began to realise what had actually happened to her: “So I was perfectly fine leaving the club ten minutes after everyone was ushered out, but I hit the floor and I don’t remember anything else. I presumed I was [spiked] because it wasn’t one of those crazy nights where there was dancing on tables.”



Very few of us jump at the chance to be the designated driver on a girls night out, but there are some occasions when a night on the tiles may be an alcohol-free experience and we all just need to accept it!

Whether you drew the short straw and promised to bring everyone home or your wallet simply can’t stretch to five double vodkas; you will at some point find yourself the only sober one in a gang of drunken mates. Uh, life!

But here, ladies, are just a few reasons why that is not The Worst Thing Ever.

You know all the effort you put into your hair and make-up? Well, isn't it nice to know that you’re going to look just as bangin’ at the end of the night as you did when you first strutted into the bar?

Hey, see your friend over there that just spilled a pint down her new dress? That’s not you for once, now rejoice!

There's no way you're going to be short changed at the bar this time. Oh no, this is NOT going to be repeat of the night you tried to buy yourself and your reflection a drink and that damn barman let you.

Bask in your clear state of mind, wily ways and tight purse strings.

You know the way you have a whole host of memories now that you've woken up? Embrace them.

How many times have you woken up from a night with the girls and had to ring yourself to find out who you were? No? Just us?

Those memories, when you are lucky enough to have them after a night out, are usually accompanied by a heaving stomach and blinding headache. Not this time. Need we say any more?

Embrace the feel-good factor, get yourself a healthy breakfast instead of your standard, 'been waiting to ring Domino’s since 9am' pizza and enjoy every nutritious morsel.

You know those texts you’re currently receiving from distraught friends who don’t know if it’s Sunday or August? That’s not you.

You know damn well it’s November and you’re going to enjoy every second of it.

There's definitely a lot to be said for abstaining from the old devil juice every once in a while, but that doesn't mean you should turn your back on those wild nights out with the girls where the blind lead the blind, the drunk dance with the drunk and the hungover comfort the hungover.

It's acceptable in your twenties so embrace it. 

You can enjoy fifty two wholesome hangover-free Sundays in your forties.



If you're planning for a big event, be it a party, a wedding or a work Christmas party, you can get so caught up in outfit choices and hair styling that it's easy to forget the little things.

A few unwelcome drops of rain or a spilled glass of wine can be the difference between a great night and one that you'd rather was over ASAP.

Here are a few things to carry in your handbag next time you're prepping for a night out!

1. An umbrella
Handbag umbrellas generally aren't the sturdiest but they'll get you from A to B without leaving you soaked. Avoid the really cheap ones and spend a few extra euro to avoid having to dump your wind-battered umbrella in the bin after two minutes. We love this geisha style one from Dunnes!

Carolyn Donnelly Eclectic Geisha Umbrella, Dunnes Stores, €12

2. A mini sewing kit
It might seem excessive now but you'll be thanking your lucky stars if a seam splits or a button pops off in the middle of the evening! This cute kit from Hickey's has needles, thread and all the other essentials.

Daisy Mae Sewing Kit, Home Focus at Hickey's, €9

3. Blister plasters
New shoes – our best pal and worst enemy. You just KNOW when putting on those new stilettos that they're going to be a killer, but the reality doesn't really sink in until you're silently screaming in pain one hour into the night. Stay pain free with some heel-friendly gel plasters – the Scholl Party Feet range is our fave.

Scholl Party Feet Sore Spots, €5.79

4. Baby wipes or make-up wipes
A mini pack of wipes will be a lifesaver for spills and make-up stains, and they'll tidy up smudged eyeliner or mascara too – so these are key if you sense it'll be an emotional night!

Nivea 7-pack Make-Up Wipes, €1.79

5. Double-sided tape
That dress might have looked fab in the shop but you neglected to notice that peeping bra strap sticking out underneath. Double-sided body tape can fix all manner of style woes – from closing gaping necklines to keeping bra straps in check! 

Eyelure Body Tape, Boots, €6.50

6. Instant stain remover
Avoid a coffee, chocolate or make-up related disaster with an instant stain remover. Simply apply some of the small bar to the affected area, then sponge or rinse with water and blot off the excess. This bar can also be used as a pre-treater for really stubborn stains the next day – just apply with water before putting in the washing machine.

Vanish Stain Remover Stick 75g, Tesco, €3.90



Everyone has their own signature and this can be a good, or a very bad thing… 

We have all either seen these dancers or been these dancers on one occasion or another!

1. The Having a Good Time Dancer

They don't care who's watching, their dancing shoes are there and the floor is theirs for the taking. 

2. The Person Who is Actually Great at Dancing Dancer

You stand there doing your awkward dance (see below) when suddenly they break out the Irish dancing moves…

3. The Awkward Dancer

They do not feel comfortable dancing and you can really tell. They don’t want to be here but were dragged out to the floor by their ‘friends’. They haven’t had nearly enough alcohol to even pretend to be having a good time. 

4. The Ironic Dancer

Maybe they can’t dance, maybe they don’t have the confidence to try, but they don’t let that stop them from being one of the dance-floor’s favourites. They are masters of the Macerena, the Chicken Dance, the Robot, and Gangham Style. The crowd loves them and they love performing for the crowd. Like #1, they have a great time but unlike #1 they need the crowd to prove to themselves they are having a good time. 

5. The Sexed Up Couple ‘Dancers’

The nightmare dancers. 

6. The Wasted Dancer

You honestly can’t tell how they are still upright, and then they’ll fall to the ground. They try to bring their drinks out with them and the bouncers keep a keen eye on them. Usually they are alone which makes you wonder did they arrive like that and if so how did they get in? And looking at them giving it their all on the dance-floor, surely they’d have sweated out all the alcohol by now?

7. The Enthusiastic Floor Hogging Dancer

They are waving their arms and jumping around like no one else exists. They are having an unbelievable time. And are having it all by themselves. Too much vodka red-bulls for this chap. 

8. The Girls Night Dancers

These girls are out to have a good time. They are screaming ‘This is our song!’ for basically every single song the DJ plays. We've all been these girls and it is SO much fun!

9. The Unwanted Grinding ‘Dancer’

What. The. Hell. These guys never give up either – they'll just be there, at your butt all night. 

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1. “I wonder if she’ll be there”
Discussing if THAT girl you don’t like will show her face tonight and having a bit of a bitch in general.. It’s a girl thing.

2. “Do you think they’ll search my bag or can I keep my vodka in there?”
A difficult decision, do you take the chance that the bouncers will be sound and not search your bag or do you down it in the queue before you go in?

3. “Shots Shots Shots Shots Shots”
Usually chanted, but deeply regretted the following morning…

4. “Is my tan ok? look at my knees”
Girl problems mean that false tan is unfortunately sometimes essential and even if you’re an expert at putting it on, the elements will probably ruin it… Sigh.

5. The lost phone scare
That moment when you look in your bag and your phone is nowhere in sight, you have a nervous breakdown while frantically searching your bag before you realise it’s in your bra.

Your friends get dragged to the dance floor to strut your stuff to ‘your song’ and you sing your little heart out. It’s more than likely a Beyonce song… 90% of the girls in the room also think it’s their song too

7. “I wish I wore flats”
As the night goes on you realise wearing heels (as usual) was not your best decision, your feet hurt so much and at this stage you’re considering going barefoot.

8. “Is he good looking?"
You 100% rely on your friends at this moment to ensure it is not your intoxicated state or desperateness clouding your usually impeccable judgement

9. Random DMCs with the crying girl in the bathroom
Without fail there is always that one girl in the bathroom crying her eyes out over losing her friends/ phone/ money or after having a fight with her boyfriend or just guys being dicks in general, so you prepare your ‘He’s not worth it speech’ while you wait for your friend to finish up.

10. Becoming best friends with other drunk girls in the bathroom
It is very true when they say if girls acted like they do when they’re drunk in nightclub toilets all the time the world would be a better place.  It’s nice to have friendly chats with them and get them to take full length pictures of you and your friends.

…Or silently fearing the impatient aggressive girl who starts banging on the toilet doors!

11. “I’m so over him”
Declaring to the world how over him you are and how you don’t care about how he’s liking other girl’s pictures on Facebook…

12. “Do you think I should text/call him?
When you’re drunk, calling or texting your ex seems like such a fabulous idea…blame the tequila

13. Remember when..
Reminiscing on all the other adventures you’ve shared in the past

14. “Where are we going for food after this?”
Intense conversations about what you’re going to eat on the way home…

15. “Take a selfie for Snapchat”
We’re girls and selfies are a way of life…Snapchat stories are essential on a night out

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It's not all cocktails and spray tans – there are some really annoying things about going on a girls night out…

1. The pressure of getting ready
While we're excited about our night out, getting ready and choosing our clothes can be SO annoying. 


2.  Irish Weather ruining our style..literally
Quickly doing a make-up session in the back seat of the taxi before disembarking from a vehicle filled with merry girls. And of course, with the inevitabilities of Irish weather, a massive squall of wind comes and sticks your coiffured hair to your lip-gloss. This may seem trivial in the grand scheme of things, but it’s not a good look prior to making your main entrance.


3. Do you know who I am?
Strutting up to the very top of the queue, despite there being an evident and lengthy group of punters waiting to get in. The personality drink you just indulged in at pre-drinks empowers you with the audacity to do so. However, your self- assumed celebrity status is met with the reprimanding words of the bouncer to join the queue with the rest of your peasant counterparts – ‘end of the queue love.’


4. Toilet formalities
Straight to the toilets to be met with another large queue and some awful girls banging on the cubicle door like you’re under attack, urging you to ‘hurry up’ (okay, in reality that may be spoken with some expletives). However, you can’t hurry up because there’s about four of your mates shoved into the same cubicle having an absolute DMC. 


5. Oh no you did not!
You’ve finally fought your way to the bar besieged by a profusion of people. Having received your drink, you turn and make for the dance floor when some girl steps on your toe. I mean it when I say there is possibly no other pain in the world quite like it. An utter sense of rage descends upon you. 


6. Feeling like the bag lady
Being on a cheap one, or in other words being so frugal you can’t spare some change to put your coat in the cloakroom, thus you’re condemned to lugging it around for the night – effectively ruining your entire outfit and disenabling you to ooze any sense of coolness while creeping through the club. You don’t see Carrie Bradshaw bearing the burden of an anorak coat in a high-end LA nightclub do you?


7. Hey Mister DJ!
Surely we all love some classic oldies or a good chart song, but when the same music is played on every night out, it almost drives you to drink more just to drown out the harsh reality that NEYO is playing for the sixth time in a row.


8. Wearing heels is a workout, forget about squats!!
If a nightclub has too many unnecessary staircases, your night begins to feel more like an actual work out more than anything else. Sporting killer heels alone constitutes exercise, and this is something we females are willingly to sacrifice within reason. However, clambering the steps is potentially both dangerous and ludicrous! Elevators are key..


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Sometimes, nights out just don't go to plan. Here are some of the worst things that can go wrong and ruin a perfectly good night on the tiles. 


1. Phone Running Out Of Battery
Forever alone…how did people do this back in the pre-mobile phone days?! It's madness. 



2. Losing Your Phone/Purse/Keys
Even worse than your phone running out of battery is actually losing the stupid thing. At least if the phone runs out of battery, all it does is ruin your night. But if you lose it, that ruins your whole week. The same goes for wallets, purses and keys, as you have to find replacements for all of the cards and keys that are probably on the floor in some random night club bathroom.

lost stuff


3. Bumping Into Your Ex
Never a good thing, but the level at which it ruins your night is entirely dependent on what terms you ended things with them. If they were relatively good terms, then you can say a polite hello before just trying to avoid them for the rest of the night. But if things ended badly, all you can hope for is that you don’t end up in a shouting match about something that happened a year ago.

awkeard hi


4. Spending Way Too Much Money
This might not ruin your night so much as it ruins the next morning, when you find all of the receipts in your pockets and it turns out you both a round of tequila shots. Twice. And you don’t even remember having tequila, let alone doing a round of them.



5. Getting Stuck In A Queue Anywhere
To get in. For the toilets. For the cloak room. For food. Waiting anywhere is a pain in the ass, and the later in the night it goes the more annoying it becomes, especially if all you want to do is go home.



6. Rethinking Where To Go If Someone Doesn’t Get In
This is more of a problem in the first couple of years of college, when every club seems to have a different age limit for different nights of the week. You try to sort ID's for everyone, but this inevitably doesn’t work, and you have to rack your brains for another place to go.

now what


7. One Of Your Friends Fights With Their Other Half
There’s always that one couple who fights on every night out, and despite the fact that you try to not get involved, it still puts a dampener on the mood, and ruins everyone else’s night slightly.



8. Losing Everyone For Most Of The Night
As explained in the first point, this can happen as a result of losing your phone, but sometimes no matter how many times you text and ring people they just won’t hear their phone, and you still end up being stranded at the end of the night, alternating between walking around the club looking for people and standing in the one place hoping that they are walking around looking for you.



9. Getting Stuck Talking To Someone
Why is it that whenever you get stuck talking to someone in a club, it’s always someone you don’t really know or someone you don’t really like? And it ends up being quite an awkward conversation, but they never get that impression that it is, and continue to talk to you for the majority of your night.



10. Friend Getting Too Drunk/Kicked Out
And it’s always you who ends up having to go and look after them, comforting them in McDonald’s and eventually bringing them home, praying the entire way that they don’t get sick in the taxi.



11. You Getting Too Drunk/Kicked Out
Mixed with the general feeling of sickness is also some embarrassment, shame, and even some guilt as one of your friends is now forced to return the favour and look after you. Although this guilt doesn’t stop you being glad that they came to look after you.

thrown out


12. Leaving Too Late That Your Favourite Restaurant Is Closed
So when you arrive to your favourite restaurant only to discover that it’s 5am and the place closes at 4:30am, the feeling of utter devastation is hard to describe, but is similar to finding out that McDonald’s has moved onto the breakfast menu. 



13. Having To Get A Taxi On Your Own
Can happen for any number of reasons, but paying for the full fare when you know that you’d only have to pay a quarter of that if you had four of your friends with you is never enjoyable.


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