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The moment has arrived! Today, November 8, the McDonald’s McDelivery service has launched in Ireland. Whether watching the football with mates or having a family get together, McDonald’s fans can now enjoy their favourite menu items delivered to their door.

The McDelivery service, in partnership with UberEATS, is available to anyone within one and a half miles of participating Irish McDonald’s restaurants. The service will roll out across Dublin, Galway and Cork in phase one, kicking off on November 8, 2018.

“We are delighted to be introducing the McDelivery service to Ireland, after months of planning and lots of questions from McDonald’s lovers – we can finally reveal that the time has come, offering yet another level of convenience to our loyal customers.

"It’s exciting that we’re now able to provide our freshly made, great tasting food to customers in Ireland in a way that suits their busy lives,” said Sarah Carter, McDonald’s Director of Operations for the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

How it works:
The McDelivery service promises to deliver favourite menu items at the click of an app, bringing more choice, control and personalisation than ever before. The McDelivery option on UberEATS will feature McDonald’s breakfast, lunch and dinner options and will be available within 1.5 miles of the participating McDonald’s restaurant from 8am – midnight, seven days a week.

McDelivery is easy:

1: Download the UberEATS app or order online at www.ubereats.com

2: Pick delivery location – enter the address where you’d like your meal delivered

3: Search for your nearest McDonald’s location in the app

4: Place your order – pick the items you want right now or schedule your order to arrive when you want. You can add notes to customise your meal and like Uber the order is charged to your card on file

5: Follow the progress of the delivery – get updates on the preparation of your order and watch your bicycle/motorcycle courier arrive live in-app.

The delivery service will be available from the following locations:  


Upper O'Connell Street 

Lower O'Connell Street 

Mary Street 

Temple Bar 

East Wall Road 

Rathmines (reopening Nov 14) 


Navan Road – Unit 1 


Winthrop Street 

Patrick's Street 

Mallow Road 


Musgrave Park 


Shop Street 

Galway Retail Park 

Galway West Side 




As anyone who’s ever pretended to be a car to get a late night McFlurry will know, drive-thrus are a no-go zone for pedestrians.  But thanks to some innovative people at McDonald's that trend could soon be a thing of the past.

A Welsh branch of the fast food giant has become the first McDonald's to trial a “walk-thru” lane for weekend party goers.

According to The Sun, the restaurant in Llandudno, North Wales now opens a pedestrian lane between the hours of 2.30 and 4am to help those feeling the effects of the night get their fast food fix.

A spokesperson for Mickey Ds told the paper that the “walk-thru” was set up by the local restaurant manager to help those attending the area’s recently re-opened nightclub go home happy.

Oh, what a time to be alive!




Most of us will try to go on a diet in the new year (new year, new you, and all that) but what we might not have thought about is a JUNK FOOD diet. 

We all know that junk food gets a bad rep in the foodie world, but eating kale and juice and kale juice can get a bit boring.

So, writer, Jeff Wilser, decided to just eat junk food (think take-aways, chocolate bars and pretty much anything you'll get in a vending machine) for an entire month and see exactly how healthy he was by the end of it.

Now, he didn't go down the free-for-all trail, he limited his calorie intake to around 2,000 a day, and kept his meals in with the reccomended serving size on the package.

He practically ate any sweet or bar he wanted for dinner, but let's be real, a handful of jellies won't constitute a full meal. 

And by day 31, something happened that no one thought would: he LOST weight, and a lot of it.

Eleven pounds, to be exact, and his doctor even said it was too much weight to lose. As well as that, his bad cholesterol went down, his good cholesterol went up, and he lost two percent of his body fat.

So, in the end, it all comes down to calories and moderation, we guess, and even if you're eating junk food everyday, if you eat less that you burn, you're still going to lose weight. 


You've had a bad day at work. Your bus home decided not to show up, leaving you trudging through the rain and wind with a half broken umbrella. And to top it all off, that guy from Tinder has mysteriously stopped messaging you. 

Sometimes, a salad for dinner just isn't going to cut it. On days like this, we need to call in the big guns. And by that we mean, the pizza delivery men.

When we're feeling fed up, turning to comfort food like chocolate and carbs seems like the best solution. But new research has shown that what we eat really has no bearing on how quickly we recover from a bad mood.

As part of the study, published in the Health Psychology journal, participants were shown an 18-minute video that sparked feelings of anxiety, fear and depression. Afterwards, one group were given their preferred comfort food, others snacked on a granola bar, while the final group weren't given any food at all.

The result? Turns out their moods all returned to normal within the same time range, regardless of what they had eaten. "You don’t need comfort food to feel better; the mind will do the trick all on its own if you give it time," said the researchers behind the study.

It's definitely something to consider next time you reach for that Dominos menu – but if you're anything like us you'll order it anyway!


Be it McDonald's, Abrakebabra or the local chipper, there's no denying that our cravings for greasy food intensify by approximately 150% when we are drunk.

Much as it might be immensely satisfying at the time, eating fatty, greasy food will only increase the likelihood that you'll be dying tomorrow. Your liver will be so busy breaking down all that fat that it won't be able to work on cleansing your body of alcohol. The result? You'll not only be dehydrated from consuming excess salt, but you'll also have a killer of a hangover.

If you're hitting the town tonight, try these food swaps to keep you satisfied without the pain tomorrow! And don't worry, we haven't included anything EXCESSIVELY healthy. No-one expects you to start knocking back shots of wheatgrass when you're drunk – save those for tomorrow!

1. If you're craving… a burger

A grilled chicken sandwich or peanut butter on toast. 

Too much fat is bad for your digestion and will leave you bloated tafterwards. Toast or a light sandwich still contains some fat, but the protein you'll get from chicken or peanut butter will do your body far more good than a greasy burger.

2. If you're craving… pizza

A veggie panini or grilled cheese on toast.

The main problem with pizza is not the dough, it's the huge amounts of cheese and greasy toppings like pepperoni (nom). Cut down on fat and calories by swapping pizza for a sandwich with lighter toppings. If you're really in the mood for cheese, melt some cheddar on toast at home – that way, you're in charge of the portion control AND you can eat it in your PJs while dancing to Taylor Swift in the living room.

3. If you're craving… chips

Light crisps or pita chips with a dip like hummus

You'll still get some salty, tasty goodness of chips but without the excess grease. Plus hummus is full of protein and will leave you feeling fuller for longer.

4. If you're craving… chocolate and biscuits

Fruit like cherries, oranges or bananas

Fruit still gives you a sugar hit from fruit but without the guilt tomorrow. Cherries are reportedly great for easing pain – we'll try anything to help with that Sunday morning hangover. Oranges and other citrus fruits are hugely hydrating, while bananas will replenish the potassium that alcohol can deplete.