Irish model reveals terrifying ordeal with spiked drink


Owner of V+ Modelling agency Vicki Mooney has opened up about a terrifying incident in which she stopped breathing after her drink was spiked.

Vicki appeared on TV3’s Midday earlier today and spoke of the ordeal which saw her collapse after leaving a nightclub, not long after refusing a man’s advances to leave with him.

Her friend performed CPR on her and she was rushed to St Luke’s Hospital in Kilkenny: “I was fine. I had my normal few drinks that I normally had, and had a great night’s dance. There was a guy that evening that had kind of pressured me into leaving with him. I said, ‘no, no, no’, and he was ushered out. Fifteen minutes later we left, and we were 20ft away from the B&B across the road. I remember my arms and legs began to feel weak. It was a strange feeling. I started to fee nauseous and dizzy. Apparently I just hit the floor and I was gone. And Anna [her friend] who was a trained first responder… performed CPR as I had stopped breathing.”

Vicki said that as the weeks started to go by following the terrifying incident, she began to realise what had actually happened to her: “So I was perfectly fine leaving the club ten minutes after everyone was ushered out, but I hit the floor and I don’t remember anything else. I presumed I was [spiked] because it wasn’t one of those crazy nights where there was dancing on tables.”