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Going away on your holliers is probably one of the best experiences.

The excitement builds as you wake up early and head to the airport, and the minute you reach the plane, you can finally forget about all the bothersome things happening at home.

Image result for bridesmaids airplane gif

Ah, relaaax.

But wait, what's that? Ouch… Yep, someone is kicking your seat.

Whether it's a child who doesn't know any better or an adult kneeing you in the back, it's super annoying and frustrating.

And it looks like many agree with us, as a recent survey by Expedia has found that a 'Rear Seat Kicker' is the most annoying thing to happen to you when flying.

But of course, that's not the only troublesome thing that someone can do while on a plane. According to the New York Post, here are the top ten major irritants:

Image result for airplane gif

1. The Rear Seat Kicker (64 percent)

2. Inattentive Parents (59 percent)

3. The Aromatic Passenger (55 percent)

4. The Audio Insensitive (49 percent)

5. The Boozer (49 percent)

6. Chatty Cathy (40 percent)

7. The Queue Jumper (35 percent)

8. Seat-Back Guy (35 percent)

9. The Armrest Hog (34 percent)

10. Pungent Foodies (30 percent)


We all know the one. 

We dodge them in the weight room and God forbid we have to run on the treadmill beside them. 

They just seem to make going to the gym a lot more difficult and way more time-consuming.

If you don't want to be one of these pests, here are a few simple rules for fit-i-quette (fitness etiquette, FYI):

Put it back

No one has hide and seek on their workout routine. People who move equipment around or just drop dumbells wherever they please are the most frequent and annoying offenders. If you move something, always put it back where you found it. 


Wipe down equipment

This is just hygienic! Many facilities have a towelette dispenser and mostly all have hand towels. Just grab one and quickly run it along where you were working out. It doesn't take much time and is way more pleasant for the person who is next in line. Nobody wants to sit on another persons sweat. Gross.


Ditch your bags

We get that you might be in for a quick morning session but bringing your bags into the workout area isn't just annoying, it's a safety concern too. Don't make fellow exercisers hop over all your stuff. 


Ask for help 

Unsure how to use that workout bench? Ask! It may be intimidating asking for help but trainers encourage it. There's no point trying to figure out how to use something for twenty minutes because you're only losing workout time and it will also annoy other people in the gym waiting to use the machine after you. 


Tone down the tech

While it might be all well and good to post a motivating snap pre- or post-workout, taking a million selfies during your workout is just frustrating for other people. No one wants to sit and look while you take a picture of yourself on EVERY machine. 



It's not all cocktails and spray tans – there are some really annoying things about going on a girls night out…

1. The pressure of getting ready
While we're excited about our night out, getting ready and choosing our clothes can be SO annoying. 


2.  Irish Weather ruining our style..literally
Quickly doing a make-up session in the back seat of the taxi before disembarking from a vehicle filled with merry girls. And of course, with the inevitabilities of Irish weather, a massive squall of wind comes and sticks your coiffured hair to your lip-gloss. This may seem trivial in the grand scheme of things, but it’s not a good look prior to making your main entrance.


3. Do you know who I am?
Strutting up to the very top of the queue, despite there being an evident and lengthy group of punters waiting to get in. The personality drink you just indulged in at pre-drinks empowers you with the audacity to do so. However, your self- assumed celebrity status is met with the reprimanding words of the bouncer to join the queue with the rest of your peasant counterparts – ‘end of the queue love.’


4. Toilet formalities
Straight to the toilets to be met with another large queue and some awful girls banging on the cubicle door like you’re under attack, urging you to ‘hurry up’ (okay, in reality that may be spoken with some expletives). However, you can’t hurry up because there’s about four of your mates shoved into the same cubicle having an absolute DMC. 


5. Oh no you did not!
You’ve finally fought your way to the bar besieged by a profusion of people. Having received your drink, you turn and make for the dance floor when some girl steps on your toe. I mean it when I say there is possibly no other pain in the world quite like it. An utter sense of rage descends upon you. 


6. Feeling like the bag lady
Being on a cheap one, or in other words being so frugal you can’t spare some change to put your coat in the cloakroom, thus you’re condemned to lugging it around for the night – effectively ruining your entire outfit and disenabling you to ooze any sense of coolness while creeping through the club. You don’t see Carrie Bradshaw bearing the burden of an anorak coat in a high-end LA nightclub do you?


7. Hey Mister DJ!
Surely we all love some classic oldies or a good chart song, but when the same music is played on every night out, it almost drives you to drink more just to drown out the harsh reality that NEYO is playing for the sixth time in a row.


8. Wearing heels is a workout, forget about squats!!
If a nightclub has too many unnecessary staircases, your night begins to feel more like an actual work out more than anything else. Sporting killer heels alone constitutes exercise, and this is something we females are willingly to sacrifice within reason. However, clambering the steps is potentially both dangerous and ludicrous! Elevators are key..


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We all have them, we complain and moan about them… But we still don’t ‘hide’ them.

1. The Bragger
This is the friend who is posting about all of their material items. Example: “New Car!” “New Phone!” “New Hair!” Also posts exotic holiday snaps when the rest of us are stuck in work or college, and the only beach we will see is the one on our desktop wallpaper.

Bitch I'm Fabulous

2. The Selfie Queen
This person is CONSTANTLY posting pictures of themself, although you’re pretty sure you know what they look like already.

3. The Joker
Everyone has a few of these; the ones who post random hilarious statements that you have definitely pondered in your own head before but have never been ballsy enough to say aloud…

4. The Music Buff
This person usually falls into the indie or hipster category and posts a yYouTubelink for some new, hip, under recognised band on a daily basis and just KNOWS you haven't heard of them. 

5. The Duck Face
Usually girls, this is the one who is always posting pictures of them out on the town, glammed up to the max, pulling the most perfected duck face you have ever seen.

6. The Hangover Fiend
This is the kind of people who post statuses about how “unbelievably dyyyyin” they are, or who are tagged in photos looking worse for wear after a heavy night of boozing.

hungover hangover gif

7. The Foodie
This is the person who uploads photos of the meal they’re about to eat/have just eaten. So. Annoying. And it makes us have uncontrollable cravings… Foooooooood, nom. At least they're inspiration though. 


8. The Promoter
That guy who invites you to every event under the sun, knowing that you have no intention, nor will you ever have, of going to the “Ladies Poker Night” or the “Sexy Strippers” club evening. 

9. The Hypocrite
This is the friend who posts really positive, uplifting quotes, or links inspirational stories, but you know that in person they are pessimistic, down trodden and miserable. Also the people who make cruel, unnecessary comments one week, then post a status about how that-thing-they-said-last-week is a pet peeve of theirs.

10. The Moaner
Constantly taking to Facebook to post about what a bad day they’re having, or to write about pointless things none of us care about, such as “Waiting for the bus in the rain :(” Shut up please.

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There are some questions in this life that should never be asked. You know that type of questions we mean. The ones that make time seem to stand still and that make you want to shrivel up and die inside a little. The ones that if you could turn back time and un-hear, you most definitely would.

So, in order to prepare you for every eventuality, here are some extremely awkward life questions to try and avoid:

1. “So, what are you doing with your life now?”

Well, right now I’m wishing you’d turn around and pretend you didn't see me, you?

2. “How’s the love life?”

Oh fantastic. Despite the fact that we don't know or even like each other that much, you are definitely the person with whom we will share all details of our love life with. Even if it consists of nothing more than repeats of The Notebook.

3. “Still single?”

Still a jerk?

4. “Will we hear wedding bells any time soon?”

Leave me alone!

5. “Do you want kids some day?”

None yo' business!

6. “Are you using protection?”

Oh dear God please stop. Seriously mom. 

7. “Where do you see yourself in ten years time?”

I try not to think about life in ten days time, so ten years is a bit ridiculous isn't it?

8. “What are your salary expectations?”

More than this but what choice is there?

9. “What would you say are your best qualities?”

Bleugh, this one is so hard. There's a fine line between confident and arrogant. 

10. “Why do you think you should get this job?”

Well, the dole is good for about two weeks and then the days just drag and Doctor Phil reruns are back to the start again so…yeah. 

11. “How much do you weigh?”

Just enough.

12. “How many times a week do you work out?”

Couldn't even count it's so often. 

13. “Are you sleeping with them?”

Unless it's your BFF, that's none of your concern. 

14. “So what’s your magic number?”

A lady does not kiss and tell. Not to you anyway. 

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Instagram is a place to look good, that much is obvious (hello, filters?!) However, there are those choice few who just take it TOO FAR. Consider yourself blocked. 

1. Airport Check-in
It's jealousy, so what. 


2. Juice Diets
Ooh, you're just sooooo healthy. Damn it, where's the Dairy Milk?! 


 3. Healthy Foods
#paleo #cleanliving #glutenfree #fitspo #healthyliving – #youaresoannoyingcanyoupleasestopdoingthisthanks. Unless you are blogging, or have a purpose behind this, no one cares if you went to the gym, you’re eating healthily or you made the most delicious paleo brownies.


 4. #nofilter
We get it. You are not just good looking, you are good looking enough to not use a filter. Congratulations! You have achieved more than you know. On a serious note, this hastag is painful.


5. Fake Quotes
Finding a quote in a meme or finding one in Google images doesn’t necessarily mean it is true. Some of the Marilyn Monroe and Brigitte Bardot quotes people post, they have never said. 


6. Work-Out Selfies
Oh no, you forget to tell the world you were going to the gym, what will you do now? For some reason some fellow Instagrammers out there feel they should let the world know every time they are in the gym. Whether it is on the treadmill, in the locker room or lifting weights, you just have to show people. 


7. Couple Selfies
It can be cute if done tastefully but we do not want to see you sticking your tongue down your fella's throat! 





It’s summer and you know what that means – roadtrips! To the beach, to the coast, to the shops, in a taxi to the club, you know, wherever!

However, roadtrips can often bring out the worst in people. Here are the worst characters you will encounter on your roadtrip.

 1. The “DJ”
They can’t help but change the radio station every minute, never listening to a song the whole way through even if they like it. They’re the same kind of people who change the music all the time at house parties, and seem to have the attention span of a 6 year old.


2. Social media addicts
In their eyes, all of their friends and followers on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat must know about the car journey, where a drive to the shop becomes a “road trip with my bestie xoxo.”


3. Drunk people
Loud and annoying, made all the worse by the fact that you’re incredibly jealous that you’re not one of them.


4. Sh*t navigators
Even if they have Google Maps on their phone, they still can’t work out where the car is or where we’re going. This category also includes the people that give directions like “it’s over there,” when they’re in the back seat and you can’t see where they’re pointing.


5. Talkers
Especially annoying if you’re going somewhere new and are trying to concentrate on road signs and lane positions, while they’re telling you about how drunk they were on their last night out, or recounting every detail of whatever TV show they’re watching at the moment.

shut up

6. Critics
Even though the person in the test centre deemed you a good enough driver to give you a licence, this doesn’t stop them finding fault with everything you do. The worst kinds of people are critics who don’t even have a licence, but have been driving for a while and claim they just: “haven’t got a chance to book it yet.”

doing it wrong

7. Farters
They seem to wait until all of the doors are closed and the car is moving before letting rip, giving absolutely no warning so as to give people a chance to maybe open a window or cover their nose or something. They’re always the smelliest farts as well.


8. Scabby people
Full of empty promises of petrol money and paying back the favour of giving you a lift when they learn to drive, you have long since lost hope of ever seeing either of these things.


9. Smokers
That stale smoke smell can ruin a car, so be careful not to let anyone light up in your car, especially if it’s actually your parents’ car. Drunk people are the worst for this.


10. Messy people
This is a car, not a bin. Please take your empty bottles, cans and wrappers with you. Drunk people are the worst for this as well actually. Bet you really regret not drinking now don’t you?

messy car

11. “Passenger Wankers”
Yes, when it was first shown, The Inbetweeners’ “bus wankers” joke was hilarious. But that was 5 years ago, and actually doing it yourself stopped being funny about 4 years and 11 months ago. Please roll the window back up.

bus wankers

12. Awkwardly tall people
They can’t help that their elbows and knees get in the way of the gear stick and the handbrake when they’re in the passenger seat, or jamming their knees into your seat if they’re sitting in the back. But you can’t help thinking that if their legs are that long, they would’ve been quicker walking.


13. Fidgeters
Messing with the heating, the volume on the radio, the electric window, the sun visor; it probably takes every bit of self-control that they have not to reach over and start messing with any buttons that might be on the steering wheel.


14. Nervous people
They get so nervous when you’re approaching roundabouts and other junctions that it almost rubs off on you, and you start to doubt your own ability to drive, especially considering the fact that they’ve left a dent in the dashboard from gripping it so tightly.


15. Your Parent(s)
A combination of critics and nervous people rolled into one.


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There are certian things that people in couples do that drives single people mad. Like these for example:

1. Giving relationship advice to single people
Just don’t do it. They don’t want to know.


2. Using themselves as an example of a successful relationship
In their rambling about being in a relationship they use themselves as an example of a perfect relationship. Gah!


3. Referring to themselves as “we”
“We were thinking of going out if you want to join us?” or “We think it’s better to stay in tonite“. You have been going out for two weeks  and you’re already talking like you’re married. Wait until you have gone out for a couple of months, when everyone starts referring to you as a couple,  you will do anything to be seen as an individual.


4. Letting everyone how long you they have been together
It always seems to be some sort of anniversary,  whether it’s your actual anniversary or that time when you went to the beach and got ice-cream. You think that everyone needs to know how long you guys have been together “Well next week we’re going on 6 months” which results in another annoying Facebook status about how you’ve been through so much together.

75809-everybody-knows-nobody-cares-g-ZR8p5. Comparing themselves to Jay-Z and Beyoncé
“Oh my God, Drunk in Love, that is totally us babe”, too much info, thanks.


6. Constant status updates about their significant other
“Love you babes xxx” and  “you’re always there for me when I need you,” we know that you’re in a relationship, so we don’t need you to constantly update us on how things are going.


7. Posting those girly photos on Facebook
Every girl loves to post these photos to show much they love their boyfriend. Yeah, we get it, you don’t have to tell us every little thing that he does.

tumblr_n3268fN1JL1s4g9a0o1_5008. Texting each other all the time
When they get a text from the boyfriend/girlfriend there’s literally nothing else in the world that is more important. Even if they text back “k” they feel like you have to send them some long winded text about how much they love each other.


9. Synchronised laughing
It’s very creepy when you both laugh at the same time and make the exact same sound when you do it. You probably think it’s cute, but to everyone else, it’s just downright freaky.


10. Saying “Awwww” together when you see something cute
It is as if you are just one big girly organism who can’t contain themselves when they see something cute. You watched Despicable Me together and now anytime you see anything to do with minions you have to share it on their wall.

awww-eccbc87e4b5ce2fe28308fd9f2a7baf3-169111. Singing “Your song” together
It seems to change every week, it could literally be any song about a relationship and then you say “It’s like they wrote this song for us, baby?” Yeah, because you’re the only two people in a relationship at this moment in time.


12. Whispering in each others ear and then saying you wouldn’t understand
When you’re with a couple there is nothing more annoying than when they exclude you from the conversation. They whisper in each other’s ear and pretend like nothing happened. If you’re going to be that juvenile, you might as well pass each other notes like you used to do in school.


13. You bring a plus one even when they haven’t been invited
Even when your boyfriend/girlfriend isn’t invited you still insist on bringing a plus one. You say it’s because you can’t stand being away from them but really you just don’t trust them.

tumblr_mg8q1qL4Zj1qhd14co1_25014. Prolonged public displays of affection
We get you love each other and that you want to express it physically, but you’re not at home, you’re in a public space. We don’t need to see you getting freaky on a park bench when we’re eating lunch.

I-want-to-do-this-everytime-I-see-annoying-couples-kissing-in-public15.  Telling everyone how much you have in common
“It’s like were the same person, we have so much in common.” If one of these things is that you both like The Notebook, we have some bad news. Guys just say they like things so that girls will think that they have a sensitive side.


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Social media is meant to be fun, but that doesn’t mean you should go hell for leather when it comes to posting photos from last night or updating statuses (ahem, football fever anyone?). Here are some great tips to stop your friends from hiding your latest status updates:

Tag attack
It’s all well and good when you’re the one uploading and tagging the photos from the night before, but beware, if you tag your friend when she’s not looking her best, she WILL get you back. When you least expect it.

Selfie central
We’re all for uploading the odd selfie, but if you do it too often, people will get bored. Save them for when you’re looking REALLY well and want to show it off!

Angry status updates about other people
These are definitely not good. Keep your personal issues to yourself- you’ll regret it in the long run if you don’t.

Love, love, love
We all want to shout it from the rooftops when we’re feeling the lurrrve for our significant other, but if you do this too often you will start to grate on peoples’ nerves. Especially those who aren’t as loved up as you.

Retweet, Fav, Repeat
Apparently it’s not cool to only retweet other peoples’ tweets. People want to hear what you have to say, that’s why they followed you. That being said, if you haven’t got anything good to say, what’s so bad with letting someone else do the talking instead?



Summer time is when many college students use their free time to take on full-time jobs to save, save, save.

That doesn’t mean it’s fun, in fact, it’s downright terrible most of the time.

Here are the worst jobs we’ve all had to do:

1. Fast food restaurants
It’s constantly jammers, you constantly smell like chips, but hey, at least they taste good!

giphy2. Sales rep
It is paid by commission and you would be lucky if you even make one sale. You have to dress nice too, which is a pain.

suits-0-gmacht3. Fund-raising
If you’re easily embarrassed this is definitely not the one for you. Even though your doing this for a good cause as well as money, everyone hates you.

466459514. Waiting tables
Having to put up with annoying customers all day? Clean up after them and have them be SO rude? You earn those tips, girl.

No-tip5.  Bar work
Working till 3 in the morning, cleaning up drunk people’s puke and constantly having sticky arms from jager? Bluegh.

489429536. Promotional work
You need high energy for this and it wears on you after a whileIt’s not much fun promoting a product that no one will try because it tastes like crap.

giphy7. Busking
It’s not a summer job, but you can make a few bob if you’re in the right place and play the right tunes.

f2bd2660c8696c864c5f4a65851fefdcdef71a5c885314d34d2bb19c4a0b79b18. Working on the farm
You have an uncle that owns  a farm and needs a spare hand to help out. It is physically demanding and you’re covered in cow manure by the end of the day.

tumblr_lef0ciHXrJ1qzbmi69. Shop assistant
If it’s your local shop it can be handy that it’s so near to you. You also have to put up with the locals.

super-bad-fml-o10. Hotel staff
Working in a hotel for the summer means you have to do every odd job there is. Taking the bags, cleaning the rooms and of course dealing with the snotty guests.

tumblr_mxfet94zDA1qa5etko1_50011. Telemarketing
There is a reason people don’t have house phones anymore, because of telemarketers. This is another one paid on commission and that requires the ability to be able to sell useless crap to people who don’t need it.

giphy12. Crèche
What is the best way to nurse a hangover? Working with screaming children all day long and having to organise activities for them. Woo…


13. Office work
When you’re working in an office over the summer you’re basically the officer caddy. You do all the little jobs like getting lunches, shredding useless paper and filing. The worst part is that your boss asks you to work over the weekend when you do absolutely nothing of note anyway during the week.


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Pointless emails, smelly lunches and stealing your favourite mug.

These are some of the habits which annoy us the most about our co-workers.

A recent survey revealed the things that make us want to scream into a pillow when it comes to the people we work with every day.

Others include, people stealing your lunch out of the fridge, nosy co-workers reading your emails over your shoulder, eating smelly lunches at their desk, describing their dreams and moaning about their personal life.

Some more crimes include stealing your favourite mug or pen, leaving empty wrappers in tins of sweets or not refilling the stapler

And it doesn’t end there, as colleagues who dash out of the door at 5pm on the dot also drive us nuts.

The survey of 2,000 workers was carried out by animal welfare charity The Brooke, to mark World Donkey Week.

A spokesman said, “We can all relate to the grumbles in this list.”

But these aren’t called “first-world” problems for nothing.

“Our research brings home the fact that no matter how annoying our work life can be, it doesn’t compare with the hardship suffered by working animals around the world today,” he added.

This may be something to bear in mind the next time your co-worker munches on a packet of pickled onion crisps when you’re hungover.



You know those words you overhear on the Luas that make you shudder inside? Here are five that we hope don’t make the transition to the new year, let’s hang them up!!

1.) Mula

It’s MONEY. One extra letter, why are you abbreviating it?

2.) Coolabula

Leave it to Fran from Love/Hate and let that be the end of it.

3.) Twerk

Just. No. Don’t say it and definitely do not do it!

4.) Hashtag

As in you’re having a conversation with a real life person and they say; “Uh, hard day, hashtag wrecked”.

Well hello there!
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