9 types of dancers you’ll meet on a night out


Everyone has their own signature and this can be a good, or a very bad thing… 

We have all either seen these dancers or been these dancers on one occasion or another!

1. The Having a Good Time Dancer

They don't care who's watching, their dancing shoes are there and the floor is theirs for the taking. 

2. The Person Who is Actually Great at Dancing Dancer

You stand there doing your awkward dance (see below) when suddenly they break out the Irish dancing moves…

3. The Awkward Dancer

They do not feel comfortable dancing and you can really tell. They don’t want to be here but were dragged out to the floor by their ‘friends’. They haven’t had nearly enough alcohol to even pretend to be having a good time. 

4. The Ironic Dancer

Maybe they can’t dance, maybe they don’t have the confidence to try, but they don’t let that stop them from being one of the dance-floor’s favourites. They are masters of the Macerena, the Chicken Dance, the Robot, and Gangham Style. The crowd loves them and they love performing for the crowd. Like #1, they have a great time but unlike #1 they need the crowd to prove to themselves they are having a good time. 

5. The Sexed Up Couple ‘Dancers’

The nightmare dancers. 

6. The Wasted Dancer

You honestly can’t tell how they are still upright, and then they’ll fall to the ground. They try to bring their drinks out with them and the bouncers keep a keen eye on them. Usually they are alone which makes you wonder did they arrive like that and if so how did they get in? And looking at them giving it their all on the dance-floor, surely they’d have sweated out all the alcohol by now?

7. The Enthusiastic Floor Hogging Dancer

They are waving their arms and jumping around like no one else exists. They are having an unbelievable time. And are having it all by themselves. Too much vodka red-bulls for this chap. 

8. The Girls Night Dancers

These girls are out to have a good time. They are screaming ‘This is our song!’ for basically every single song the DJ plays. We've all been these girls and it is SO much fun!

9. The Unwanted Grinding ‘Dancer’

What. The. Hell. These guys never give up either – they'll just be there, at your butt all night. 

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